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♦ Friday, January 29, 2010
Fitri Bully!!!!

LOL Miss Fitri, who is sitting beside me, is bullying me!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

First, say I have an IQ of 10.. LOL
Then say I didn't even take English! Waaaaaaa
Third, need to write qualification, then she anyhow spell to me "Cuiwendy"... The worst part is I typed down blindly... =_=

Last(maybe not...), She changed my IQ to -10.................. THANK ARRR FITRI!!!!!!!!! LOL

Edited : 10.40am

Wahahahahahaaha! FITRI see this! hahahaha

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♦ Thursday, January 28, 2010
Thanks Ah mel!

Ah mel's Soup! Heheeehee...
Thank you Melvin for the soup! =D
Thanks to this soup, it made my salad better.... LOL

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♦ Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Wuya & Xiao Hei

Been exploring and learning about Tumblr.... Here's one I've created... waahahahaha....

Little FOOD Adventure of Xiao Hei( FYI, Xiao Hei is My stomach.. hehehehehe) and I

Wuya and Xiao hei

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Week 14, P14..

And sooo, We are at week 14 which means, the second last week of my year 1! =) Also, trade show for Entrepreneur module.

I had Entrepreneur today....
Seriously... today was the most terrible day! It was BORING man!
We had discussion from 8.30am to 9.30am. Then We went to South Agora to draw lots for the booth we all are going to have and to decorate it. Here, I had fun. Music, creativity and Cam Whore! And this was till hmm around 12 noon.
After that, nothing much and we all just rot... =_=
I even fell asleep when there are some much noise around me, south agora music, Eugene blasting music beside me and Cherie's team talking aloud... LOL

Ahhhhhh Just boring la! Time passes sooo slowly too! To make things worst, the weather was SUNNY! Really sun, sunny!

Oh well, below are some pictures...

My friends from other class:

My team, Pigeon Kids:

My Class, E35E :


Waahahahahahahaa.... and we are done with TRADE SHOW! Last Entrepreneur next week and DONE!

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♦ Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have been updating and is still ahead of the number of post to post... Even so, I have received complains about my blog being dead... Heheee... Ohh well, HERE I AM!!!! hahaha...
Hmmmmmmmmmm... I've thought for a really long time... but...I can't think of any title for my post today... =_=

Too much happening, too much emotions, too much to do and too much to remember!
Hmmm come to think of it, I think my twitter is even more updated than my blog. Haha

Anyway, I want to say, after CG meeting yesterday, I saw my greatest dream again! Come to think of it, I didn't forget but have been putting it at the way way back of my head.

To play the Violin! Not just play, to learn, play and perform! Perform in Esplanade!
Have all my family to sit at the best seats, my friends to come and to have a full house! =D
Aiya... Come to think of it, this, I have been waiting for 14years and still counting.

I confess, I believe, when time is right, I will get it, I will work hard too... =)

[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:54 PM ]

♦ Friday, January 22, 2010
Dinner with My GIRLFRIENDS! =)

Pasta De waraku! Again... Even so, it was a blast! =)

I miss them all.. =( When is the next meeting, I ask again? =P

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:58 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, January 19, 2010
To Simon


I am really sorry! I am really sorry that I didn't make it on time for the concert on 16 January 2010! =(

Forgive Jie jie okay? =)

[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:57 PM ]

All the way here?!

Nothing much in school today. It was quite boring actually... Haha... then had a minor headache.. =S
I should just sleep earlier!

Anyway, after lesson, the twins, Jovian, Melvin and I went to Coffee bean.
Hahaha... we went to coffee bean, not Courseway point, not anywhere near RP but.... CENTURY SQUARE! LOL... Very far for all of them... Well, no choice because the coupons that Cindy gave were only valid at Century Square's Coffee Bean.

In any case, we had enjoyed ourselves. Elizabeth had fun laughing away... hahaha We had Ice Blended Pure Double chocolate and ice pure double Chocolate! weee~ Eliz and I had pasta too! waaahaha.... Thinking of it makes my Xiao Hei hungry again... LOL....

Haha Melvin, Jovian and I had lots of Milk too.. LOL It was at the side counter and it's free! HAHA We are cheap scape? Not really just the Melvin thought of his bad experience at another Coffee Bean the other time and he just wanted to "get back" his 70cents. It was really hilarious actually. =D

So we stayed there till about 6.45pm. After that was home sweet home. Hmmm it rained quite heavily just now.. Maybe if we were to leave later, we might all get wet... hehehehe =)

[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:39 PM ]

♦ Monday, January 18, 2010

Before I start....
I want to say, MELVIN!!! I am still way a head!!!! Wahahahaha

It's Monday again and that means, DMA! Okay... So we had flash again. This time is a little more than the previous week.

