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♦ Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Chapter 15... Kbox...

Weeeee... Went to Kbox with Jia Pei, Isabelle, Rebecca and Charlene in the afternoon. Fun fun fun!! ^^ Though we didn't sing as many songs as we always did, it was still marvellous.
We went to err Gelaria ( I think it's spelled that way... :P) to eat. They had Tuesday special, which is half price for the regular waffle , large or small but ice-cream not included. It was worth it. Their waffle were so thick and it is huge alright! Ok and the ice-cream. I wanted Raspberry Sorbet but sad... Don't have. So i called Pistachio Nut. That flavor looks weird but i still tried. Likes trying weird stuff!! Heehee... Anyway, it didn't tasted that bad instead it was delicious! Delicious indeed but Jia Pei, Isabelle, Rebecca and Charlene don't like it. Isabelle tasted it first. Her reaction was.... *Eyes closed tightly* " Arrrrhhhh... " By the look on her face, it was nasty, very very nasty. Then Charlene's the next to try. Well, her reaction was different from Isabelle. It was still nasty reaction but... "Ermmm... Like Vegetable... Eeeee"
Was that flavor that that bad?
Well I asked Rebecca to try. Hai hai... Her reaction was even worst than Charlene but not as bad as Isabelle's. " Eeee Bitter! Eeeerrkk..."
My goodness, everyone has different reaction. where's the typicality??
Lol then comes Jia Pei... Well, reaction no different from others... "Tasted like... Medicine..."
Ok the is typicality... Which is, "this flavor is bad, nasty and horrible!"
Weird... I find it a really really nice flavor. Well their conclusion is that, " Cannot trust Wendy's taste bud!! "
Lol... Ok so if something is really bad for me, guess they will vomit if they try? Heeheehee... ^^

Heehee was really really fun. Hope everyone had enjoyed it as much as i did...^^
-- End of Chapter 15 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:10 PM ]

♦ Saturday, October 27, 2007
Chapter 14...

Yay! Got the shirt i wanted!!! ^^ Man it cost $22 at Punkstar. Oh well.. ^^

Okok Anyway, went to eat steamboat with Steffi, Jac and Charlene. Was fun but this is the first time i ate soo little for steamboat. Steffi and Charlene went there and not eating any thing. Just a few fish balls and meat. The rest they didn't eat.

Oh we had crabs!!! :P two crabs!! Hai... That was the first time Steffi and I "Chop" the crab up! Was sooo..... hmm.. Messy! But fun. ^^

Overall, it was fantastic. ^^ Next time go again!! hahahaha...

-- End of chapter 14 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:43 PM ]

♦ Friday, October 26, 2007
Chapter 13...

What did i do the whole day.... Hmm other then in school, practically out with Steffi, Jac and Charlene. We went out to buy some shirt and Skinny jeans. Well they find skinny jeans not me. I'm too fat to wear. Hahaha.

Anyway, my main aim today was to find me print on tie shirt. Well, could not find it. But we're going to do some shopping tomorrow too before going steamboat. ^^

-- End of Chapter 13 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:22 PM ]

♦ Thursday, October 25, 2007
Chapter 12b.. Avatars

Hey... Found me Jay Chou and Wu Zun avatar! Hahaha... lol had done this few a year back. Will be wasted if i just delete heehee... Used it in forum. ^^

Jay Chou...

Wu Zun...

Yayaya... Not very nice but oh well... ^^

-- End of Chapter12b --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:14 PM ]

Chapter 12... End up being PS

Oh well, today, number did increase...... Abit which is 3 people. -_-''' Those say wanna come in the end didn't come. =_=
Most tired, some cramp and one accompany. Hai hai... Never mind. I understand... :P heehee

Anyway, today!!! Did almost the same as yesterday, played UNO and Murderer. Was a bit different today as we had Social Studies and Science. Mr ... Errr don't know how to spell his name, He told us about next year's stuff and what we have to look out for for Chemistry. Was a bit scary. There are so many topic to be done next year by April!!! Oh my!
Then we have Miss Shek teaching us Social Studies. It was not as boring as i expect instead, it was fun!!! hahaha... Then we had Phys/ bio classes. Mr Low taught us the first half of 'Sound'. Interesting too. Heehee... Hmmm those didn't come one will have to go parent's link to see as he will not go through what he went through today next year. So those kinda missed out a bit.

