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♦ Saturday, May 31, 2008
Chapter 135... Past


I am feeling much much better!! :D

Decided to talk to her and discuss about this thing. I am glad I did that... ^^

Heehee... Sorry for making the two of you worried and annoyed! :P
And Thank you, thank you girl, for understanding and another, for trying to cheer me up!! ^^

29 May 2008:

Had POA and Chemistry in the morning, Social Studies and Art in the afternoon. Art ended at around 5.30pm then Dino and I went to Tanah Merah to meet Xiong.
We were going to Dominic's Chalet at Downtown East.

Man, this year's number of people who went was 1/3 of last year.
Then again, the number of people isn't the most important thing, but is whether everyone is enjoying themselves or not. ^^

Well, I certainly did! Haha the food!! Yummmm......... ^v^

That day I'd ate too much... =Z Lol....

-- End Of Chapter 135 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:57 PM ]

Chapter 134...

I feel like crying…

I’ve done many bad things this week…. I’ve made my friends worried, one mad, and one cried. One of my closest friend tried so hard to cheer me up.........

Instead of thanking her and feeling better, I blow up on her and the others.

I’ve made my family angry too….
Instead of listening, thanking and feel better, I blow up on them…

Wuya you are such an Idiot....

What should I do now?? =Z

27 May 2008:

Had oral…. It was great. It was about public transport. I was the second person to finish.

After that, waited outside for the rest of them.
One by one they came out. We discussed about the oral and many other stuff while waiting. Some of us for example, Xiong, Orh niu and I, even played Pepsi cola (using of feet).

Then when all were done, we all went home.
Went home and rest and then came out again. Meet Dino and Xiong then the rest to watch “Made of Honour”.

The movie was wonderful. We had Burger King for dinner ... Took lots of photos there too... haha...

Then, it was home sweet home. Before that, I accompanied Dino and Xiong home then went home myself… ^^
Reached home around 11pm….

will update 29 may and more on other days... I totally do not have the mood now...

-- End of chapter 134 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:48 PM ]

♦ Monday, May 26, 2008
Chapter 133... Silent Hill

Do not ask for more Wendy, be thankful for whatever you have... ^_^

Hohoho......... Horror game!!

Well, I got this game in my PSP. Yesterday afternoon, Jie Jie played the game but with me beside her. Was indeed trilling all right, whether I'm playing or watching. Lol...

She played quite a while and not long after, she got stuck at one point. For the next 20 to 30 minutes, she was just repeating the whole scene over and over again. That was when we started to get bored of it. After many try of killing and get killed, we finally gave up and stopped playing. We were annoyed by the game but, did not really give up but just stopped for the time being.

Afterward, I went to take a nap. Mummy and Daddy came home a few hours later. They went to bathe and we got ready to go grandma’s house. Jie jie was still annoyed and both of us decided to bring my PSP along to grandma’s house.

Haha and at the point whereby we reached and greeted everyone there, both of us went straight into 4th Aunt’s room to continue our game.
Same things happened as before. It was until after dinner I suggested to Jie Jie to just run through the monsters instead of fighting them.

And so we did it! We finally reached our goal but… with an extremely little health. -_-'''
In reaching our goal, the first thing we looked for was health potion and second, the save point.
Hmm, we did found the save point, that was after many scaring from all the stupid monsters in the building… O_O

Here comes a funny part…
We were getting ready to enter the basement of the building. Getting ready as in real life, mentally prepared. The surrounding of the outside gives an uneasy feeling, so we were afraid of what might be behind the door.
We took a deep breath and Jie Jie asked me “ Ready?”
I nodded my head and so she pressed the enter button.

The screen went blurred (It always happen when entering a door) , we hold our breath……………

Guess what happened next??

My PSP went blank and the ‘ no-Bat’ sign came out… -_-'''
Arrrr… And to think that we were nervous and terrified, it was all spoiled… ==_==

That was yesterday….

Now for today’s update… Had my Mother Tongue O’level examination this morning. It was okay I guess… I must say it is easier than Mid-year paper.

