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♦ Friday, January 30, 2009
Posting Result...

Got what i wanted! Alright!!! Sonic Arts!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

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♦ Sunday, January 25, 2009
Express Cleaning!


Still cleaning the house!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........

But, No worries! Will all be a-okay by 12midnight! ^^

Express Cleaning is the name my older sister would call it~! hahaha...

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♦ Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Did it again....

One more time.... Shopping.... Not most of us this time. ^^

Isabelle and Charlene wanted to buy shoes so we(Karen,JiaPei, Rebecca and Steffi, plus me too...) accompanied them to Tampines to buy. You might be thinking, what the hell are we all there when only two of them wanna buy a pair of shoes?!Hahaha.... We are all bored at home anyway!

Initially, i was thinking of asking them all yesterday whether they want to go out to eat buffet! Well, while i was holding my phone and about to type, i received a message from Isabelle. So that's why it becoming a shopping trip instead of eating trip! hahaha

Was really fun!
Haha i think next trip will be on Friday.... We will all be going back to Bedok South Secondary for Chinese New Year Celebration! This year will be as an outsider not a student. Will be standing not sitting to watch anymore! haha... ^^

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♦ Monday, January 19, 2009
Spring Cleanning!



Hahaha....... not that bad la.... ^^

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♦ Sunday, January 18, 2009
Did work...

Had work today from 12noon to 4pm. Nothing much except that, i just realised how cool my manager is! Hohoho!! Way pro man! ^^

Anyway, after work, went down to Little India to meet my sister and my uncle. Uncle drove us down to Grandma's house. Simply love going grandma's house... ^^
Hmmm nothing much.... Was fun as usual... heehee....

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♦ Saturday, January 17, 2009
Shopping again...

Went shopping with Jie jie in the afternoon. We went to Bugis to shop.
This year's Chinese New Year is going to be a very different and amazing one i promise! :D
One, many don't remember that i had my O'level. Well, not that i am upset with my points and is ashamed of telling. I just feel its better not to tell the whole world. Okay maybe half the world haha....
Two, I am wearing something different! Way different! Its something where many do not think i would wear. ^^ Sound exciting? weeeeee~
Ohhh well... heeheehee
Ohh anyway, ahhh shopping... Hmm.... So we shopped from 1pm to 7pm. Bugis to Tampines. Top to bottom. Was tiring but wonderful! weeee~ Spent lots of money too! O_o$$

Okay.... so we went home around 7pm and went down for dinner.... Hmmm nothing much now... -_-
Ahh.... got work tomorrow...lalalalalalalala

Hmmmm side track.......... Mommy Daddy found me a phone. They found it while crossing the road... Cool. ^^

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♦ Friday, January 16, 2009
Shop till drop...

Haha... Went Chinese New year shopping today with my dear girl friends, Karen rebecca, Belle, JP and Steffi.... We went to Bugis Street to get our stuff. Got quite a lot of things. Hmm, however, only half of what i bought is for the New year... Lol...

Got some shirts. Love it a lot. I think i will be buying tons of them in a month time. Which is before the Poly starts. Like this, i will have enough to wear! hahahahahahah....... Hmmm i think i am a little high now.... Haha....

Anyway, To tell you honestly, I really enjoyed myself today. I felt free, relaxed and also warm. ^^
No slight anger at all! :D Hooray! ^^

Many crazy things happened today.... One of it was when we were at Mos Burger...
We were all sited in a line. Karen beside me, Rebecca then come steffi, Jia Pei then Isabelle. The four of us, Karen, Rebecca, Steffi and i were really crazy and noisy when eating. I can't remember what exactly happened but we ened up talking about Woodbridge Hospital. When saying that, I forgotten what the hospital was called and so I said, " Later go................ Mad People Hospital there arrr..... " Then they laughed really hard. Don't know what came to me, I said," Waaaa....... What happened if they need a cut off point to go in??" Lol.... How silly of me to think of such thing..... Cut off point??!! hahaha...
Then Rebecca kind of clicked with me and said," Hmm got got.... You need 30 and above...Haha"
30 was really a bit too high.... So i told her my score and said that i could never get in... She then changed it to 20 and above... Lol

Haha that period of time was indeed full of madness... haha.... It's wonderful actually... This maybe the last few outings that we will be doing all this...
Everyone will be busy with their our stuff... Some JC, poly and also private..... It's quite sad actually.... *sob sob*
Even though, I will be asking people out even for a cup of coffee every week!!! :D Okay I will try..................... ^^

Hoho.... Tomorrow I am going 2nd round of shopping with my sister! ^^

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♦ Thursday, January 15, 2009


Man... I wanted to blog about something. However, i totally forgotten what i was supposed to write. -_-

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♦ Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Sentimental, emotional moment.... O result...

