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♦ Monday, March 23, 2009
Some stuff...

Went to Manhatten for lunch on 20th march. Was a mini gathering for us girls... ^^ Jac was there too! Okay, will be updating in details some other day...

Hmmm 21 march, Saturaday... Had practice at Temasek Poly then It was $10 club at night... also, More details some other day...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 2:29 AM ]

♦ Sunday, March 22, 2009
Small Small world...

"...It's a small world after all~...."

Man... Its True alright!! Lol... Well, today, woke up quite late due to yesterday... I went to bed around 5am...LOL...
Anyway, had lunch then went to Tampines Mall with my younger sister in the afternoon.
She wanted to buy a pair of sneakers for herself. To make sure that she will buy something worth the money, I tagged along. We went to the Converse sale and searched for an ideal yet cheap shoes.

Hmm...And so, we walked round and round the place. Ended up buying a tee-shirt instead. Lol... Furthermore, it's mine... Hahaha.... Moving on, we went to 77th Street to look around. My sister 's stomach wasn't feeling very well at that point of time. So she went to the toilet while i stood outside 77th Street and wait.

Man, i waited really long. Was looking around to entertain myself. At the same time, I was kind of observing how others(passerby) was dressing. While observing, Something or rather someone, caught my eyes. She was walking up the escalator with another girl. She looked rather familiar. I thought for a while and realised that that girl was Baolin!! Hahaha... The girl beside her was Sarah-Anne!! Wee~... Lol...
I wanted to "scare" them and so i called Steffi. At that point, they were walking in "X-Craft".

She walked out of the shop and picked up my call. I told her about what she was doing and she got a shocked... Haha... She looked around to search for me but failed. After a while, I told her to look at direction where 77th Street was. She saw me and was laughing. Sarah was like, "..Where??! Where??" Haha...
Now, My turn to fail... Well, they walked towards me and i kind of hide myself behind a piler. Lol... I turn and couldn't find they. Yet, they was standing at another side of me. Hahaha... Got myself shocked instead. Plan Backfired! Hahaha....
Okay, so we talked for a while and then my sister was back. We said goodbye to each other and parted.
Got back to our shopping. We went to 'Timezone" to play some arcade and then went to Popular. On the way there, I got a call from Steffi. She was telling about she seeing Charlene at Tampines Mall with her mom. Haha see? How small the world can be?

It didn't stop there.

We, as in my sister and I, went to Popular. She wanted to buy blank disc while i wanted to buy Winnie the pooh laptop skin for me Lapipi! :D
We walked in and browsed through the CDs near the entrance. We both walked down some more and found what we both were looking for. While I was looking at my skin, my sister went over and told me... " Man.... The world is really small.... Look who's over there!"
I looked and guess what?

My daddy and Brother was standing two cardboard away from us, looking at photo paper. Lol... How small can the world be man??!! Hahahaha...

Since daddy was there, we went to say hi and i passed my lapipi's skin to daddy. Expecting him to help me pay... Haha... Evil!!! =P

Okay... So we paid whatever we were all looking for and rushed home. Had to go Grandma's house earlier, particularly today! Kor kor is going back to Changi Navy base around 8pm thats why. Kor kor was back yesterday for the weekends.

At grandma's house, I felt the time slowed down. It felt way slower than usual. Maybe it was because everything was early today. Reaching grandma's house two hours earlier than usual, dinner was earlier by an hour too. My cousins went home early too due to school tomorrow.
Was sitting in the living room waiting for Matrix to start. I ened uo falling asleep. Even i falling a sleep, didn't make me miss the show. I woke up and it was still too early for the show to be starting... Man, time passed really slow~llyy today.... Lol...

