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♦ Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More and more moving to TUMBLR!!! ya~!!!

hahaha And I have decided to move too. This way, I can manage both my personal, my FOOD blog and w319 together...
Much easier.... yay~ ^^

Soo.... FOLLOW if you have Tumblr, GO VIST now!!!! wee~ lalalalallaa....


Wuya and Xiao Hei

NOTE: NO MORE UPDATE HERE! *sob* I am going to miss my Wuya's story....

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♦ Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Brown Eyed Girls @ Zouk

On the 27 February 2010.
Went to the Sundown Festival Live Party with my Mei mei at Zouk! We had EXPENSIVE tickets to it.
A picture of the Ticket.. Note: this is from other website.. I forgot to take a picture of our tickets!!!! O_O!

Waaa... $98 tickets... Not very worth it. =_=... But i must say, the atmosphere was really good! The fans there were all really awesome too!

Happenings throughout the event other than the actual thing :
When we enter Zouk and stand at our respective place, the place was filled with people, dried ice smoke and KOREAN MUSIC! LOL ofcourse will have that. Anyway, it was just average, some people singing along, dancing along, chatting away and the rest just stand there like we did. Something happened and gave me a shock!
When the place started to play the song "Ring Ding Dong" by ShiNee, everyone just went CRAZY!!! LOL... Many started to sing along together! And many kept screaming! LOL... It was as though ShiNee was here. hahaha...
After that song, Many or rather, everyone just kept cheering for songs by SNSD! LOL...
When the event was about to start, they played one of the song from SNSD, "Tell me your wish". Man, it was extremely crazy, madness man!! EVERYONE went screaming, singing and even shouted the cheer for SNSD!

Hahah madness! LOL....

Other than that, Hahaha I have saved two person at the end of the event. hahaha...
I saved two girls with my cup of coke and sprite! hahhaa....
We had complimentary drinks coupons. I had two while my sister had one. I got myself a sprite and a cup of coke. I went out to the stairs and waited for my sister. Two girls came up to me suddenly and asked if they could have a sip of my drinks. This is the first time i encounter such stuff.. hahaha.... I do not mind them drinking and so I ask them which do they prefer. They said it was ok, they will just have the coke. I insisted that they choose which drink they really want and so one took a sip of my sprite and another, a sip of my coke.. hahaha... I even ask them if they wanted more... LOL!
Both of them thanked me and one of them even commented that I was a life saver! haha... I understand what is it like to stand, shout and scream for many hours without drink! LOL

Other than those,
It was just screaming, screaming and more screaming.. hahaha Ohh well... hahaha.... Should just go for this kind of event once in awhile. Quite fun and entertaining... hahah

[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:35 PM ]


This is bad... I have to update sooo many things!! =_=

Last week was really great for me... I hope it was good for all of you too.

Anyway, it was prayer week last week and I have been to all the morning prayer. I feel I am a lot closer to God each day last week. I have learnt many things through the prayers too. Great things have been happening!

Went shopping with my parents and my elder sister at Courts. Shopping for a new Refrigerator! Our current one died on the first day of Chinese New year! =_=...
Anyway, whats soo good here was, we shopped for many hours and finally, we came across one that was on offer and the offer was about to end in a week time!
It has four ticks, its big enough and it is a brand that my parents trusted a lot. That fridge, we walked pass like at least 5times but we didn't notice the offer till when I suggested the one beside it to my dad... My dad was like... ".. If you want this, might as well take the one next to it! Look at the price!! " LOL!! I didn't notice till then! haha...
The price was much much cheaper than the others! Also much better than the one my mom decided on initially.
Basically, we got a better and more saving Refrigerator! Good brand, good fridge, good price! =D

Another happening...
Daddy bought toto amounting to $60 last week.. He didn't win much... but He got back $20!! hahaha... I consider that as winning too! At least he got back $20 ya?! hehehe...

Last, I told my parents about the Arise and Build, surprisingly, they seems to understand and told me to go ahead and do what I must! They let me give whatever amount that I want to give! =D

Okay, maybe its seems not as great.
But I feel that greater things are going to happen!! hahaha.... I am really looking forward to Friday and Saturday!! =D hehehehee.....

Thank God for all the things that have been happening and I want to thank him in advance for the great things ahead! =D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 4:23 PM ]

Miles apart but nothing's change okay? =)

Read a friend's blog post and a part was talking about me. That made me want to cry. I haven't seen them for a really long time. And that part of the post hit me hard.

I was so busy with school, my poly friends, my work and my CG, that i didn't realize I have put a group of people that are really important to me at the back of my head, my group of buddies from Secondary school. They have been with me through the good and bad times of my secondary school days. They are people who have helped and impacted me greatly, people whom I know for at least 5years.

I have to confess. They were being put away for some period of time. Been telling myself these for the past few months: they are all busy and I am busy. Their school are of different timing as mine. Some already have boyfriends, won't have time for me. How to meet when everyone is sooo busy?

I can't believe this. I have told many people about no time for certain thing is an excuse of not wanting to meet up. Here I am, slapping myself saying noooo time to meet 'the 8s', no time to meet the guys, Simon, Max, Chris, BA..., nooo time to meet all of them, wo niu, Syiqin else. I did not even try asking them when they are free or finding time for them! ='(
What is this man?! I should be ashame of myself.. .Haiz....

Many may say "hoorrr Wendy you have changed!... Things have changed!... "We never meet so often le, change liao..."
Yes I have changed, things have changed..
Things change. Changes are not all bad. Changes are just another direction for each and everyone of us to take.
We are all going through changes every single day, hour, minute and second.
Even so, the fact that they are my friends, my buddies, my 'the 8s', that will never change! The fact that they are always in my mind, will never change!

If any of you are reading this, I am really sorry that I have actually push some of you away. I am sorry for not putting much effort in contacting all of you.
I hope that things change but I being your friend will never change!

We are all in different school. Different distance apart. But all of you are special to me. Even if one is in AMK, Clementi, or Woodlands, all of you are close with me. You are all in my mind! =)

That will never change even if we never meet for a million years!
Also, I will always accept you for who you are.
Looking back makes me laugh.. Why did i ask for any of you to change? Asking for change is actually asking you to become like me.. hahaha... I should and i am loving the way all of you are! =)
Aiyaaa.... This is getting too long... hahahah....

Shall end off with this poem I found.. hehe... To my buddies from Secondary School and also all my friends whether you are my poly friends or Church friends, this is for you wonderful people!! =)
I hope that this will help us remember all our friends whether we are close together or far far, miles apart. =D

What is a friend?
A friend is somebody
Who knows you and likes you
Exactly the way that you are.

Someone who's special
And so close in thought
That no distance can ever seem far.

A friend understands you
Without any words,
Stands by you
When nothing goes right.

And willingly talks
Over problems with you
Till they somehow
Just vanish from sight.

And whether you're neighbors
Or live miles apart,
A word from a friend gives a lift
To your heart and spirit.

[ WUYA Signing off @ 3:07 PM ]

♦ Monday, March 1, 2010
Fruitful week...

Had an extraordinary week!! There are alot of things I want to share and write about... but been busy...

Haha busy helping people to do their tumblr... hehehe

- Jing's ----DONE
- Cindy's ----DONE
- W319's ---- DONE
- Jia li's
- Esther's

Will be watching Dear John tomorrow!!! Weeee~ =D

I shall update everything really soon... hehehe STAY TURNED! hahaa

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:20 PM ]

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