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♦ Saturday, August 30, 2008
Chapter 151... K-k-ing~

Went Kbox with, Bao mama, Jiapei, Rebecca and Isabelle. We alway go to the Kbox at Marina Square however, today was different.... We went to Kallang Leisure Park's Kbox! Cool sia... heeehee....
Man it was really fun! Found out something about my sing....... I can, Do Ying sia! hahahaha... ^^

Will update pictures some other day...

Steffi and Charlene came to meet us for dinner. Before that, Jp left earlier at around 5pm.

Okay then after dinner, lol everyone was bloated but not me. They, Rebecca,Karen, Charlene and Steffi went to buy yogurt Ice-cream while i accompany Isabelle shopping for shorts...

Lol the four of them who bought Ice-cream were very funny. They bought Ice-cream for themselves but were all forcing the ice-cream down our, Isabelle and I, mouth! Lol... Well, weird but, I Like~ hahaha....

Lol stomach started to hurt on the way home and i suspect it is the work of the YOGURT! Arr!! hahaha....

Anyway, stayed there till around 9pm. Was Chit chatting. Anyway, got home not long and Karen Messaged me.
She didn't had enough of K-ing so was asking if next Friday can go again. Sad... I cannot.... Due to I having a 'Date' with my BFFs!! haha... Going Sg Flyer! =P
Okay anyway, was very touched by my BAO MOTHER! :D
She smsed me some stuff... Humph... Not sharing!!! hahahaha....


-- End of Chapter 151 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:50 PM ]

♦ Friday, August 29, 2008
Chapter 150... Shop Shop!!

Hohoho..... Went shopping with Jac and Simon the whole afternoon! Haha

But before that, I am a good girl!! haha Well, there was Chinese P2 in the morning and unlike those two... I turned up... hahaha =P

Ohh well.... No hard feelings my two BFF! Heh..... XD

Anyway... Went to meet those two after my paper... Had many many rounds of shopping... Went all over Tampines Mall man. Levis, Puma, Isetan, 77Street, many many more... Sad sad that Ivan was not able to join us.... =(

It was hilarious man... Fun and $$... Lol Today's main aim of shopping was to buy errr... 'Inside' stuff haha. Then other random stuff haha mostly shirts. I bought Derrick's album! Hmmm but its on credit purchase... haha. Simon helped me pay first. Then i also bought a Tunic from Giordano. Once again, Credit purchase.... Hehe...

Oh and we bought the same socks! Hehe... ^^

Levis some more.......... WOW~ ^^Arrr silly....

Anyway, went shopping from 11.30am till 4pm... weee~

Lalala~ Tomorrow is....... TEACHERS' DAY Celebration! Looking forward to it! Hehe... :P

-- End Of Chapter 150 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:21 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Chapter 149...Relax

Saying that i will be updating after Prelims... 
Hmmm cannot take it... Feel like writing some stuff now and hmmm also a junior *stared tensely at Renee* complained that my blog is dead. haha... ^^ 
Anyway, Oh man.... Tomorrow will be the second last paper for prelim! Feel much more relaxed now though I AM NOT SUPPOSED to... haha... 

Okays... Hmmm had art and POA this morning. Was okay i guess.
Went to Rebecca's house after that which is around 2pm. 

I would like to say, today my friends had laughed countless time when i talked to them. Lol... One was Karen and another was Rebecca. Jia Pei a bit, she laughed at me when i sang "Zhou huo lu mo"!!! Raaaa!! Haha ohh well... 
As for Karen and Rebecca. 
One kept laughing before Art starts another kept laughing when i eat. Lol... And both are laughing at my reactions! Is there something that i did that is so funny or is there something on my face?? XP
Now i am really convinced that i should become an entertainer. hahaha! 
Even for my older sister, "...You are my source of entertainment..." Lol... 
Hmmm but think of it, quite true arrr... JP saying my SUPERpower in the past and now this. haha... Anyway making people laugh feels really great despite making fool of myself. =P
That's it! Entertainer I shall be! hahahahahahahaha!
* Part-time *

Enough with that, Moving on.... Derrick Hoh~
Heehee yeshaaaaa! He is back! AHHHH~
Ask Ah Jie to buy for me just now... Hope she remembers or else, i shall buy it tomorrow! ^^

Oh oh..... and........

---> Derrick Hoh - "Unclassified" Autograph Session 1
Saturday, 30 Aug 2008, 3PM, Bukit Panjang Plaza, Garden Plaza - Level 2

Derrick Hoh - "Unclassified" Autograph Session 2
Saturday, 6 Sep 2008, 3PM, Bishan Junction 8, Top Of The 8 - Level 3

Anyone wanna go? heeheehee...^^ Hmmm the second one la... =P


-- End of Chapter 149 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:49 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Chapter 148... Quick Quick Updates...

Some Quick updates...
Having Prelims Now...
I am mentally stable already..^^
Feeling much better....
Many things happened and passed...
Some pass event photos below.. According from oldest to newest.

There are still some events not recorded. Haha.. Like my BFFs and hmmmm oh well... haha.... ^^

Will be updating again after prelims... Heh~ XD
Got to go!! *runs off*

[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:13 PM ]

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