And I didn't get to use my lappy for half the day! LOL... Elaine TOOK OVER my laptop! Rawrr~!
Hahaha... Alright fine, I let her.

Hmm moving on, DMA faci, Juraimi, told us alot of things about RP, STA. He was saying about RP is going to be even more strict than before, especially STA?

He said, this year there are as low as 4pointer for 'O'level applying to RP STA! Oh man... That's really great but wow....
He talks about the STA study trip this coming March, September and October.

Waaaaooo... I see, there are way alot of trips coming up! Oh well, it is going to be a very busy year now~!

[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:15 PM ]

♦ Sunday, January 17, 2010
Terrible ending.

My sister and I didn't have work today! =)
In fact, my parents too! Everyone had off! Why?

Haha It's baby cousin, Kai Yuan's Man Yue(1st month)!=) Whahahahaa.... My Xiao Hei had the most happy lunch today! =D

It was soo happening and fun in the afternoon. Till about 4pm, many of us seems to become really tired. Even I, went to took a nap. =_= maybe eat too much arr? hahahaha.... Nooo way.. =P

Things were really great till dinner time. It was a nightmare man... =_=
Not the food, never were the food. It was the people. Thinking of it makes me really sad... =(

My 3rd aunt and uncle had a terrible fight over dinner table! Bowls went upside down, chopsticks on the floor, spoons clashed against the bowls.... It was scary!

I really hope everything will be fine soon and dear Cousin Melissa be good and strong! Whatever happens between the adults, the child suffers the most in the end.

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:33 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, January 12, 2010
All the way!

I went to eat Bak Kuk Teh(BKT) with CHLOE and YANLING today after lesson! Hahaha
Was crazy man. The two of them never stop shooting each other... hahaha soo hilarious alright! heh~

We went Clarke Quay there to have BKT! Food was great but Xiao Hei become hungry again after we finish the food... LOL!
I got to know a different story and experience about Christianity from this two girls. We were talking about having BBQ at Chloe's house on the 30th Jan 2010. It is a Saturday so I told Chloe I might reach there really late. So the two of them asked why and I told them about I going for City Harvest Church Jurong West Service. They were surprised! But what is even more surprising to me were their replies.

They told me that being a Christian really help change one to become better and that it is a very different religion as compared to others. It might be hard sometimes but it can be really amazing! =)

When I told them about I being skeptical about it, they both said the same thing. They told me about them being skeptical at some point but all we have to do is believe. Everything will be different, just believe... =)

After BKT, Yanling treated Chloe and I to Azabo Sabo, Hokkaido Ice-cream at the Central! hehehee.... Nice~ Thanks Yanling!
We went to the river side there and enjoy our ice-cream.. hahaha Had lots of photo taking too! hahaha Was really fun! =)
we did some catching up and then we went off around 7.30pm.

Even though I had an astonishing evening, my stress meter increases when I reached home..... =S
Tomorrow is WEDNESDAY ALREADY!!!!! My heart is pumping like as if I am running 2.4KM run!
Tomorrow will be the day where I will have to do all the drinks on my own at work! =S
*breathe heavily*

I can do it...
I can do it....
I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:33 PM ]


I bought KRAFT's Chips more for breakfast.
Opened it 50 minutes ago and ate a piece. Then I wanted to share and offer it to my team mates. Instead of sharing, I dropped all the cookies on the table!!!!!!!!!! =_=

The first time that Eugene did and said was," SAVE THE COOKIES!" and he took one and place it in his mouth....

What a way to save the COOKIES...... LOL

[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:52 AM ]

♦ Monday, January 11, 2010
Today is 110110

O_o... Nice date? Haha 110110. haha
Anyway, today, Esther was ill and not just her, My XIAO HEI too!!
Had Gastric in the morning! Poor xiao hei! X_X and that set me thinking about what I had eat yesterday for dinner. A bowl of rice, some soup, vegetable and fish. Come to think of it, I didn't really eat much! Hmm and I drank 2 bottles of Yakult! Haha... Elizabeth was saying I'm crazy enough to drink Yakult.. hahaha....