I was excited..
I was the positive one...
I was encouraging people...
I was comforting others , cheering them up.....

That was before...

I was still very excited...
I felt relieved. 
I felt that everyone did good...
I felt a bit demoralizes...
I felt even more upset...
I felt scared...
Finally, I was teary.....

This was the progress of my feelings while Mr Ari was talking and telling us about the Percentage, Improved or not....

I was teary...
I was shaking....
I was looking stony
I went blank.
I didn't dare to open it...
I started crying....

"Open my present and you will feel better... Trust me... :)" Amelia wo niu said...
She got syiqin and I something...heeheee.... ^^

Juniors went running towards me... Excited, happy and then shocked... Shocked by the tears falling from my eyes...
They comforted. They tried asking whats the problem... 
I said"........ I haven't open... " and then laughed... haha...

*flip open my result...*

Started bursting tears again... 
They thought i cried due to my L1 R4....
But nope...

I said........ "I got............... C6 for ART?! "

haha... yup I was traumatized by my art result. 

"What a disgrace to the Cheng Family... " I thought....
" I have disapoint Mrs Jonoh, my brother and Sister... "
" Why Why Why??!!! " 
"Whats wrong?!!!" 
"What went wrong??!!"

That was all i thought of... 

I asked BaoMa, Karen, to follow me to Mrs Jonoh. Jonoh saw me and she gave me a hug straight away... She knew what i was feeling and what i was about to say.  " Its alright....Its alright..." Like a mother embracing and comforting her child. ......... So warm... :')
That is why, she is my favorite teacher in the whole wide world... ^^

She talked me out... And I felt better....

I then went back and sat down... Three.... four..... Counting My L1R4 properly....

It was fairly okay considering the fact that i did not put much effort...
Went to daddy's stall...
Thought they didn't care....
They actually care... Of course...

They didn't blame me... Instead, asked me to change...

"Poly is not like Secondary where we can help you.... We can do nothing but look at you... Understand what we are saying shi hui?? " Mommy daddy said in the most serious tone ever...

No one blamed me... But encourage me to do better... 
No one care... That was what i thought... 
No one don't care... Which always was....

I will remember this forever!! 

And Thank you Amelia!!! Its really lovely! I love it lots! :D Thanks a millon!!! :D

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Back to work...

Had work from 11am till 4pm. Intially, I was scheduled 12noon to 4pm... Oka, one of the waraku, could not make it on time so he asked me to take his place.
Well, got  there 5minutes before 11am. Helped Ray, my supervisor , to set up the dish-up. Had nothing to do till 11.30am. Three tables were filled from 11.30am to 12noon. Served some drinks then I was asked to leave. O_O....
Lol... Okay not that kind of leave.

Mr curry requested for some staff over and so, Alyson send me there! ^^
Poor Mr curry... Why? Haha... there had only 3 service staff for lunch today. That is without me... Hmm.. Not much to say. I would describe Mr curry as easy than fun... First of all, the place is one quarter of Waraku. Which means, it is freaking small... Secondly, the menu... All i have to ask was, " Sir/mdm, do yo want it non-spicy, spicy or very spicy?......... Which sauce would you like?.... " Yup... That was all... Its not like Waraku where only some specific item have to ask something or noodles, asking udon or soba... Many many more... 
Lastly, its Mr Curry, so everything is curry!!! :P

It was an amazing experience going over to Mr curry. Hmm... though something terrible happened today. 
The side station of Mr curry was so full of things that i spilled three cups full of ice water on the floor!!! Got most of the floor wet and a customer's pants soaked with water. -_-... Oh man.... 
Hmmm Lesson learn, don't rush even though it is the busiest time of the day. Oh well...

Okay thats about it... More about work tomorrow! Will be working from 12noon to 4pm... Heehee....

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♦ Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Its out!

