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♦ Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What are you thinking??

You said you do feel something yet you don't.
You do not feel anything yet you gave me false hope.

Why are you doing this?

It hurts...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:27 PM ]

♦ Sunday, June 22, 2008
Chapter 147... SUPERwuya!

SUPERwuya to the rescue!! =D

Using of my SUPER POWER to do updating! This way people will be happy! Right Dino??!! =P


Anyway, was just pure lazy to update me bloggy.... Haha...

Hmmm let's see... There's a change of skin.... That took me a long time to decide how should i put it... hohoho... Turn out great... ^^

Okay for the following post below, will be post of event that had happened this week... ^^ Lalalalalala.... =P

School reopens tomorrow and 80% of my homework is still untouched... --_--''' How nice~
I'm kind of looking forward to school tomorrow... heehee Can't wait to see all my friends and ehhemmm...... Other than that, Arrrr!!! X(

-- End of Chapter 148 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 3:40 PM ]

Chaper 146... A series of event

Following, a week update....

From the latest to the oldest below...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 1:35 AM ]

21 June 2008

Went out with my little sister this afternoon. It was like an adventure man! =P

Mei mei was thinking of going "Sunshine Plaza" to find a particular shop. The only problem was, she and I do not know how to go... Well, she did some research on it and even drawn a "Mini Map" for it. More problems occurred when we reached Bugis. One, she never bring the road directory. Two, her "mini map" has no other information except three places and a road. Lol... Well, in the end we managed to get there in our first try! haha... amazing! weee~

Explored the whole place!! And wow! Many many print shop and oh my.... Anime! Miniature shop! A shop full of "food" bags!!!

Waaaa..... So many things that i was finding and finally found it! Waaa.....

Anyway, did some shopping.... Mei mei bought what she was looking for then we headed back to Bugis Juction. Did some shopping there too!
Set down at "Tea Shake Hut" for some snack. My my, had drank too much Milk tea... XP

At the very end, we went to Mummy and daddy's shop and waited for them to finish closing to go home together!
Before home, dropped by Xiao Dino's home to pass her History paper. Haha... Her house was filled with many many people... Big occasion!

Okay so that was all.... hmmm did dropped by Century Square with daddy. Helped Xiong checked her MP3 and helped mei mei to buy sand paper....

I will be there for you my dear friend!!
To listen, cheer you up, give you comfort and even be a punching bag if needed... =)


[ WUYA Signing off @ 1:24 AM ]

20th June 2008:

Went to school for Art in the morning. Was meeting Dino at Tanah Merah. Also, bought Breakfast for Dino and myself on the way to meet her.

We finish our bread before leaving for school and while doing so, we talked. Was pissed, or rather feeling helpless about something. Oh well, that was just Temporarily. Anyway,

Wax wax wax....

wax wax wax....

was let off at 12noon since our instrutor left at that time.

Some stayed longer but after awhile, Mrs Jonoh stopped everyone of us. She wanted us to clean up the room. If not us than who will? haha

But was so darn angry... Well, after Mrs Jonoh asked us to clean up, she went up to AVA room for a meeting. We were all left there to clean.

There were three secondary 4 girls cleaning at one corner. Not exactly cleaning, they was just kind of sitting there instead. Okay that was not so annoying. The worst thing was, they left suddenly and just like that!!! My goodness!!! Leaving every thing for us secondary 5 people to clean for them?!

Haiz haiz..................
Haha was angry but was cheered up by FOOD!! hohoho!! ^^
Well, there were some leftover food from the NPCC so they gave it to us. ^^
With no fork and spoons... -_-'''
Okay this is the first time I am eating rice with my hands infront of my friends... -_-''''

So "unglam"..... O_O

I totally do not know how to eat rice with my hands... I was having a really hard time eating that when Karen and Sarah were having their second round, I am still not done with my rice!!!

After errr how to spell his name, errr.... Nahdir? Okay after he teaches me how to eat with hands, my speed increased... But still, the slowest to finish... Hahaha....

Okay nothing much happened after that.... Just abit too high when going home...hahaha.... ^^ Was so high with Dino and Orh Niu!! Lol...

Ohhh one last time!! I got super power!!! Hahahaah...... Super power to cheer people up! So feeling down?? Just tok to me!! :D

Founding of super power by dino!! hahaha....