Still, Poor Xiao hei... My stomach don't get gastric much.. This is the second time! X_X... Almost died! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Okay moving on...
Had Adobe Flash for today's problem! It was really fun! I didn't expect that flash is so much easier than I had thought! haha...

Lesson ended quite early too. Waited for Elizabeth that Nanny and "her" JoBAD in class.
We walked to woodlands MRT together. LOL... On the way, that Eliz just laugh at anything we said or do.. LOL... She laugh soo easily and not just her, that Esther, no where different... hahaha....

Okay so went to Woodland MRT, we parted and I went to Tampines1 to meet my sister. We went to eat and after telling her that my Xiao Hei had gastric, she keep asking me to eat all the sushi she bought after we finished our MeeSua.. hahaha... Xiao hei become Bloated in the end! hahahaha...

Other than those happening, nothing else happened today...Just another day passed... lalalala~

Going to have Bak Ku Tei with YANLING AND CHLOE tomorrow!!! lalalalalaal~!! =D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:38 PM ]

I am grateful.. =)

I am really thankful and grateful for everything and having to know and come across all my friends.

The people who are in w319 too! =) I am really blessed to get to know them and through them, I got to know more about God.
If it is really God who did this, I thank you for sending soo many angels to guide me and alway be there whenever I am in trouble. =)

Ah mel(Melvin) Called me when I was about to sleep yesterday. Come to think of it, I am glad that I did not sleep earlier! Haha... If not I would not have answer Ah Mel's call.
He asked if everything was alright. Then he told me alot of stuff that made me feel much better. He made me realize at that point of time that, even though I said I am okay or I think I am okay, I am not. He told me and shared with me many knowledge and how I can go about tackling these problems I am facing.
He made me see that everyone goes through what I am going through now when they just start out to understand or to be a Christian.

Like what I learnt in one of the problem in my Creative Concept module, Belief can be a powerful driving force in creativity. Artists frequently use their belief as a form of inspiration and motivation. Okay lets not look into creativity rather, it is a powerful driving force. One's belief is very hard to change and that it takes a really long time for one to change their believes.

I should not take it too hard and give time for myself and people around me to understand, see and have faith in me! I myself to have faith in myself! =)

Even so, Melvin had said many things and some which I do not get, I really want to thank you Melvin! =)

Jing and Cindy too! Always trying to ask me and taking care of me. The two of them are always trying to know what is happening to me recently but we are always in situations that do not allow us to talk without people disturbing.. Hahaha... =)

I am really happy.. hehehe....
I shall be more patience and I believe that my parents, siblings and all the other friends will see and understand my doing sooner or later.. =)
Even if they do not, I know they just want the best for me and that they care and loves me alot.. ^^

[ WUYA Signing off @ 3:10 PM ]

♦ Sunday, January 10, 2010
Work it out!

My manager just gave me a really important job on coming Wednesday....
There will be no room for MISTAKE! =S

Well, she has taught me every single drinks, the hot, cold, ice-blended, coffee and tea today. Reason, she wants me to know all the drinks so she can put herself and I on Wednesday night shift. Which means, she will be at the casher while I will be making all the drinks! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

It is really scary but, this is an effective way for one to learn something. I believe she is putting hopes and really wants me to learn everything the fastest way.

Ohh well!

I have to go read my notes!!!! NOW!

[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:38 PM ]

♦ Saturday, January 9, 2010
What a Saturday...

Had a pretty bad start for my Saturday... =_=

The things I were to do or go:
- Go to POSB Bank at 10am to do my bank account book.
- Meet Atiqah to go theory lesson at 11.30pm.
- Theory lesson at 12.20pm.
- Service at 3.30pm.
- Bible Study After service.

Okay.. And soo... the first three points were not completed. I woke up late! =_=
Late meeting Atiqah. She go BBDC first and I go myself.
I got there at around 12.52pm which means, I was really late. BBDC do not allow people who are late in. So, I "missed" my lesson. I wasted my money too! Sad............

Soo since I was late, I just went Church straight.

Was really annoyed when on the way there. Many things happened.
First, There was a commotion about my brother in the morning at home. He was sleeping in the kitchen!! He was drunk after going pub with his friends and had my dad carried him home. He vomited on my dad on the way up to our home.=S I didn't know anything about it or rather, I never see this whole thing myself. What annoys me here is that everyone just keep asking me about it when I myself don't know the details! AII~!!

Next is I WAKING UP LATE!! =_= ya... like what i said above, I "missed" my lesson and wasted my money...

