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♦ Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh my... Oh My... Oh my... I feel like crying now. By reading all this FRIENDSHIP QUOTES from ego-box.com I can't help thinking what will happen if the problem with Shu Yi just keep going till the end of the world... :'(

Ice Cubes Are Jealous !

Break Your Face !

Happened once....... I don't wish to have another... Please!!!!! What am i suppose to do??!! Somebody??!!

This two quotes.... I want to dedicate this two quotes below to all my dear friends... :)

The Craziest Idiots !

Friendship Means !

--End of Chapter 31 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:02 AM ]

♦ Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Chapter 30... Off Chest

Yes finally!! two things off my chest... I am slightly happier now... But still on the road to depression...

Solved things with Steffi and Charlene just now. It misunderstanding again. Misunderstanding is behind all this things... Haha should say "Ahh your the culprit of all this!! Now pay!!! " Cause it had caused many unhappiness and suffering to everyone. On the other hand, should say thank you misunderstanding... Well, thanks to it, we all understand each other more. :)

Now i am left with one last major problem. The most important thing that contributed to my suffering and also the culprit that shorten the road to depression.

Disappointment... Unhappiness... Angryness... Guilt... Embrassment... Confusion... So many emotion, such hard and complicated things to handle...

-- End of Chapter 30 --
Hai tomorrow doing opening... Got to wake up early!!! Heehee...

Smile And Pretend !


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:21 PM ]

♦ Thursday, November 22, 2007
Chapter 29... Disappointment

Disappointment... Another words dissatisfaction...

In who??

In myself...
In people around me
And things happening around me...

In myself, Character wise... I think i am becoming more and more short temped... The rest, i don't really know... But i know there is something wrong...

In people around me... They think i don't know whats going on... They kept it away from me making themselves suffer and making me suffer at the same time... Not telling me whats wrong, do not want to face it, maybe scare or rather don't bother to solve anything. Whats the point? Tell me whats the point?!!

Last but not least, things happening around me... I keep getting something others want... I keep getting things i don't want and doesn't want it to happen.... Why??! Why am i getting all this??
Maybe punishment... Maybe a test too... Maybe anything...That's fate... I am suppose to find out ain't I??

What do a puzzle need to be solve?
The missing pieces, the answers...

What is needed to complete a puzzle?
The missing pieces!

Why are there problems?
Simple.... First, People don't care
Second, Are too afraid to solve..
Third, don't know how...
-- End of Chapter 29 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:47 AM ]

♦ Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Chapter 28... A series of unfortunate events

Whats going on around me man... Everyone seems to dislike me though i did nothing wrong...

Firstly, went out with Shu Yi, Jac, Charlene and Steffi on Saturday. It all went really wrong. It was a disaster man. Was so happy at the beginning but bad in the end.
It was actually a very small misunderstanding that spoiled the day. But nobody seems to want to make it clear. Some scare to face, some maybe don't even care and some, really hope everything to be okay. Haiz... Five of us are friends for so many years. Hope that if there's any disliking in me please do tell me and not go round saying and showing but don't tell me. Telling straight in the face maybe scary, and embarrassing but at least I will know and will try to change if i am in the wrong.

Ok, Secondly, for the past few days, Shu Yi never reply any of my sms. Maybe i'm thinking too much but due to not replying, something happened today.
Basically, she was and maybe still angry.
I really don't know what i did that made her wanna ignore every call and every message that i'd send.

Anyone else dislike or rather hate me?! Yes then say out loud!! Unless you don't regard me as your friend! Cause Friends help and change another's life into a better person!!

-- End of Chapter 28 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:04 PM ]

♦ Friday, November 16, 2007
Chapter 27...

11:11pm... Why am i always seeing this time?! Lol...

Okok anyway, went to find job with Shu Yi yesterday... Found some but waiting for calls now... Weee~

Today, went to school and had CO practise. Nothing much only that, punished most of the Little Chicks ( sec2s juniors 07) for keeping their Erhu 5 minutes earlier. I am so mean... But what to do, must teach them some stuff so next time they can be good seniors. ^^
So To all little Chicks(If u happen to read): don't get too angry, understand what we are trying to do and be good seniors teach well!! :)


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:30 PM ]

♦ Thursday, November 15, 2007
Chapter 26...甜甜的

甜甜的 Sweetly


#我輕輕的嚐一口 妳說的愛我
我輕輕的嚐一口 這香濃的誘惑


那些多餘的畫面全被跳過 妳的眼中只有我

Repeat #

*我輕輕的嚐一口 妳說的愛我
我輕輕的嚐一口 份量雖然不多



Repeat ※,#,*
Repeat #,*


[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:31 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Chapter 25...My darlings...