Oh well.......... Hmmm tomorrow will be the last day. Heehee after tomorrow, Isabelle and I successfully completed the whole section! Well what i mean is that only the both of us went to school everyday without fail from the day after 'N' to school closes. Haha...
Err To Jia Pei: Hahaha I won't say le la. This will be the last! Promise! ^^

-- End of Chapter 12 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 4:36 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Chapter 11...

Man.. Today's class was like..... Only 11people. -_-'''
After hearing from some teacher yesterday that today will have Social Studies, alot don't wanna come. Lol
Well, it was not as boring as i expected. hahaha
Played UNO today with Isabelle, Jia Pei, Steffi , Kingston, Chris , Chua Wei Ping and Shawn. Then after that we played murderer!!!! Hahahahaha. So fun alright.. :D But sian, they keep on teasing me that I'm bad in being the murderer and police. -_-''' I wasn't that bad okay!!! Hahahahaha

Hmmm though today there were so little people, tomorrow will be more!!! Karen, Rebecca and Sarah say they will come tomorrow. Even Mo gu [Jac] also coming!! hahahaha... Yay! :P

-- End of Chapter 11 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 4:27 PM ]

♦ Sunday, October 21, 2007
Chapter 10... Fishing

Heeheeheehee Went fishing yesterday with me younger sister, Ah yi and Jeffery korkor!!! Lol...It was really great. Jeffery korkor caught a really huge fish! Well, all of them did caught lots except for me. Caught a few only. Heehee was really lazy yesterday so keep "hiding" in the tent and day dream. Hahahaha.
But in the late afternoon, Ah Yi and I went to cycle from Bedok Jetty to 7eleven to buy Ice and some food. That was really excise alright! It was so darn far! In order to save money, we rented the two person bike. Was not able to progress at first when ah yi in the front. She did not know how to balance the bike. So we changed places and 7eleven here we go!! heehee.
It was a fantastic day alright! :D
Next time go again!!! hahahaha..

-- End Of Chapter 10 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 4:13 PM ]

♦ Friday, October 19, 2007
Chapter 9... It's a small world afterall...

Had a farewell assembly for Mdm Koh this morning. She is leaving our school by the end of this year.
Man.... Talk about her leaving, many were happy, some sad and little don't know whats going on. Lol wait till you hear what school she is posted to. It's a small world alright.

She is posted to Yishun Junior College to be it's principle. Well, our next principle came from............................. Heehee wanna guess where? His the Vice-principle of Yishun Junior College. Lol Small world eh? Not just that. You see, their VP posted to our school, that means they don't have a VP right? Guess who will it be??

No no no not our VP going. Is our Ex-VP going. Lol small world alright...

it's a world of laughter, a world or tears
its a world of hopes, its a world of fear
theres so much that we share
that its time we're aware
its a small world after all

its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small, small world

There is just one moon and one golden sun
And a smile means friendship to everyone.
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small small world


Okok enough with small world...... It's the 19th Oct which means, My Elder sister's Birthday!!!! :D

Happy Birthday Shirley!!!! :D

Lol going Kinokuniya later. She is going to buy her books. Hmm other than that, I'm not sure what but i'm sure there will be something planned to celebrate her birthday!!! :D

Have fun Shirley!!! :D

-- End of Chapter 9 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:05 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Chapter 8...

Well, same as yesterday, movie... Today's movie was "Enemy At the gate". Nice show, very nice...
Not much in school today.

Went to eat at Kobayashi East point with Shu Yi after school.

And going KBox tomorrow!!! Haha...
-- End of Chapter 8 --
Lol very very short one... :P


[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:56 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Chapter 7... Bored bored bored

Back to school... It was sooo boring alright. Thought that they as in the teachers, were not serious about what they had said last week but too bad, they are.