And the last would be that my sister had her first day of work and was scolded due to me. Well, not exactly me rather it was one of the manager who mixed up the work schedule.
My sister went to work at 11am. The manager on duty thought she was the trainee who is to report at 8am. So she kind of scolded her a bit. It was quite busy at that time too for the manager to entertain my sister. After awhile, they checked the schedule and realized that I was the one who is supposed to report for work!! =S
My sister called me when I was rushing and that made me annoyed and panic for quite a while. I had put my schedule on Wednesday and Sunday. I DIDN'T PUT ON SATURDAY!!
Then after 10minutes, they finally settle on the manager who did the schedule, kind of mistaken and mixed up our schedule.

Even though it was just three things that started my Saturday bad, I was really troubled and felt really terrible! Maybe due to everything that happened this whole week and I had not sort out completely yet, these three events made it worst.

Enough with those... Now, today's service was another amazing and fruitful one for me. Vision was the topic.
He speaks through visions. Set myself in the right place to receive the vision. Have patiences too. And his vision enlarges me in my thinking and myself personally.

Somehow this has help in enlightening me and getting me to understand certain thing that I have been missing out. What I should and should not do.

I should be more focus on my goals and all.

Everything will be alright! =)
I can do it! =D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:56 PM ]

Things of 8 jan

School, Cognitive and problem solving. "Simpler" and "simple"
3teams... 9am and there were only 11 people.

Steamboat at Alvin's.

One word, Crazzyy...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 2:00 AM ]

Thanks! =)

It takes time to heal this part of me... Still need time but was shorten with all the encourages from these people! =)
I just want to say, You people ROCKS! Despite the fact that I am still new and just starting to know all of you, All of you showed the love and care for me... =)
You people are always helping and pulling others up whenever they are down. I really appreciate it! =) I never felt so encouraged before... =')
Really really thank you! *hugs*

Jing mummy: When the world says to us, “Give up...“, that's when Hope whispers, “Try it one more time...”

Hsuan: Disappointments always have an expiration date, but HOPE is always INFINITE. Don't lose hope, friends...

Cindy: 1 Peter 5:7,"Casting all your cares upon Him for he cares for you." =)

Melvin and Esther.

Even so...
I am still sorting out......

[ WUYA Signing off @ 1:25 AM ]

♦ Thursday, January 7, 2010
Movie with a long time no see Friend!

Rushed to Tampines Mall to catch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 with a Long time no see friend, SHUYI!! :)

Was really nice... hahahaha Feel like smacking the 6 of them! All soooo adorable! ^^
Especially this one below... hahaha... Cute~!

This one... A bit of a jerk at first but still adorable... hehehe

Ahh... Simon... Poor thing... Kinda bully... Haiz... But also CUTE!!!!! hahahaha

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:59 PM ]

Shattering devastating

Hmmm... I am hungry... Xiao Hei needs to eat, but the owner is sad. It is either she eats until Xiao Hei won't complain or she should just not do anything.

I was really restless today. Of course I am, I mean, who wouldn't? Having soo many events this week and not a day did I sleep earlier than 2am. I am really becoming a panda!

Today's module... Web And New Media Communication. It was quite complicated I guess. Couldn't think much due to lack of sleep and rest guess. I was really tired to the extent that I can stop halfway and stare into space when I was having lunch with Esther and Elizabeth.
There were numerous terms for today's problem. Couldn't process much.

After lesson, there was T201 Creative concept UT2. This is even worst. It has only 5 questions. However, the marks of all 5 questions were really a lot! Average of 4marks at least.
My eyelids were heavy, and I almost wanted to give up halfway throughout the test.

In the end, I didn't! I tried my best in completing the paper.

Things are starting to turn sour for me recently. I thought, Ahh this is a really good start for my new year 2010! That was AT FIRST!
Things were awesome the first few days. I had motivation, aims, goals, big plans and beliefs. I felt things were going as I want and plans to.

Now....Everything, the motivation, aims, goals, Big plans and beliefs are DROPPING!
I looked through my result of Semester 1. It was good, noo not just good, it was exceptional excellent! I see As and Bs for daily grade, nothing less! Cs and Bs for UTs but still, nothing less!
I then look at my current grade........ I am speechless... Devastating.....
I can blame no one but myself.
It is soo hard! How am I to understand and do?
I am playing too much? I don't think so... Or maybe?