14 November 2007... This which is today, was the date that Chinese Orchestra resume. This was the first time i was so happy that CO resume already. Maybe because, yay i can see all my little chicks(Sec2 juniors) and All the other Juniors!! Also, maybe because i have not touch my Erhu/gaohu for such a long time and both are in CO room ever since May 18. Was so looking forward to it and guess what happened?! I got depress in the end...

Went to school happily. Waited for Juniors to come and classroom to be open. At about 2pm, went to CO room and looked for my Erhu and Gaohu. Wasn't able to find it. Went to ask Xun Hui and guess what she said?! Ahhh.... My Gaohu Jing Yi took it to CC. Okok That's fine as long as i know where and besides i still have my Erhu.... Noooo!! Even my Erhu was not in CO room!! Xun Hui said that she herself took it to CC. Both my Erhu/Gaohu are in CC! Ahhh that means, number 1, I cannot play. Number 2, I cannot bring home. Number 3, What will happen to both My Erhu and Gaohu??!!!!

So... In the end, I got depressed. You may think its dump to get depress over such ridiculous reason. To me, both my Erhu/Gaohu are my darlings. Ahhh... My darlings... :'(

Looking on the bright side... I will get it back next week... Heehee...

Still, Haiz.........

Okok anyway, will be going out with Shu Yi tomorrow!! Wee~

--End of Chapter 25 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:30 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Chapter 24... Sleepless

Watched My Lovely Sam-Soon with my mom till morning which was... 7am. Okay, not really sleepless cause i did sleep. Thought of not sleeping and watch till the end but at around 7am i can't take it anymore. Was so sleepy plus my head was hurting so went to sleep. Lol Still, didn't sleep alot. I'd just woke up. :P

--End of Chapter 24 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:53 PM ]

Chapter 23...Weird dish

I don't get it... I don't get it at all!! What did i said or rather typed that made her so pissed at me?! What did I say?! What What?!

Was just messaging her happily and telling her about the celebration then the topic suddenly changed and become why Person A Thinks Person B hate Person A. I tried talking her off that Person A doesn't think of her that way anymore and here she come, telling me that I am pissing her off and what... ignore it?! Huh???!!!

What makes the dish of Wendy Cheng 5hours ago were, a hand full of Confuse, two tea spoon of upset and a pinch of anger.

Amazing isn't it?! I can make a dish out of it!

Whoooosaaaa~ Relax... Haiz guess just be it.... Maybe Wednesday see her... Hope won't be so awkward. Hmmm Shouldn't be... ^^

-- End of Chapter 23 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 1:33 AM ]

♦ Monday, November 12, 2007
Chapter 22... Out of the Ordinary

Went out with Jia Pei, Isabelle, Sarah, Karen and Rebecca this afternoon. We went to Kbox to Celebrate Isabelle's Birthday. Not really her birthday but an early one. ^^ All the dance people(Jia Pei, Isabelle, Sarah, Karen ) not free on her birthday so pushed forward to today.

Anyway, had lots of fun as usual but whats so special about today's Kbox was that, we all surprised Isabelle with a square delicious cake with a printed Hello Kitty Icing on top. It was really beautiful alright though the other one which is Little Twin Star one was much cuter. Since Isabelle loves Hello Kitty so badly, we bought her that. ^^

After Kbox, we went to the food court on the forth floor of Marina Square to eat Isabelle's favorite dish, Chilli Crab!! Ofcouse with other stuff like Samba Kangkong ,rice and some other stuff. The food was really mouth-watering. Hahaha... Maybe we should go there some other time again.

-- End of Chapter 22 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:56 PM ]

Chapter 21... 彩虹

彩虹 Rainbow

曲: 周杰倫
詞: 周杰倫


看不見你的笑 我怎麼睡得著
沒有理由我也能自己走 ##

**你要離開 我知道很簡單
你說依賴 是我們的阻礙
就算放開 但能不能別沒收我的愛
當作我最後才明白 **

Repeat ## **


Repeat **


[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:52 PM ]

♦ Sunday, November 11, 2007
Chapter 20...