All we did today in class was 'O' Level papers. Well, boring but thank goodness, after recess we all went to the AVA room to watch a movie. Mr Tay wanted to show us this movie to teach us about Social Studies, No Mans Land. He thought and read a review somewhere saying that that show is a comedy so wanted to show us. Well that show was not really comedy but at some parts... Like the part where the two different side soldiers was arguing. Man A : " Why?"
Man B :" Because i have a gun and you don't!" Lol...
Well, the show was great but sad.

Okay, after the show, many escape and went home. Left the usual people in class. We waited in class for teachers.... No one showed up... We waited for the time to go, CAN'T STAND IT!!!! It was soooooo Boring!!!! And so in the end, we persuaded Mrs Yee to let us go home earlier since there ain't many left.
She allowed and we all left school at 1plus.
Charlene and I went to my dad's stall for lunch. Waited there for Jac too. She has been wanting to eat my dad's minced meat noodle for a long time. Lol...
After eating, they went to Karen's house while my younger sister and I went home and watch movie!! Was in my parents room, windows close and covered, air-con on and watched "Dead Silence" On the computer with chips and drink. Hahaha was so like in the movie theater.
The show was scary for my sister. but overall for me is its great not very scary but fun. heeheehee

-- End of Chapter 7 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:34 PM ]

♦ Friday, October 12, 2007
Chapter 6... Walk Walk Walk

Walk, Walk, And keep walking.... Chek Jawa here we go..........

Lol... It was an adventurous morning. Went to Chek Jawa with the teachers and 4NA. Was tiring but beautiful! The scenery was great. Trees, bird chiping, buzzing sounds, sound of the wave. It was wonderful! Such a good place to relax and learn about the nature. This morning's view was not good enough. It was High tight. We can't really see many different creatures due to high tight. Hope to go again and this time, earlier! ^^ That was what Miss Foong and Wei ping said too.

After a long walk in the morning, went to watch movie with Amelia, Sanjeev, Max and Bryan. Hahaha~ My first NC16 show, Resident Evil 3, Extinction ... Lol... Before the show, haha went to play pool again!! ^^

Overall of today's activities... 1,2,3,4.....50,51......... 99% hell lot of fun!! Did enjoyed alot. Hope to go more of this trip... heeheehee~
-- End of Chapter 6 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:15 PM ]

♦ Thursday, October 11, 2007
Chapter 5...4 NA Outing

Went to East Coast Beach with other 4NA and some teachers. It was not as fun as I thought it would be. Not because there's nothing to do there, is that, I went blading with Miss Foong, Karen, Rebecca, Sarah, Charlene and Jia Pei. Well it was fun until...........
I fell and scraped my leg. And that was like, not even 2hours there. 9 in the morning!!! How about that. Was not able to do anything but to sit and stare at those guys playing balls, teachers talking and the sea. It was so not fun! Hai hai... When i keep complaining about why i can't go back to blading and stuff, those around me will all say who ask u to fall arrr.... It's like its my fault that i fell. Well indirectly it was... Lol.
Okay never mind. I persisted and at about 12 plus, the teachers dismissed us all. Amelia called me and we both went to meet the other guys to play pool!! Now that's fun. ^^ Man the pool at East Coast was so expensive. $10 per hour. Oh my... But we still play. Heehee~ We played till about 3pm going 4. Amelia, Sanjeev, Bryan and I went to Tampines Mall to eat.

It's so weird yet not hanging around with them. I'm not saying they are weird. It's just that ever since Tuesday, i just keep hanging around with them. This morning before going East Coast, i was with them too while the other girls went to 4H and accompany Sarah.
Oh well... Heehee...
I think we will be going out tomorrow again.. Heehee~
Anyway, tomorrow's outing will be going to Chek Jawa . Weeeeee~

-- End of Chapter 5 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:48 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Chapter 4... Out the whole day