Was really nice though... ^^ Heehee...

ahh... i better be going.... Needa do some stuff...... Alright.... Alittle bit about tomorrow... Practice, practice and practices? Haha... got to jia you!! Firday's coming really fast!! O_O

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:58 PM ]

♦ Sunday, March 15, 2009
Quick Updates

Once again, I did not update my bloggy regularly and my laopo complaining le....Heehee... *see tagboard*

Anyway, below are some in details that i updated accordingly to the dates....
Here, this post is just a brief update....

went to eat waraku with, Amanda, JP,Belle, Max, Chris, Sofian and Mr Mok
27 Feb
Phyllis Bday

Back to BDS to collect SGC
Korkor went into The navy(NS)
Steffi fly off to taiwan! ^^
Had practice and went to Crossfire to play Left4Dead and had an unusual and exciting experience of soccer match! ^^

Done... heehee

[ WUYA Signing off @ 2:40 AM ]

♦ Saturday, March 14, 2009

Waaaa!! LIVEPOOL won MANCHESTER UNITED, 4 is to 1...... Hooorrayy~!

Okay That was random... Haha... I don't usually watch soccer. But today was different. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time... Hahaha....

Anyway, Updates for today...

Went to Temasek Poly for CO practice in the afternoon. Then went home to rest for a while. Max said yesterday that they might go play lan game, Left4Dead. So, i Kinda went home and waited for his call.

And so.... I received the call.... Off I go to "Crossfire"!! Wee~

Went to crossfire and had a few rounds of Left4Dead with, Max, Chua and Bryan.A..... Hahaha.... Was really trilling! haha...
After that, we went to Simpang Bedok for dinner. Went The Spize to eat. It was around 8.30pm then.

On the television there..... A soccer match is about to start at that time.... English Premier League....Manchester United versus Livepool!!! Ahhh~! interesting... heehee

Max and the guys wanted to watch so, we set there and watched till the end...

Waaaa..... Ohh my..... It was damn cool.... Love the atmosphere man..... Its like " Goooaaalll!!" and then.......... "Goall!!!" for replays too.... It was unexplainable alright! Heehee... I enjoyed the game myself too.... Got really into the game myself...... Hahaha.... I wanna watch the next one!!! :D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:18 PM ]

♦ Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ahh.... Missed CO practice today again.... Had a tummy upset... -_- Crumps too... arrr........... Still abit now.... -_-

Anyway, went to Salvation Army somewhere near the Bukit timah there with Jiejie, Mommy and daddy... Was nice but things there didn't really catch my attention... However, there was one.... Winnie pooh Bear, "Classic pooh" soft toy!! Hahahaa..... quite big.... err should be around 80cm i think.... And so, I got that for myself!! :D Yay~! Another to my collection! ^^

By the way...

Korkor go NS le!! Jia You Korkor!! And we miss you already!! :'(

[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:26 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Next moment....

Lol.... I ended up going to the BBQ earlier.... My daddy say no Wu shu for yesterday and so, I got myself ready as soon as i heard that and rushed down to Parkway to meet the girls(JP,Belle and Charlene).

Was at East Coast park till 5am this morning... Haha.... Broken record!! Ting ting ting! Lol...

Anyway, Got home around 5.30am... Slept for awhile and was up at 9.30am.

Mommy and daddy planned to bring me to Republic poly for my enrolment.

It was not as crowded as i expected. Got my enrolment done in an hour. So, its like, 11am till 12noon.

Next was purchasing my laptop. Everything was fast except the "Hire Purchase" thing. Stood there, queuing up for like 3hours. Hahah but it was worth it! Heehee...

Anyway, Let me introduce to you my new baby!! I named Her, Lapipi!! haha.... Weird name, I know... haha... Who cares? I like it! ^^

Okay... At the end of the day, everything was done by 4pm... My parents and I then set down at RP's food court to have a bite... Lol... We didn't really eat anything the whole day.

Man the food there were darn nice~! Drinks too..... Large variety too....

Haha i foreseen my life in RP is going to be so filling! ^^ hahaha....

Okay.... and so, this is the end of my day today.... Tomorrow is a big day for my family and i.... well,

Kor kor going in Navy tomorrow morning!! ^^

Jia you hor Kor kor!! :D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:57 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've decided not to quit Waraku... ^^

Anyway, Had work from 12-4pm however, due to "house meeting", I had work till 3pm. Had lunch at Waraku and home sweet home. Bought some sweets from" Sticky" before going home. Man love the sweets there... ^^

Okay, things to do later... Will be going Wu Shu 7pm- 9.30pm. Then will be rushing down to East Coast park for BBQ! wee~

Will be quite late actually. Hahaha...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:09 PM ]

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