Helped out at my dad's stall yesterday. Saw that Fair price employing people. Need 2x Storehand, 2x cashiers, this 4 are needed to do till end of February and i guess is any time and any day... There is another one which say 1x storehand, this one is needed to do only Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 6pm to 11pm. Thought that one will be good. I mean, i want a job but i don't want one which need me to do Monday to Friday or anything that long. Not just i don't want, my parents also don't allow. Okay for that 1x storehand, my parents agreed to it so went to apply. Heehee... Hope i will get it... ^^ Weee~
Tomorrow going Kbox to kinda celebrate Isabelle's birthday. Going to eat Chilli Crab for dinner too... Weee~

-- End of Chapter 20 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:36 PM ]

♦ Thursday, November 8, 2007
Chapter 19... All in one...

Went to xiao orh nui's house on Tuesday... Was very fun... Learned to play majong... Wee~

Follow Shu Yi, Jac, Steffi and Charlene to pierce ear... I didn't pierce... That's on Wednesday....
Wee~ Bought Jay Chou's 8th Album!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh Weeeeeee~ And this was on Wednesday too...

Okay today...... Went to help out at my dad's stall... Weee~ Later going dinner with everyone including my mother's side people... weeee~ heehee

-- End of Chapter 19 --
need to go le... no time to blog.... details tonight or tomorrow.... Weee~

[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:56 PM ]

♦ Monday, November 5, 2007
Chapter 18... Jigoku Shoujo (season 2)

Today.... Very boring yet nice... :P
Watched Jigoku Shoujo (season 2) the whole afternoon... Hmm... Quite sad yet happy... Sad cause Emma Ai died, happy Cause, she died! Lol... She was free! Weeeee~ As well as her family... Weee~
Hmmmm.... My~ didn't know they have drama too...-_-''' Ok looks weird and errmm feels weird about it...
Anyway, basically, today..... Is a very boring day... Hmm look on the bright side... Tomorrow going Xiao Orh Nui's (Jia Pei) House!! Weee~

-- End of Chapter 18 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:34 PM ]

♦ Saturday, November 3, 2007
Chapter 17... Happy Birthday!!

Help celebrated Shu Yi's birthday yesterday. It was really a success!!! ^^
Well, we ( Jac and I) planned to give her a surprise, in giving the cake and stuff. Hmmm... It turn out that err she was surprise but surprise with the wrong thing. Lol...
On Tuesday i messaged her and the way i wrote gave her a feeling that there will be a lot of people going. Well, it was supposed to have that many but in the end, many rejected due to, 1. No money, 2. go out too often parents scold, 3. pai say cos don't really know Shu Yi.
Anyway, yesterday, she was surprise..... Surprise with the number of people... Not the wow so many is the, wow so "many!! Lol
We ( Jac and I) went to her house to surprise her with the cake. Hmm the cake turn into a waxed cake. We asked her to come down to the void deck, while doing that, Jac and I lit the candles and stood outside the lift and wait for her. She took a very very long time to come down and due to that, all the candles melted and flowed on the surface of the cake. Hmmm maybe we shouldn't light the candles that early.
Anyway, after eating the cake, we went up to her house. She, put her presents, we, wash our hands... Weeee~
Ohh presents!! We both a bag and hmmm another one i don't know what's that call... There's photo frame ( with our photo) on it and her name. ^^

Okok... After that, we as in with Shu Yi, went for dinner at Seoul Garden Bugis . Hmmm stayed there and ate for... let me see...... 3 and a half hours!! ^^ Man... the three of us were like monsters!! Shu Yi and Jac just kept taking and cooking prawns and seafood while i kept taking and cooking meat for us. We also did take lots of vegetable. Well, we made it a must to have vegetable. ^^
Man... We just kept eating and eating and eating. Fun thing is that, we all did not feel full at all! Lol.
Okay... So we ate and ate and ate till about 9.30pm or 10pm. Left Seoul Garden and then find a place, which is outsde Watsons, and took lots and lots of pictures!!! Weeeeee~ Was so funny alright!! ^^
Heeheeehee... Overall, it was a day filled with surprise, food ,pictures and Weeeeeeeee~ Fun!!! :D

Hope that Shu Yi did had as much fun as we did!! ^^

-- End of Chapter 17 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:05 AM ]

♦ Thursday, November 1, 2007
Chapter 16... Presents

Heehee... Went out with Jac and Charlene to buy Shu Yi's birthday presents.

-- End of Chapter 16 --

Now... This is a really really short one... Heehee~

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:59 PM ]

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