[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:33 AM ]

19 June 2008

Oh my!! Wax!!!

Had Art today and one of the student had wax poured on her whole legs and her work!!! =S

Ouch ouch ouch!!

She shouldn't deserve that..... No one should, especially her....

I hope she get well soon......


[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:23 AM ]

18 June 2008

Went to school for art.... Nothing much except, Oh my!! We thought we were done for waxing but nooo!!! We all got lots more to do... -_-'''' My my....

Dino and I went to meet Xiong after art which was around 3pm. Both of us accompanied Xiong to Tampines to see MP3/4.
In the end, found one but was out of stock. Had to wait till next week.
Went to have some snack at Mac. Chatted and man we ate a lot of fries alright! Lol...

Overall, was really nice chatting with those two! haha... =D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:20 AM ]

16 June 2008

Hohoho!!! Was waiting for this day... But sad, its already over just like that... =(
Well, at least we all had lots of fun!! =D

Was up early and went to meet Dino and Xiong at Tampines MRT station. Went to Tampines Mall to get some stuff. Bought shirt for mummy! heehee...

Then while we were walking towards Century Square, we bang into Max. Lol... He was about to walk to the MRT station to meet Kingston and the others. The three of us ended up following him too. Haha.

Met Kingston at Tampines MRT then the rest at White Sand food court. Christopher was there rather early. I think he got the timing wrongly. Anyway, ate our lunch then was off to EHub!

Okay all the people that were there was... Dino, Xiong, Orh niu, Kingston, Max, Bryan.Alvin, Sofian, Hateem and Christopher, Of course not forgetting, me myself and I! =P

Photos to do the talking now... ^^

On the train to Pasir Ris..
Walking to Ehub...

Hohoho... Got two strike in a row!! =D
Next... KBOX!!! weee~

We took some neoprints too! haha... By then it was around 8pm I think. Went to Burger King for dinner. One by one left quickly... In the very end, only Bryan Alvin and the three of us we left there. Three as in, Xiong, Dino and I.

Took afew more picture then walked to Pasir Ris MRT.

Home sweet home!!

The day ZOOMed pass just like that... Haiz... Next outing will be after O'level, that is errr... 11 November!! Lol...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:03 AM ]

♦ Saturday, June 14, 2008
Chapter 145... Father's Day Present

Was out with Xiong the whole afternoon. Main aim was to buy Daddy's Day presents!! ^^
Dino was supposed to follow but a last minute event came up for her.

As expected... Xiong was laughing throughout the time we were together. It was just like the time we went to buy Mummy's Day presents. Hahaha...
Anyway, it was a busy day alright. Meet Xiong at the Tampines MRT then to Kopitiam for lunch. Shared a bowl of Tom Yum Noodle and talked a lot. Not to mention, laughed a lot too. After lunch was even more busy.
We went from mall to mall, up and down. Haha... Xiong had a long list of things to buy. Shampoo was first so, Tampines Mall's Watson!

Talking about that, Xiong bought two unnecessary things. Not really unnecessary but it was a shampoo of different brand. It was introduced by a fierce looking Female Staff. Xiong was not able to reject it so she took it to the counter. Told her to just put somewhere and lets run for it!!
Sadly, the lady was standing at the far right side of the entrance. Xiong got scared and laughed.
" See?! That lady making sure that I buy this shampoo!"
Lol... And so, she bought the Shampoo and conditioner. Bye bye $29!!

As for the shampoo she wanted, we went to Century Square's Watson.

Next!! Daddy's present!! Went to I.P Zone. We both bought Printed Tee for our Daddies! ^^
We went to Giodano too. Xiong also bought a pink and a white polo-tee shirt.

After buying everything, it was still kind of early. It was around 3pm. Was waiting for my mum and dad to come home from work. They helped Xiong to get Bean's Shell so she was going to collect it straight from my house.
While waiting for the time to pass, was thinking of eating Ice-cream so we went to Cold Storage. There, we saw someone!!! Heehee... We saw.... Liu Li Na Liao shi! Lol.. She was dressed so differently from the way she is in school. Err... okay that's obviously. Basically, She was really beautiful!


Anyway, Didn't managed to find my Ice-cream. We took a sit near the Escalator and Chit-Chat. Not long after, we decided to go McDonald's!