So what if it is okay, I think I will be retaking it. But I hope that today’s performance is able to get me a C5 or better still, a B4. ^^

- Meeting Xiong and Dino for lunch
- English Prelim Oral In the afternoon
- Art (Maybe, maybe not)

-- End Of Chapter 133 --

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[ WUYA Signing off @ 4:52 PM ]

♦ Saturday, May 24, 2008
Chapter 132... Hair cut...

Hoho... Monday is O'level Mother Tongue. So, I need to get my hair cut! :D

Was thinking of going EQ house to cut my hair since Xiao Dino, Sha Xiong and I, were going to the Airport to do some revision. However, I realize that I do not have enough money yesterday. -_-'''
Sha Xiong volunteered to cut my hair. I was unsure about it but eventually, I agreed.

And so................ Meet the two of them at 11am at Tanah Merah. We went to T3 Food Court to have our lunch. After that we went to T1's Viewing Mall. There, Sha Xiong helped me to cut my hair.
Felt a little weird at first but I have to say my hair looks better towards the end.

Other than the hair and Airport, I have learnt something today! I have learnt that, the largest printing size is not A1, but A0!!! My my.... A0 Is really huge all right!

Well, we went down to Bugis in the late afternoon to Orh nui, Steffi, Hafiz and Bryan Alvin to do some enlargement. That was when we found out that A0 existed! Haha...

Some light dinner was next for the girls. For the boys, they went to have a walk around Bugis.
We girls went to the basement to buy bubble tea and food.
Basement foods are mostly take away food, and so we took the food and eat at a stair near the MRT station. Hoho... We ate, talked and laughed.. After we finish our food, Xiong helped me to trim my hair once more. This time round was the last and it was even better looking. Heheee... :D
I am truly thankful and glad that Xiong helped me cut or else, bye bye $10 for me.... =P
Thank you Sha Xiong! ^^

Shall ask her to cut for me again next time! heehee... ^^

Conclusion, spent another meaningful day with them and I really enjoyed myself today! :D
Hope they feels the same! =P

-- End Of Chapter 132 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:00 PM ]

♦ Friday, May 23, 2008
Chapter 131... No title... ^^

Hohohoho!!!! I've just created another image for my bloggy! Changed!! Weee~

Before updating about today,

I would like to continue a little bit more about Wednesday 21st May.
I got cake on that day. Come to think of it, I do not know why, but I was not expecting any cake. I thought that my family would not buy any cake for us both. Well, I was wrong and that caused me to cry even more. Was crying before that about some or rather, many stuff.

That was the first time I cried on my birthday for my whole life. Err... Other than the year where I was four or five. Heehee....

Oh oh... And I received a birthday card from Shu Yi on that day...^^ So sweet of her.

Adding on, About yesterday, Principal Mr Ari talked to the Sec5s yesterday. The speech he made was very encouraging alright! Man he is one truly compassionate principal. ^^ We Bedok south secondary is indeed forturnate to have a great principal like him! I am not saying that the other Ex-principal isn't good, just that Mr Ari is better... =P Heehee...

Okay, back to today. Hmm Mother Tongue Drill as usual in the morning. Not much happening today except that there were many homework and schedule given out today. Miss Tan gave the class lollipops too... Haiz... I am really going to miss her... :'(

After school, Xiao dino, Sha Xiong and I went to my daddy's stall for lunch. Glad they enjoyed the food.. ^^
Kor kor was at daddy's stall too. I was thinking, " Huh? Kor kor is there?!" .
Well, he do not go there usually unless he needs something. I was right. haha... He needed a ride to Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

So, after eating, I asked dad to drop Dino and Xiong off at MRT station. He dropped them at Bedok MRT station and then drove korkor to ACSI. Man, had fell asleep and when I woke up, OMG! The school is sooooooooooo enormous! Not to mention, beautiful too. That is of course. I mean its ACSI we are talking about! Arrrr!