Was out the whole day with Amelia and Sanjeev. There were others but not with them the whole day.
We, Amelia, Sanjeev, Sofian, Jason, Jin Seng, Clarence and I, went to Marina Square to watch Balls of Fury!! Haha... Was a really stupid show.
Our show time was 3.45pm and we bought it at 2 plus. So in the meantime, we went to eat and played Pool. That was the first time i played pool. Been wanting to play. Heehee~
After the show, we all was actually planing to go home. As for Sanjeev, some other guys, Kingston, Asri and others, asked him to go Katong to play pool. He asked Amelia and I but Amelia didn't want to go at first. As for me, I said that i will go if Amelia goes. When She heard that she said that actually she was thinking that if i go she will go and she didn't thought that i will have the say idea. Hahaha~
So in the end, we three decided to go. Before going there, I needed to get something from Amelia so I went to Amelia's house while Sanjeev went home to get his pool stick.
Then we all went to Katong by bus and played till about 11pm. Not very long because we reached there about 8 going 9pm. Heehee~
I had a wonderful time and experience today with them... Man, I think i'm going to be addicted to pool. Damn fun alright!!! ^^

-- End of Chapter 4 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:56 PM ]

♦ Monday, October 8, 2007
Chapter 3... Get High!

At last!!! 'N' level is over!!!
Today was the last paper, which is POA Paper 1 and 2. Not very difficult but there were many about the rules, principle and stuff.
Okay, that was in the morning. In the afternoon, we, Sarah, Karen, Jia Pei, Isabelle , Rebecca, Jac, Charlene and I, went to KBox and sing our hearts out! Heehee~
It was really fun. Some how we felt that time passes by really slowly during that time although we all were enjoying ourselves.
We took neoprints, ate pasta after that. This is the first time we all took neoprints together. So crowded... Heehee~ But fun!! ^^

-- End of Chapter 3 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:01 PM ]

♦ Saturday, October 6, 2007
Chapter 2... Out

Was out with Shu Yi to do some POA at the Airport the whole afternoon. Hmm well, not exactly the whole afternoon. We left the airport at about 4pm and went to Tampines Mall. Did not know what to do but Shu Yi suggested that we go PizzaHut to eat. Without having second thoughts, I'd agreed and we went to PizzaHut. After going in, we kind of regret steping in. We didn't really think about the cost as we thought there will be students lunch meal or something like that. We totally forgot about weekends. There isn't any student meal anywhere on weekends.
What to do?? We can't just walked out so we had a couple set which cost about $24.90. Hmm quite okay actually. Heehee...
Anyway, we spent about 1hour and 45minutes eating. Very long but we wanted to enjoy slowly bit by bit.
After that, well, didn't done much things. We just walked around the Mall and went to century square too.
Not much stuff so we went home about 7pm.
Other than the stuff we talked about when strolling around tampines interchange, thats about all i guess.

--End of Chapter 2--

[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:29 PM ]

♦ Thursday, October 4, 2007
Chapter 1... Moving

Wu ya ah ma's story... Not interesting but try to.. ^^
Anyway, moved to a new address as the previous blog, as you know, i haven't been updating for AGES!!! So decided to moved and start a new...This time, i'm doing it like a story book. Have Chapters! =D

Been having papers after papers everyday and...
Today marks the "last" (Well "Last " as i still have POA on next Monday) paper of N'Level... Oh yay! Finally, a break for us all! *Cheers*

" How did it go? "
Now answer for that is that.... Errrrr~ Okay i guess. Other than art, I'm not eager to know the result of other papers... Heehee... Wanted to know art result mostly due to Mrs Jonoh's face yesterday after the paper. She asked Miss Foong whether she could see our work... By her facial expression when she was looking, other than Jia pei and I, all should be able to get quite good marks for paper2. As for Jia Pei and I, her face was abit different from others. She smiled even wider and looked happier too. Well err no offence people! Heehee You all did good, We all all did very good! ^^

Okay, about today's paper... We had History elective today. Structured Essay was okay but Source based was incredibly HARD!!! Well, it was as expected. It's same for social studies which pasted a month ago. I'm not really expecting any high grades for Combine Humanities. As long as i get c5 and above I'm happy enough. :)

" Why so no confident?! All the other your expecting the same too?! "

Lol... That, ofcourse NOT!! :P I'm expecting A1 or A2 for my Maths!!! I know i didn't put all my 120% potential for my maths, but i know i had put enough to get it!! Well, I hope I'm right! :D

As for Combine Science, I'm confident to get B3- A1. :)

Hmmm... Maybe i shouldn't write all those grades... What happens if i did get it? Hai hai...

- - End of Chapter 1 - -


[ WUYA Signing off @ 4:29 PM ]

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