Man... Wasn't able to find any seats... -_-'''
Oh and while searching for seats, someone called out my name.... Turned around and guess who I see? =P
Sharon Jie!! ^^ Ohhh Jordan and errr... two other girls, one i forgotten her name and another, don't who she is, was there too! Lol... Man its been 2 months since I last see them!
Chatted a while then off to find seats again.

Gave up finding 2 minutes later. Decided to try the other Mac at the "Red Building" Hahaha... Found seats there!
Bought McNuggets Meal... Wee~ Shared it with Xiong.
Throughout that time, half the time Xiong was laughing once again... -_-'''

Finally after Mummy Called me, we left Mac. Walked slowly to my Block. Waited for my parents and both of us went up to get everything. Dad went to bathe and then send Xiong home!

Thats was about it... Another day has passed just like that!!

Looking Forward to Monday!!! WEee~

-- End Of Chapter 145 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:18 PM ]

Chapter 144... Movie...

Picture first!!! :D

Went to Vivo City yesterday!
Watch The Happening With Shu Yi and Jac. Hmmm... Very trilling show but waste of money. I still do not really get what was the cause of the people instead commiting suicide. Lol

Other than movie, did some shopping! Haha...
Shopping in the supermarket too! Haha
We bought Pinic Ham, Pink Dolpin and Ruffles!! Jac bought some sushi too. Lol All the way she was asking "Whats for dinner?" Haha... In the very end, we didn't had dinner. Was full due to the ham, drink and chips. The show made us full too. There were many eerie scenes of people dying... -_-'''

Moive at 5.30pm.
Ended 7.30pm........... The show isn't so long. Its just that they started really late... -_-''' 5.30pm and they started at 6pm!

7.30pm... We were all tired and Jac had to meet his father so we decided to go home!

Was a long long way home... -_-'''

And was left alone by myself, as always, after Bedok. ==__==

So... that was it... ^^ Lol...
Nothing much except, both of them kept calling me "Ah Boy" throughout yesterday! Lol... Ah boy.... Guess thats my new nick! Haha... Mush Thank Amanda for it! Lol... =P

-- End of Chapter 144 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:57 AM ]

♦ Friday, June 13, 2008

Many things happened...
Many things changed...
Many still the same, and I'm not feeling so good about this...

Went Wild wild wet on Wednesday and Vivo City today.

Watched The Happening... and wasted $10.

Bought snacks in but from "Giant".
Ham, Chips and drinks...

Did some shopping but window shopping.
Eat, laughed and played.

Was excited about the show but disappointed when ended.
Trilling, scary and eerie.

Ended Not so late but Home sweet Home was next.
Tired, bored and alone.


I've just realised that I am most of the time alone by myself.

Details tomorrow after Father's day shopping with my two dearest friends.

-- End Of chapter --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:11 PM ]

♦ Thursday, June 12, 2008
Chapter 143...

Went to school.

History, Lunch then art.

Was annoyed and fustrated.

Did some but still didn't managed to finished.
The Chanting was not working with me!!! Maybe going back on Monday or Tuesday to finish up before Wednesday.

Some stuff happened in the art room. Hahahaah that is.... was playing Tag with Priya!! Lol... Siao one... I mean, there were lots of dangerous stuff there, I still played Tag with her. Hahaha...

Nothing much.... Just depressing day actually.

-- End Of Chapter 143 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:51 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Chapter 142... Get Wild!

Meet at Pasir Ris Mrt Station At 11.30am. When I reached, nobody was there yet. After 15mins, there came Dino and Xiong. After awhile, Chris came. Chris was the earliest but he went into White Sand for a walk.

Then went to Kopitiam form lunch. Heard that Biology was cancled so many others were rushing down. There was, Bryan Alvin, Karen, Steffi and Max. Where's Kingston? Lol Max forgot to tell him no Biology and so he is at home getting ready for Biology when Max Called him. Kingston then rushed down for lunch.

After lunch, we all walked to DownTown East.

Wild wild wet, here we come!!!

We were all like little kids, running around non-stop! Haha Oh and, played Catching with the guys......... In the children pool. My goodness, it was darn tiring!! Lol....

Around 5pm, we got out of the pool and went to clean ourselves up.

Took group photos before leaving.

