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♦ Friday, February 27, 2009
18th birthday my dear friend!

Ahh ha!!!

Its Phyllis Birthday!!

Happy Happy Birthday my "Qin Ai de"!!!!


She had an awsome party today... And obviously, I was invited and i had fun! heehee.... Had helped to set up the BBQ, had helped by cooking too.... heehee....

Was really fun! Hmmm Shu Yi, Han Yun, Delia, James were all there too... heehee... She invited many Primary and Poly friends too.... was really big.... ^^ what to do, It 18 birthday!! Make it BIG!! :D

Alright now.... May all your wishes come true my dear friend!! JIA YOU!!! ^^

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:28 AM ]

♦ Wednesday, February 25, 2009
He?? Nooo..... SHE!! Heeheeehee....

Hahaha.... I can't believe myself! Lol... I actually went to S.H.E's singing and autograph session with Karen and Jia Pei on the 21st Feb 2009!! Lol...

Was really fun though.. Hahaha.... got too many to say... Will be uploading the pictures we drawn that morning/afternoon....Don't ask... Its a long long story.... LOL...
Then for photos, go Jia Pei's blog ba! :P

Now..... As promised, the 200 Words Essay....

Why did i go to the autograph session on the 21st of Feb and how do i feel on that day??

First of all, Simon Didi, is and always will be, a huge fan of S.H.E. So, I went because, since Simon has an unusually packed schedule, I, as a good godsister of his, have decided to help him in getting the signatures! =P

Secondly, I do not have anything on on that day. Staying at home will only make me bored to death! So, might as well go down to East point with Karen and Jia Pei to see FAMOUS PEOPLE!! Hohoho ^^

Thirdly, I find it entertaining. Imagine, the long queue, the atmosphere and the trail of getting to see S.H.E face to face plus the signatures?! My goodness! Indeed ENTERTAINING! Also, I want to see first hand, how many or rather, how “a lot of people” Karen and Jia Pei meant about S.H.E’s previous autograph session.

That’s my three main reasons on “why I went...” Now, for the feelings I got on that actual day itself. Most of it is linked to my above third point.

Regardless of the location and space, man, the queue was indeed unbelievable! Remarkable I would say! Hahaha….
Hmm, atmosphere wise, not to my expectation. I was expecting more screaming and shouting. Maybe many were exhausted. I myself was almost half dead when S.H.E arrived. Haha… ^^
For the trail part, as trailing as a roller coaster ride! Provided you do not hate S.H.E…

Overall experience, superman Roller Coaster ride!! (Just for your information, “Superman”, one of the popular roller coaster like ride in Warner’s Brother Theme Park) Why?
Well, firstly, the amount of waiting time, due to the popularity of S.H.E, it’s really long. Just like the ride. It is also popular and many want to ride it. That makes the queue darn extensive.

Secondly, the trail and excitement of wanting to see S.H.E, is also equal to people wanting to ride that particular ride, “Superman”.

Lastly, the ride ends in less than a minute. Just like going up the stage and seeing S.H.E… It does not take more than a minute too. Damn fast man!! By the time I know it, I was already at the escalator down to Basement! Lol…

In conclusion, queuing up for something you want, its something you experience and never forget! 200words is not enough to say it all! ^^


Here you go Jia Pei and Karen!!! And it's 384 words! haha... Sorry that I took so long! Hahaha...... Finally, sooo..... how do you find my essay people? Pardon my Grammer! heeheehee.... XP

-End -

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:28 AM ]

♦ Wednesday, February 18, 2009
HHhahaaa.... Buffet!!

Post V-day!!!

Went to Cineleisure's SukiSushi buffet with my darlings! Okay fine.... The girls, Karen, Jia Pei, Isabelle, Rebecca and Steffi. Went there to eat from 12pm to about 4pm. Mymy!! O_O hahaha.... Anyway, after eating, haha. we went to Timezone and play! Man... I hate the guitar that game... Stupid.... Kept losing...No fun one!!!!! Humph! ==_==

Anyway, was really fun overall though not much happening! Heeheeheee....

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:21 PM ]

♦ Sunday, February 15, 2009
Be my valentine?? :P

Yesterday.... Valentine's Day!
Haha... Valentine day for valentine only??

Nooo~.... Heehee....

Anyway, went to kallang leisure Amanda, Isabelle and Jia Pei to catch a movie. Was thinking of watching "Love Matters". However, due to time constrain, we ended up watching, "New In Town".
After the movie, we went to walk around and, haha... not forgetting, we took some pictures! Wee~...

Now, after that, skip the details......Went to Kingston Mok's house for "Singles Valentine day party". Quite a hand full including me, was there... Amanda, Jia Pei, Christopher, Max... Also Sofian! He came a little later.... Anyway, set down and we had Mee siam and many other food for dinner!! :D Damn nice but too bad, I had three terrible injuries in my mouth... -_-

Okay, now, other than the food, there was another very interesting thing.... Hmmm.... The way we sit around the dinning table was rather, errrr awkward alright... Lol St.Valentine at work arrr.... lol...

Okay, after dinner, Sofian came.. We were supposed to play some games, however, we ended up watching "SpongeBob Squarepants" instead... Lol... Hilarious alright! Hahaha.... After that, we then went to Kingston's room to chat. Not the end yet!

From chatting in Kingston's room became chatting at the open space downstairs... Lol... learned and understand quite number of things.... Was really fun.

Hmmm chatted till 2am i think... Then had Max and Amanda accompanying me home... Thanks thanks!! :D

Now... Thats about it... Heeheeheee....
More pictures, please visit Jia Pei's and Amanda's blog...wee~

-End -

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:19 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, February 10, 2009
First lesson...

Hoho.... I went to the community center , near my house, along with my Father and Brother for Wushu few hours ago. Today was my first lesson, alright! :D

It was really fun. Furthermore, I am finally exercising... Haha...

Lesson commences every Tuesday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm. I had learned many different techniques and moves, ohh not forgetting learned about the boys there! haha..... Okay okay... There were only little boys age around 6. ^^

But who cares? They were all so cute!!! Hahahaha..... Hmmm not to mention, LAZY for some! hahaha....

Hmmm and man, i got "bullied" by one of them. He called me BOY BOY!!! Arrrrr!!! Hahaha..... Well, I was the only girl there, not including one of the instructor, so not surprised... ^^

Can't wait for my next lesson!! hahaha....

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:10 PM ]

♦ Sunday, February 8, 2009
Half a day out..

Today was the 14th day of Lunar new year. Tomorrow will be a must to eat at home as it's 15th tomorrow. :)

Since today is a Sunday, it's a must to go Grandma's house. Well, to me, every Sunday is a must to go. ^^ My own rule.

Anyway, yup so i did went to grandma house. However, I went there myself for the first time. Reason...

Had been out with Jac(of course there was Ivan too... -_-''') from 2.30pm till around 6pm. She needed me to be present in order to settle some M1 stuff. At the same time, 14th Feb is around the corner! So........ some advise would help her on the gift side... Weee~

Hmmm nothing much happening, only that, they are such cute couple alright! hahaha... Hor Jac jac?! :P


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:28 PM ]

♦ Saturday, February 7, 2009
A series of event

31st Jan,
went to Ms Foong House to Bai nian... ^^ Fun... hahaha

1st Feb,
Mdm Tan Bee bee House was next... haha....

2nd Feb,
Gathering At Chua's! ^^ Had BBQ!!

3rd feb to 5th feb...
Was sick... -_-''' My stomach was damn upset............................. Damn it.... Worst sickness for a person who loves to eat like me! ==_==

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:46 PM ]

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