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♦ Sunday, December 30, 2007
Chapter 42... Just keep watching

Basically, I have been watching Anime with my Older sister the entire afternoon. Not just afternoon.... She is still watching now. Even my brother and younger sister are watching too.

Straight after lunch or rather, during lunch, my older sister and I continue watching Shaman King from where we had stop yesterday night. Man, Looking at the television for so long plus the hot and humid weather, was really tiring alright!
So finally, I cannot stand it any more, I went for a bath and then here am I in front of the computer typing all this.
Oh well... Shaman King is a terrific show so therefore, they are all still watching not knowing the time now!! If mom and dad gets back and they are all still watching, oh man... we are again going grandma house really late!! [^_^''']

-- End of Chapter 42 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:26 PM ]

♦ Saturday, December 29, 2007
Chapter 41...

Went out with Jacqueline this afternoon... Went to Clarke Quay...

At first, Jac was thinking of buying some stuff. Then Charlene had suggested that there is a new mall opened in Clarke Quay. So we decided to go check it out.

Well, When we were there, the mall was really confusing and expansive... So we decided to had a walk along the river. Now..... That was the first time i walk along Clarke quay and even better, with Jac... Both of us learned so much about the shops and bar along it.... And both of us felt really relaxed and no words can describe the feeling there. Both of us promised that we will go visit the bars there the year and month she reach 18 years old... Which mean I will be 18 too... hahahaha...
Anyway, other than walking, we went to TCC, the coffee connoisseur, to eat some cakes and drink some soda. The view of where we were sited was great to chill... Really great place to chill...

Heehee not just that.......... Got some Facts to share!!! :P

Did You Know.......

- A Coffee tree has a lifespan of about 50 to 70 years
- Studies Have shown that drinking one or more cups of coffee a day may help to lower the risk of getting liver cancer by over 40%.
- Drinking Coffee may actually help reduce muscle soreness and improve stamina - great for the avid athletes.
- Studies have Concluded that regular coffee consumption may be effective in reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

There are a lot more but, go find out more about coffee yourselves!! :D Heeheehee...

Okok other than today, went out on Thursday with Shu Yi... Went to airport... Hand stuff to the manager at Sakae then went Burger King... Asked Shu Yi to teach me Chemistry and POA...
Ohh my... I haven't been studying and had passed almost everything back to all my teachers what they had taught me!! ahhhhhhhhhh!! Well...

Start engine Wendy start!!!!!!!

Haha... Anyway, after that, went to watched Alvin and the Chipmunks..........Ohh my that is a really cute show alright!!! Haha... Currently me fave!! weee~

Yup thats all... Well, going out with Jac and Shu Yi next Tuesday!! Weee~~~

-- End of Chapter 41 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:28 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Chapter 40... Another Edition

Weeee~ Here's another edition dedication to Pang Pang Tang, Mo Gu tou, Jacqueline The Jie Ling!!!! Hahahahahaha...............

Well, the previous one she complained that it was too short... Hai Hai... Ma fun arrr That girl...


Jacqueline Jacqueline...
A person
whom you can really trust alot.
willing to help others, half of the time!! Hahahaha joking joking...
who can socialise easily with others...
who is curious about many things...
who is very understanding...

Last but not least,
A person who is very strong on the outside but very soft on the inside..
Now that's something not everyone can see... Okay no more details about the above...

I am really glad that i can meet her again... When I was in primary school and leaving Sunshine Club, I thought I will never see her again... Nope I was wrong... I was able to meet her again in Pop Excel. Then when i left Pop Excel, I really and was sure i will never be able to meet her again. It was really really sad to think that way. We were very very close at that time.
Then until Secondary one, Hooray!!!! I bummed into her. Was really surprised to see her. I was like, " Ehhh??!! How come you are here??!!"
Hahahaha Was really happy to see her. So then, many things happened and pasted, we are still good friends and am able to be in same class for many years...Next year too!! Wee~

Ohh my... Sounds weird saying all those stuff.... Very mushy... :S Very not me...Ahhhh...

Okay okay Anyway,
Jac!! Is this post long enough already??!! Hahahahaha....
Basically I'm glad to meet you and be your friend!!! Heeheehee... ^^

-- End of Chapter 40 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:59 PM ]

Chapter 39...Frustration

Seriously... When can my family and i go out together again??!!

Firstly, I am always missing out whenever their all goes out. Not knowing they were all going out, I am either out with friends or out to a concert whenever they goes out. If i know i wouldn't have go out with my friends. I'm not saying that i don't want to go out with my friends but rather, I want to go out with my family more often.

It's been two years!! My parents still have not bring my younger sister and I to certain places. And they still have not bring me to even more other certain places than my younger sister. And now, before i went to China, they all, promissed me that we as a family will go out to catch a movie before i'm off to China...No!! No................ We still had not go. Okay never mind... Then when I'm back from China, they said it again.... Will go catch a movie.........................................Until now, It's cancled off!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

This is really Frustrating!!!! =@

--End of Chapter 39 --

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[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:36 PM ]

♦ Saturday, December 22, 2007
Chapter 38... Celebration

Went Kbox yesterday with Jac, Jia Pei, Isabelle, Charlene, Karen, Sarah and rebecca. Had help to celebrate Jac's Birthday. Here are some pictures of yesterday's event... ^^


-- End Of Chapter 38 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 3:08 PM ]

Chapter 37... Special Edition

This person... Jacqueline The, Age 15 going 16 tomorrow. This person, i know her since 7 years old. Can consider Childhood friend ba?? Heeheehee... Anyway, this post is dedicated to my dearest childhood friend Jacqueline The Jie Ling!!! AkA Mo Gu!! ^^

Happy Happy Birthday Jac in advance!!!! :D

-- End of Chapter 37 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 1:43 AM ]

♦ Friday, December 21, 2007
Chapter 36... Let the photos do the talking (Part 2)

Second part... From the forth day... ^^

14 Dec 2007
Forth day:

15 Dec 2007
Fifth Day:

16 Dec 2007
Sixth day:

17 Dec 2007
Seventh Day:

18 Dec 2007
Last day:
And thats the last one... Ohh well... Time sure pass really really fast when you are enjoying yourself... 8 days Felted like 8 hours...
-- End Of Chapter 36 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:23 PM ]

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