I thought I gave my best?! But why am I feeling that everything i am doing or had done were not even near to my best?! I really did and wants to be my best but why does my grades, solutions and understanding of the stuff remain stagnant?!
It is not moving! I can feel it! And it feels terrible!

Even so, I guess things will turn out well in the end.... Need a little bit more time than usual to recover......

I bought it... I was really happy and excited! I show it to my sisters and mom and wants to share what I thought of the book! It was really nice! They gave nice remarks at first. Then mom starts to get sensitive.

She said I was really fast in buying it. Then she continue with the claim that I am starting to not tell her about my whereabouts. I did! I really did! Every single day, when where and what I had and going to do, I did inform her. She said that yes i did, but not for weekdays events. She even asked about where I was just now(Went to watch movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks with Shuyi. I told her already..).

Aiya.... A lot of things la! And all makes me sad... =(

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:33 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today was the first day of work.. Worked till 11pm... Love working in coffee bean. ^^
The manager on duty, Jean, taught me about the ingredients and also how all the Ice-blended drinks are made. I learnt all the ice-blended! Made alot of ice-blended drinks too!

Had salmon egg bread and salad for dinner. George asked me to choose a meal from the menu so he can make for me to eat.
Delicious alright! =D

And Of course,I've made new friends, jean, George, Spring, Peter.
Had lots of fun!!!

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:56 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Random stuff

Random Happening!!

First we have, Elaine having to thought that Jael was chewing Milk when she came into class! heehee... Jael had a bread in her month but Elaine didn't know. Then when she came in and walked to our team, she drank a sip of milk and chew! Hahaa... Elaine and I was staring at Jael and Elaine said," Jael?! You Chew milk?!!!!" Hahaha... It was really funny especially their facial expression! Hehehee...

Next, I would like to "Thank" my class or rather, Atiqah for forming a newwww Email for me... wendy_flick@dignose.com -------- Nice arr?! -_- lol
Atiqah always bully me with her gang, Mira, Fitri, Brendon?! LOL!
Actually kinda fun.... Nice memories with E35E!! hehe

Another was that, I have created a Facebook group! hehee... It is called "E35E(2009-10/Sem2) Toilet Gang"!! haha... Specially created for The love of going toilet together as a class, more of the girls only..... waahahaha

Lastly, Esther Octopus! She bought me Mushroom Chicken Pie before the UT started! heehee... THANKS ESTHER!!! =D

Ahhh One more thing.........
Lesson today was really tedious man!!! +_+
Many of us E35E were falling asleep throughout! Everyone was sooo noo energy.. I am one of them too.. =_=

I closed my eyes for a short while and guess what happened?!
I fell asleep..... Not just that, I even had a DREAM!!!!!! Hmm But i somehow cannot recall what I dream about. =S

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:58 PM ]

Getting to know and Wants to know more!

After school was UT then Esther, Elizabeth, Eliz's Friend, Melvin and I waited for Cindy in E35E. However, we were chased out of the class and the block by a security guard at 6pm! hahaha...LOL
Then went to South Foodcourt to wait.

Cindy came around 7plus. Then we find a quiet corner and have a chat. Cindy prayed and also shared verse from the bible then some stories of her own and what she have heard of to us. Somehow, whatever she said today kind of hit spot on to what I have always been thinking. I shall not get into details... My main point is, I still have some doubts but somehow, I feel that I came to know God better and feel the love and connection getting stronger! =)

Before I really make my decision, I would like to thank God for blessing me with W319! =) I am really thankful to come to know Jing Mama, Cindy, Esther, Elizabeth, Melvin and all the wonderful great people in w319!!! =D
They have guided and taught me about God's Love. Also, they taught me to have faith!

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:00 PM ]

♦ Sunday, January 3, 2010

Its a new year and Christmas has long passed...
I've changed the layout back to the original one... =)

I shall aim to get another layout done this year! Or else boring arr!! Yup! hahahahaa....

Draw more wuya.... Arr Arrr Arrr~!!! hehehehehehee.... ^^

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:27 AM ]

♦ Saturday, January 2, 2010

I think this is the very first time having a post touching on a pretty sensitive topic. Sooo please have an open-mind about what I am going to share... =)

Time now 1.30am.. But... I'm putting this post as 2nd January, 11.58pm to keep track of the post.. Heeheehehehehee...

