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♦ Monday, April 27, 2009
Another week.... in school

Oh man......

Chu qiang just came in... Lol... 9am!! Late!


[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:01 AM ]

♦ Wednesday, April 22, 2009
In school

Ahh presentation again later!!!!

She is having a headache!! +_+

[ WUYA Signing off @ 1:27 PM ]

1st and 2nd

Oh my..... She got scare inside out!! O_O
Well, She just woke up an hour ago. That will be about 11.35pm. Thank goodness it was not now that she wakes up as 2359hr has passed.
2359, such scary and magical number. Why? That's the time where quiz, self/peers evaluation and Reflection Journal(RJ) ends. 4 'must do' things when you are in RP(Republic Poly).

Anyway, she was planning of rushing home and take a short nap as she was feeling terrible, before going for WuShu lesson. However, she was so tired to an extend of couldn't wake up even when 3 person have tried to wake her up continuously. Finally it was her mom that wake her up.

" Shi hui arr..." *tap tap*
"Huh?" *blink*

Haha.... She waking up straight and shouted "RJ!!!!". Lol... She thought that it was already morning and had missed her submission time for her RJ. Hahahaha it was such scary experience for her.

Enough with that... Now about today's lesson. Had 'Introduction communication practice' module today. She consider it fun and engaging. Ah and also better than yesterday's lesson.
She had a facilitator name Sharon Chua. She was gentle and nice faci... ^^

Everything was better for her today. She had a sit in the bus today. She reached Woodland Interchange early and she had finger food for lunch. Heehee... Blur and do not understand what she mean?? ^^

Okay, yesterday was terrible for her. She was looking forward to yesterday and all she get was nothing but bad luck... -_-
First off, she missed her earlier bus. Second, she couldn't get up on the next bus. Thirdly, She was being squash in the third bus.... -_-... To make things worst, she found out her Cellphone was low on battery. =_=
She thought that it was okay... It's just the first day..... Everything is going to be okay after she reached campus. However, she was wrong. +_+

It was okay till lunch time.... Man the queue was so long.. Not just in a food court but in all three food court!!! O_O.... She ended up not eating and only drink a cup of green tea with milk. -_-
It was all the way from 11.15am till 3.30pm... Hungry!!!

Ahh look at the time... 12:34am... Lol... She wants more sleep!! Haha now she can sleep in peace.. RJ and everything were all done.... ^^

Tomorrow will be better she belief!! :D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:34 AM ]

♦ Sunday, April 19, 2009
All new!!

Tomorrow's the big day.... First day of Poly will definitely be scary and exciting for some...
All i want to say here is,

Jia You People!!!
I love you girls, i love all of you( all my friends)!! =D Heehee....
Don't be afraid, do your best!
Don't ever forget your secondary buddies when you meet new friends in poly! =)
If you ever encounter any problems, like i always say, " Ring me and I'll be there!! " =) Don't, i repeat, don't forget that!! =D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:16 PM ]

♦ Saturday, April 18, 2009
Many days of no updates..

Aiii..... *blank*
This is what she gets for not updating regularly... All the recent events got stacked up and too many to write... *Tsk Tsk*

Anyway, she will be starting school soon. A proud student of STA!!!!!! School of technology for the Arts! Wee~ She made many many new and funky friends during the Orientation but is sad as they will all be in different classes from Monday onwards.. =(

Another thing was that orientation almost Killed her!!! Lol... It was three days of endless fun but was freaking tiring... =_=zzZZzz... Lacking of sleep, food and water!! She almost broke down both the mind and the body.
Though Mind was about another stuff.

Guess nothing of this will happen if she hasn't put in so much in wanting that person to trust her and treating that person and another as almost best friend......
Ohh man... she's doing it again! =_= better stop....

Moving on.. She guess from the coming Monday on, there won't be much events happening anymore. Everyone has their own schedule and timing. She is starting to miss each and every one of her friends!! :'( To think that she was looking forward to first day of school. Now she thinks the time has passed too quickly for her to disguise everything. There were many countless events that has happened. Both good and bad.

A promise to her friends and herself.....
A big change, keeping only some that describe her well. Being lame, cheerful and caring (like what that person and many others said).
Changes will be more of her physically she guess.... And she will! :)

All the Best to everyone!!! :)

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:57 PM ]

♦ Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angry, anger. A feeling, expression.

Clearing things out....... Is it related?! Haha... Funny.

She tried clearing. People say she is angry... Why?! So... Clearing your name is getting angry at a person?!
Whats this man... She wonder..............

Running away or sit down and talk? So...  Which is better?

Remain Misunderstood or Confront those who misunderstand you? So... Which is better?

One moment your a star, the next moment you became dust... So, what's next?

[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:26 PM ]

♦ Thursday, April 9, 2009
Something....Something's wrong...

She is going crazy soon she think....... Most likely she guess..... What is going on? She not on-ing her phone the whole day.... Not going MSN... Even if she did, she will be appearing offline.
Your getting all weird with your friends girl.... What are you thinking?!
Do you want them to be drift away, far far away from you?!

Ahh.... maybe it's the attention part that she wants......Weird....... She is soo different infront of her friends compared to her family. She feels extremly attacted to her friends in the past... Now.. She is getting all weird up infront of her friends....

She wonder............wonder....wonder....

She getting shout at yesterday night due to not replying. She got really mad in the end. Why didn't her friend ask why didn't she reply. Instead, her friend shouted at her. Saying that she was mad... Yay she was... But she herself couldn't understand why. Guess "Great" depression is coming her way. Both ways.... $ and emotionally.

Need help..
Need hugs...
Need comfort.
Need...................... Hmmmmmmmmmm who cares?

Pooh bears will do.......

[ WUYA Signing off @ 3:30 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Childishness of this child..

Big Apology to all that has to tolerate this girl's childish and insensitive mind. Not completely though. Some part was not her fault she would say. Nevertheless, she will be forgiving and hoping for forgiveness too. She will be.... She will be.... What goes around comes around.

All she hopes was for people to appreciate her and of course respecting her. Giving a listening ear helps her. Giving a selective hearing only hurt her. She would dare to say she has given listening ear and not once, a selective hearing. Selective hearing...... hearing what you want? Hmm... Why can't you hear it all? Brain too small? not enough memories? 1GB, 4GB, 160GB, 250GB?? Or is she too naggy?

She wonders... ... ...

Maybe she just wants respect? Or she just expect from her friends?

She gets annoyed, frustrated and mad. she throws tantrum like small little 5year-old kid. The only differences she has compare to a 5year-old is that her tantrum courses people to be bloody scared and frustrated at her.

But everyone cares.... How she knows? Because they all are mad at her. Being mad is a way of caring.

She cares a lot but at times, she got overboard. And forgot the respect that she should give to her friends.

She thinks she knows it all.

Haiz... Bloody fool. She is childish bloody fool who does silly things. Not knowing she has got many things to learn. Indeed many things................ She is on her on now. She must learn to walk by herself and not have people to help... and anyway those whom she wished that they help her, did not do anything.... Instead is some outsider....

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:09 PM ]

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