First of all, Congratulation everyone who gets more than 3 Os... Congrats to those who did well... Hmm also, for those who didn't do as expected, don't be sad anymore. There will be a good future as long as you do not give up on yourself! :)

Anyway, I did well, considering the fact that i didn't study as much as i needed to. Oh well, my sis insist it was bad. Mommy and daddy thinks it's okay. They were actually expecting me to fail English and will not have anywhere to go. Haha... Oh well.... I thought that they all don't care what i would get...In actual fact, mommy and daddy didn't sleep well for the past few weeks.... :(
Sorry Mommy for doing badly, sorry daddy for not doing my best....

Okay Anyway, went to Temasek Polytechnic today. Karen, Rebecca, Steffi, Charlene, Isabelle and Jia Pei too... They were having an event that shows us 2008 O'level students more about the courses they have... And also to do JAE in their school. My sister had offered to give us private tour round the school too...
At first, I got all my 12 choices ready to be key in.. But after looking and getting to know more about the courses, I felt kind of lost. Too many courses... Too many things to consider. And so, I ended up not doing it in TP.Hmmm My friends too did not do the JAE. We all feel that we had to reconsider everything again and that we do not regret any choice.

Okay a raft idea of what happened today... 
Meet the girls except JP at Tampines MRT control station. Went to take bus 23. Got down at TP and saw JP. Many other people were there. A group of Computer Engineering students approached us and lead us to their booth. Sat down and listened for awhile then went off to other booth. Went to meet my sister at Design School and then she took us to the courses that i wanted. IMD and MOI. IMD, Interactive media Design... MOI, Moving Image. Had her friend to give a simple intro about MOI. At that moment, I felt bad. Why? Well, I got this feeling that my friends are all following Just for the sick of following... At the begining of this trip, I was thinking that maybe bringing them here regardless of which school, they can learn more about the other courses and make their choices better... However, some were quite rude when others were telling about their course. The least they could do was listen. Listening may help all to see the difference between design and all the other school... Who knows, they might change their thinking and maybe one or two will be interested? Hmmm oh well... I guess not... Hmmm I just hope they can at least answer or rather reply the person asking questions. Standing there, eyes wonder off to somewhere else, talking to another friend who is standing beside.... All these are simply rude! -_-

Okay enough.... Next, Jie jie went off to meet her friend.... We all went to "The Designers" food court to eat... Ahhh... the food there is indeed delicious... ^^
After finishing our food, we sat there and talked for awhile. After that was home. We all need to do some thinking about JAE and our future. 
I left them and went to TP's Taxi Stand and waited for my parents. Waited for my Jiejie's consultation to end too... ^^
Then it was home.... weee...

Had many thinking and adjustment to my JAE. Discussed with my daddy too and had just submitted My Final JAE choices half an hour ago. ^^


Good luck and all the best to everyone! Hope that everyone, my bao family, friends and everyone else in Singapore, will get to the courses they want and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH ALL OF YOU!!!! hahahahahaha...^^

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♦ Saturday, January 10, 2009
Next stage...

Monday, 12th of Jan 2009. The release of 2008 O'level results. Everyone, the students, parents and even the teachers are all very nervous and excited for some. The next stage will depends on what it will show on each and everyone's paper on Monday. 
Before that, we could all gather informations on what we hope and wants after O... So like many, my girlfriends(Karen, Jia Pei, Isabelle and Steffi) and i went to visit some poly's open House. Actually only two poly's open house, Republic and Ngee Ann.

Isabelle didn't join us for Republic poly as she woke up late. She had missed quite lots of fun. Republic poly, the building itself is already impressive. The people there too were wonderful. There were many things to see. So many that we didn't have enough time to see all. We played some games and won some prizes. Got a tee-shirt which was really huge. No choice, they left with only L size. Hahaha...
Anyway, we went to Clemeti MRT to meet Belle around 3.30pm. Took the free shuttle bus to Ngee Ann. Man, it was quite crowded. We went to get our goodies bag then off to see the courses that we all want. JP and Belle went to school of Humanities while the three of us, Karen, Steffi and I, went to School of Film, Media and sound. I'm indeed impressed by the equipment that the school had... Brilliant man... ^^