Anyway, had meet up with Cindy at Raffle's Place and went down to Pioneer station and to City Harvest Church. I went for City Harvest Church(CHC)'s first weekend service of 2010 in the afternoon. It was my first time stepping into Jurong West and Jurong West CHC. The place was beautiful like what Jing mama had said. ^^

I have understand and learnt a lot of things today. Such an amazing day for me I would say. Something happened or rather, an unexplainable thing happened to me.
Like all the other service I went, we had Worshiping, Pastor sharing the word of God and also praise.
Okay and soo, I wanted to learn more about Christianity and understand better through this service today and I've got it. I truly learnt a lot about Christianity. I had also went there with the mind set that this will just be another service same with all those that i went before. For this, I was wrong.

I felt extremely happy and excited from the moment the service start. Worship was really nice like always. The songs, the choir, the musician, the people and all... Everyone singing happily and all... As for me, like always, I never sing but clapped along with the people and the music.
As the worshiping proceed , I wanted to cry! I had a really strong warm and fuzzy feeling all of a sudden! I think.... Well, until now i cannot really explain how i felt at that time. I had never experience this feeling before in all the other services that i went to. I just feel like crying and I know its not the song that made me this way..... I mean, If it is, why didn't i felt this before in other services?!

You may say...The songs are evoking sadness that's why................ I don't think so! =S
How can it be sad? For those who went, you all should know that most of the songs are catchy and fast beat, except Amazing Grace. Even so, I am sure I was not feeling sad at that time.... Plus I was really happy and couldn't stop smiling soo..... OUT!!!!

Soo what made me felt that way?!....

The feeling was even stronger at the ending after the sharing of God's word. I kind of hold it till the service ended.

When the service ended, Esther turned and asked me straight away on how was the service... I looked at her.. speechless as there were noooo words to describe how amazed and unexpected I felt for this service. I remembered the feeling I felt throughout and could not hold anymore, sooo I just replied," I feel like crying..."

Having heard that, Esther hugged me tight and I burst into tears........
I asked Esther if this is weird... She replied that I was touched by God's Love...

Am I really?

After the service, many of us(W319) went for dinner and to Jurong point to play arcade. Had lots of fun..

Then we all went home... On the way, Cindy and I had a talk about this whole Religion thing. I've asked her and told her about the feeling i had during the service too. There were way too many things to say when on the train and the distance does not allow us to finish. So, Cindy made a decision and even though it was late at that time, around 9.45pm, she went to Tampines with me. We went to Tampines Mall's McDonald's and continue our chat.

I must really thank her for making all the way to Tampines just to help me understand more about Christianity. =D
I have tons of questions to ask and she was patience enough to answer and share her stories with me. She really helped me understand many things that I have been trying to find out for soooo many years. She gave me answers that brought my faith up.
Thank you Cindy Da Jie!!!! =D

My faith for God was raised but... I still feel I am not ready to make my decision. I want to know more about God and more about having faith in him. =)

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:58 PM ]

♦ Friday, January 1, 2010
A new year, A new start!

Before I begin, I want to share what Melvin shared with me this afternoon!
" We Live by faith and not by sight for we believe in the kingdom of heaven is open unto us who believes."

I was kinda complaining to him about school reopening and then he shared this verse with me. =)
Was dreadful about school starting soon but after he sharing that verse, I am kind of looking forward instead! Thank you Melvin for sharing and getting me ready for school! Wooohooo~!!!

Next... Since its 2010, a new year, a new beginning, soo.. I shall make a list of things i want to achieve this year! =)

Wendy Wuya's New Year's resolution:

1. To make an effort to blog every single day! Which means 365 or more posts in 2010! (Challenge from Melvin : If i blog everyday, he will blog everyday too! Waahahaha! )

2. To understand and have more faith in people, ideas and things around me! =)

3. Challenge from Simon didi : To reduce and not have belly by Chinese New year! Of course to maintain that figure! =D

4. I want to make an effort to smile and make at least three person smile from my smile everyday!!!

5. To be a better sibling, daughter and granddaughter. ^^

6. I want to do at least one blood donation!

7. To do as much volunteer work as possible!

8. Make an effort to achieve all 8 New year resolution!

=) Thats about it... 8 New year resolution for 2010!

I believe that 2010 will be a better year for my family, my friends, everyone and myself!!!! Lets aim higher than what we did for 2009! =D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:41 PM ]



2009 just expired!!!!! Change change!!! :D

Happy new year people!!! :)
2009 flew passed just like that. Soo many ups n downs in 2009. However, its been great and wonderful for me.. Even so, Lets all do our best and let 2010 be a better year for all of us!!!!!

Happy happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:19 AM ]

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