Burger King for Dinner!! Lol... I was happily queing up for my food when I found out, I left $2... ==_=='''
Chris lent me some money and my stomach was filled! Hahaha....
Ate, talked and Laughed. Oh and Chua joined us for dinner.
When all were done, we decided to go play Bowling or pool!
Steffi and Karen went home. Of course Chua too.
I became really lonely at that time... -_-'''

Anyway, we ended up playing pool! Wee~ Its been 6months since I last played Pool. haha..
After pool was once again, photo taking. Before that, we found a Neoprint machine. We all took neoprints~!! Hahaa...
Then photo taking using Dino's Camera. She wanted us to finish the Batteries.

Had a really amazing time with them all! Was a bit out but still, fun... =)

-- End of Chapter 142 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:46 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Chapter 141...Tuesday happening

Had gone to school today to do art with Orh Niu. Asked Dino along too.
Meet up with Dino for breakfast around 9.30am at Bedok MacDonald's. Had our breakfast then we headed to school. Was earlier than Orh Niu so we went to the Art room first.

Prepared the wax and everything. Orh niu reached around 11am. She gave me a shook when she entered art room. What a greeting Orh niu!! hahaha...

Anyway, from 11 to 12noon, we didn't really did much. Was talking for that hour. Found out something and got a bit upset.
Come to think of it, I shouldn't be.... I should be happy!

Orh Niu went for Biology at 12noon and left Dino and I in the art room.
Did some waxing while Dino played my PSP.
Felt sorry for her because she was really bored...

At around 1.30pm Orh Niu came back with sweets!! Wee~
Hmmm.... Did not do much waxing after that.
Was quite depress at that time so we talked for the rest of the time.

Nothing much happened today..................
Some pics...

Going Wild wild wet tomorrow instead of Saturday!! Weee~

-- End of Chapter 141 --

Should I go next week?


[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:48 PM ]

♦ Monday, June 9, 2008
Chapter 140... Happy Happi Happy!!!

Happy Birthday KAREN KOH ORH NIU!!!! Weee~~~

Hahaha... ^^

17 lor!!! You had been and will always be my good friend!! ^^
Weee.... Glad you like the presents that we gave and glad you had a great time on Saturday!! :D

Lets do it again next year!! XD

Things to Do and remember this week:
- Meeting Dino for breakfast and Orh niu at art room tomorrow.
- Buying Father's day present with Dino and Xiong.
- History On Thursday.
- Meeting Mo gu and Shu Yi on Friday.
- Wild wild Wet on Saturday Wednesday.
- All the holiday homework to be done.

-- End Of Chapter 140 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:59 PM ]

♦ Sunday, June 8, 2008
Chapter 139... K-ing! Wee~

Went Kbox yesterday with the eights to celebrate Orh Niu's birthday!! :D
Meow and Mo gu didn't go... Sad sad...

As usual, meet the Simei people... Then headed down to Kembangan... Dino didn't managed to reached when our train was there so we waited for her at Eunos. Off to Kallang to meet Xiong then to Marina Square! :P

Went to Long John Silver for lunch. Man that lunch was the worst man! Worst because I just can't stop laughing! Hahaha... Thanks to Orh niu I just kept laughing... Haha... I myself am not sure why. =S

Anyway, went to buy 6 movie tickets for my family halfway through the lunch. Had Orh Niu accompany me there.

After that, it was K-time! Weee~

Here are some photos! Heehee...

A period of time later.... Came Steffi and the guys... hohoho...
<---- This, I am not very sure its Steffi or not... But most slightly... :P Wei Qiang, Steffi, Chua, Christ, Max just drop by to say hi... But had joined us for the cake. Saw Amanda, SinEr and Priya when going to the toilet with Dino....Hoho.. Anyway, Dinner was next... Cake cake... Weee~

Ordered the same as before... But this time round, we were all quite full... =S
Man... Didn't finished everything... -_-'''
Was laughing throughout again... I think because Orh Niu was sitting beside me... O_O... Lol...

The previous time we chat about something errrr.... Censored after dinner..... This time round, we talked about.... Guys! Lol... thats weird...
Well anyway, we talked till about 8pm and then I walked them all to City Hall MRT. Was going to meet my family at the Cinema at 8.50pm to catch Narnia...

Man... the show was awsome!!! :D

Anyway, Had another unforgetable experience!!! :D
With The Eights and also my Family!! ^^

Hope everyone feels the same way too! ^^

-- End Of Chapter 139 --

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