Hmm the trip back to home was really long and so, fell asleep again!
Reached home about 3.20pm. -_-'''

That's about all for today. ^^

Hoho! Going studying with Dino and xiong tomorrow! Hmmmm I still feel like eating the Yong tao hu! Yuummm~ ^^

-- End Of Chapter 131 --

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[ WUYA Signing off @ 4:58 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Chapter 130!! Happy "Birdy" Day to me!! ^^

Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday to
Mei mei and me,
Happy birthday day to us!!!


I would like to thank everyone that had wished me and gave me presents! It is not the present and messages that is most important to me. The most important thing is that, I am glad that people remembered. ^^
I am glad i do not have to celebrate on my own.

Chuahaha and Amanda, thanks for wishing me the earliest (18 may).
Sha Xiong, thanks for the fairy tale like SMS at 12am.
Xiao Dino, thanks for the wonderful message at 12am too!!
Amelia, Jac, Simon and Yue Han, thanks for the messages!


Steffi, ChriSisy and Max for the lovely speaker!
Melissa my dearest Junior, thanks for the cute and thoughtful gift! :D
African Pork, Thanks for the messages on tissues!

Thank you
Mummy, Daddy for the Dinner treat.
Jie jie for the "Robin".


The 8s for the beautiful and memorable Scrap Book! I really love it a lot! Thanks!

Thank you all!! :D
And sorry if i leave anyone out... heehee...

This year is the most unexpected year. I was surprised and Sabotage -_-''', on 17 May along with Xiao Dino.

And today got the most shock of my life. I got many unexpected gifts. Birthday song was sang many times at different and weird timing and also at different locations. ^^ For the first time, I got Yong Tao Hu as my birthday cake. Hahahaha... Funny but fun! haha...

Though I got many wonderful and nice things, I also "received" many bad ones....

Firstly, the news about our Maths teacher. :'(

Secondly, I kept tripping over stuff and also spilling drinks.
Thirdly, got kind of hurt by someone, but I know she was just playing around. Was a bit upset but I am very fine now! :D Heehee...

yup... That was it...

Now the last part...

See that? heehee was given by Xiao Dino and Sha Xiong... ^^

Thank you you two!! I love you two a lot a lot!!

I am really glad to know both of you. You two were always there for me in most time. Other than you two being there for me, I want you two to know that will always be there for you two if you two are in need! In Anything! Okay?! :D

That's all for now... I shall go watch video now!! Weee~

Hohoho I have watch the video! :D It was darn hilarious!! Very well done too! :D

-- End Of Chapter 130--
Shoot... I am upset again... -_-'''


[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:50 PM ]

♦ Monday, May 19, 2008
Chapter 129... Birthday Treat = Mushroom Pot

Hohoho!! Finally! My younger sister and I finally get to taste the delicious and famous restaurant, Mushroom Pot!!

Heard of it before?? Heehee...

Anyway, Mummy and Daddy had promised to bring us there from the previous year till this year. They promised to bring us there for a Birthday treat. The previous and last year were all because, Daddy had last minute emergency and so not enough money to treat my sister and I Mushroom Pot.

Before we went there, the four of us and my older Sister and brother, went to visit second Aunt and baby cousin!! :D

Ohh she is sooo cute... >.< "Pei Zhi" or "Pei En". I think the second name is nicer... ^^ Anyway, went there after lunch and stayed for a few hours. We played with the other three cousins, chatted and hugged baby. ^^ Had a fun time there.

We left Aunt's place at around 5pm. Daddy drive and dropped Jie jie and Korkor home and off to Dinner with us!

Man... I got kind of tricked by my mum and dad. They told my sister and I that we were going to "Banana Leaf" to eat instead. I believed them and was also excited about it.

In the end, we ended up at Indoor Stadium where "Mushroom Pot" was located at. -_-''' Got a bit of feeling that we will be going there anyway. Haha... I was happy ofcouse and acted like a spoiled brad today! Haha... I was " Shouting" at them that I want my curry fish head. Was joking around ofcouse. Haha...