Anyway, ours ended earlier than the other two so we went to "Makan Place" to rest. It was just like a shopping Mall's foodcourt. Okay anyway, I bought a bowl of Ban Mian and a bowl of fish soup  and shared among the three of us. A few funny events at that time. Laughing, talking and shaking... Lol... Was really hilarious. ^^
When Belle and Jp was done, we left the foodcourt and meet them. While walking, something silly happened to me.
I was walking infront of Karen and Steffi. There was this Couple walking towards me and the girl was holding a floating ballon. The wind was quite okay at first. Before that, I saw the ballon and was thinking of avoiding it. So, i tilt my head a little. However, the wind was not on my side. It become stronger and it blew the ballon towards me, causing it the hit me with a soft "biong". The girl let out a little scream and then i heard laughter. From both the couple and my friends behind me. Lol... From Karen's point of view, I deliberately walked towards the ballon, wanting it to hit me on purpose... Lol... From Steffi's point, I tried to avoid however, the ballon just didn't go the way i wanted it to. Lol.....

Was really embarrassing and silly. After that, Karen just keep saying.... "... THE BALLON!!" Lol....

Okay okay...  Though i didn't really get the information about the things i want much, all in all, Today rock man! ^^


[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:33 PM ]

♦ Friday, January 9, 2009

Haha... Went back to school just now with, Karen, Isabelle, Jia Pei, Rebecca, Steffi and Hui Qi. It was our Junior's CCA Fair so we went there to help out... heehee... ^^ Had gotten my edusave award too... ^^

Hmm it was indeed good to be back t0 school even if it was just to look around... :D
Saw many teachers... Talked to them and yes! I got a good new t0 share... Okay its good to only me... Oops.. anyway, many of my juniors said i've become slimmer... ^^ Yes! :D
thought  of confirming so went to look for some teachers and last was Ms Abraham! ^^ 
She said it... Heehee... She looked at me and  said," You have lost weight... "  [= ^.^=]*shy*

Ahhh okay enough... next, Hai... BDSCO has de-proved... I wonder how would SYF be like this year... Even so, I've made a promised to see them through the next 3months till the day itself... I will and must have faith in them... :)

[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:29 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Ice ice ice....

First of all, had work today from 12noon till 4pm.... nothing much except I had section B to myself which means, I did everything in section B... The clearing, serving, setting bla bla bla.... Lol... good job Wendy! Keep it up! :D

Next, yesterday!
Yay I saw Shannon! I mean, I went out with Amelia, Sarah-ann, Shannon, Asri, Hao Jie, Bryan.H and Sanjeev! ^^
Shannon will be going back to Australia next this Thursday which is tomorrow, therefore we went Ice skating at Kallang leisure yesterday! Okay maybe the girls and Shannon went Ice-skate then the rest went bowling... Lol... They were embarrassed to skate with the crowds... haha ^^
I got a complain to make about that place... THE SKATES ARE STINKY!!!! Man.... Horrible man... -_-

By the way, Amelia bought me these... Winnie the pooh pen from Hong Kong Disney and a sunglass that she feels it looks like Willy Wonka.. Well, there was a period of time whereby she calls me Willy Wonka. Therefore she bought it for me... hahah... Really cute man... Thanks Amelia WO NIU! heeheehee ^^

Alright... Back to yesterday... After ice-skate, I left and went to Suntec to meet Isabelle and Jia Pei. Went to have dinner at Pasta Mania and then we did some window shopping.

That was about it... Heehee...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:50 PM ]

♦ Saturday, January 3, 2009
I miss.....

Okay... i am weird today... I feel dreadful today..

Don't know why but,
I miss my mommy...
I miss Daddy...
I miss Jie jie, kor kor and mei mei... :(

I too, miss all my girl friends... Bao mama... Baobao... Bao yi... Dino.... Baolin... Ah lene....etc.........

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:45 PM ]

♦ Thursday, January 1, 2009
Happy new year!

Alright... ^^ went to countdown with some people... Charlene, Amanda, Isabelle, Jia Pei, Max, Chris and Bryan Alvin... Hooray... Was really fun... Though i got a little too much on alcohol... Haha Was really high man... 
This was the best countdown ever! I am sure it is going to be a wonderful year for everyone in 2009! Well, we had a good start so, shouldn't be a problem! :D

Off topic... 
Damn, Have to go work later at 12noon.... Lol... Oh well, at least its $6/hr for today! haha... ^^

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