Mum and dad had made a reservation at 6pm. We were there earlier so we went around Indoor stadium and took some photos. Mummy and daddy had not taken picture for quite a while so I insisted them to take a few.

Well, they did... ^^

Took a few with my sister and then off to Mushroom pot! Heehee... By then It was 6pm already.

There was buffet so we asked for buffet.

Hot and spicy soup for the steamboat and many other food! ^^

Those are some photos of the food we ate. One of my favourite was........

Fried Golden Mushrooms... =D It tasted somehow like French Fries. Yuuummm... ^^

We kept on eating till about 8plus pm...

After a filling up our stomach, we went to 'Kallang Leisure Park' for some window shopping. Hohoho!! I finally found that shopping Mall! Had suggested to Xiao Dino that one day we shall go hunting for that Mall... Haha... Now I know where it is, I shall be the "tour guide"! =P
Anyway, the mall was... errr.... I could say, a good place to find food. Haha... Not much but the best part was.............. There is K-Box there! Haha... =D The K-Box is quite huge! ^^

Okay... Other then window shopping, we went down to the basement. There was 'Cold Storage' there and so we did some shopping! ^^
Tomorrow Mummy and Daddy will be off so my sister and I bought tomorrow's breakfast. Hehe...

It was home after that.
Haha... All I can say about today was, Food Heaven! Haha... Hmmm come to think about it, I think I had been eating non-stop today... -_-''' Ohhh my....

Foreseen 2kg tomorrow... ^_^'''

Okay okay... there is school tomorrow... Got to sleep!!! Hahaha....

*Flies off*

-- End Of Chapter 129 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:43 PM ]

♦ Sunday, May 18, 2008
Chapter 128... Happy and Pre- Happy Birthday

Hohoho!! Yesterday was 17 of may!! Hohoho!!!

It was Xiao Dino's Birthday!! Haha... And the day of letting our hair down and go high! Hohohoho!!!

Sad that it ended so fast... -_-'''

But, it was hell lot of fun! Hoho!!

Ok from the start... the 8s went down to Marina Square to have lunch. Only two were hungry and so went to Yoshinoya. The two which was Rebecca and Mo gu... The rest went toilet and Watson. Heehee

Then checked in to K-Box at 2pm! hoho!!!
Went in and hoho we waste no time and started singing straight!! hoho

Steffi joined us in the later part...

Now here are some photos...

The Birthday girl!!! hoho!!

Here is the Pre-Birthday girl!!!

Hohoho... there were a lot of party stuff... Now there was party spray too... My god... I hate those stuff now... -_-'''

Was Sabotage by Sha Xiong and the others... -_-''' Thought that yesterday was for Dino and will be spraying her... But I was caught by surprise! They sprayed at me too! And way alot more ! Wuya almost fainted due to Mo gu spraying in my face...-_-'''
Other than the spray, we sang song and cut the cake... Both Dino and I was once again trick by those two Sha Xiong and Mo gu!!!
They played with the cream and "decorated" Dino and my face!!! Lol... Went to wash up but was still quite sticky... Man... Stinky too!! Lol....

After eating the cake, we gave Dino the present... I gave her Sha Xiong and mine present to her...

The look on her face was OH MY GOD!! Well, she was really shocked. She really thought that the bag was really for my cousin.... No was for her!! Hoho... Asked her to open on the spot and again, the shocked and excited face was shown... Haha... She was really touched... I meant who won't? Both of us sew the first letter of our names on the eeyore's hands and her JP on the stomach... ^^

She wanted a eeyore and so Xiong and I remembered... Now she got one additional to her eeyore family! :D

Okay by the time we finished, it was 7pm already. Checked out! And Dinner time!
Sad... Rebecca, African Pork and Sarah were not able to join us...

The rest of us went to the place we always go to eat chilli crab. But was not able to eat it... The stall had changed. It became Curry Fish head...-_-'''
Still, we had dinner there... It was not so bad after all... haha...

After eating, we set there for quite sometime. We chat about many stuff ...errr " This" and "that"...
Hahaha.... Censored! haha

After that was home...

Time pasted really fast but I enjoyed every single hour, minutes and seconds with all of them... =)

And Dino, This is not the last hor!!! :D

I will make sure there will be another next year and the next next year and the next next next!! :D


Love you all!!! *Muack* =D

Dino... Thanks for all the touching words... :) Love you lots!!! :D

Will be posting more photos tonight... ^^ Go to go grandma house le... Lol....

Posted many other in separate post... :P

Ohh and
Chapter 97 is here! haha...

Here... Slideshow of 17 May 2008.... :p

-- End OF Chapter 128 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:03 PM ]

Chapter 127... Career's day!

Friday... 16 May 2008:

Career's Day!

Hoho.... Went through many many talks that day... The best one was the motivational talk! That Mr Muhammad Amin was a really powerful speaker. Very interesting and inspiring too! Thanks to him I finally understand what I was lacking of and what I have to do. ^^

A big thank you to him! :D

After that day, I finally found out what course or rather courses I want to put in the 12 Choices. Mostly in Design and IT. Heehee... Some about Animation, some Game design and other to do with Video,film and photographer.

Jia you jia you!! :D

Career day ended at 12.30pm.

Went for lunch and then to the foyer to meet Mdm tan to go for Chinese Compo Talk.

Man the talk was really............................... errr boring. More likely to be that I don't understand. -_-'''

Many were almost falling asleep... Sha Xiong who was sitting beside me kept laying on me. We were like Couple... hahahaha... Weird but fun! Haha... Then that Simon was soooo damn bored that he used Christopher's phone to SMS me. Lol

So we SMS throughout for the second part... Hohoho... Naughty! Haha...

The talked was delayed and so many left early so did we Bedok South people. Xiao Dino, Sha Xiong, Christopher and I followed Simon to interchange cause that way we will be home earlier. heehee...

And that's was about it. haha... the SMSing part was really fun! haha...

-- End of Chapter 127 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:45 PM ]

Chapter 126... Oh my....

Wednesday... 14 May 2008:

Result was........... Terrible... But still... Positive mind... :)

This June... NO PLAY TIME!!!!!!!!

Errr maybe a little bit... =P

-- End Of Chapter 126 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:43 PM ]

Chapter 125... Badminton

Tuesday....13 May 2008....

Went to school for CME exam which was quite waste of time... Anyway, then off to play badminton.

Meet Sha Xiong and Xiao Dino at Tanah merah and yup I was late again... :S

Then we took bus to Steffi's and off to Bedok indoor stadium to meet the rest which consist of, Kingston, Wei Qiang, Chua, Christopher, Max and Bryan. Was really fun... haha very long never play badminton le.... Anyway, we played doubles and I was teamed with Kingston. All I can say is we make a great team! Haha... Won many others hohoho!!

Sha Xiong was really energetic and Xiao dino was like status mainly because she was still kind of sick... heehee...

And so we played quite a while.

Dino, Steffi, Wei Qiang and I decided to go out for some fresh air as it was really humid inside. Wei Qiang, I and Steffi took psp out for fresh air too. Haha...

Here are some photos while we were outside. heehee...

See? 3 psp for sale!!! Hahaha... $10, $10!! haha

Okay... So went outside awhile... then came in again to play... Ohh we had Ice-cream too! Wee~
This is one of the court we played... Heehee
Hoho... Chuahahaha!! :p

We stopped playing at 2pm and took a group photo before leaving...

After Badminton, Steffi went home due to her having Tuition at 3.30pm and the rest of us went for lunch.

Man we were all very hungry. -_-''' Okay not all...But almost all... haha...

After that, many of the boys went home or rather went somewhere else to play. Xiao Dino, Sha Xiong, Kingston , Wei Qiang and I went to the bus stop to take bus to Bedok interchange. Shopping was the next thing we want to do. We as in the girls. Haha... The two guys went home.

Sha Xiong and I had planned to buy Dino's present although she was there. Well, Some how it worked. Though we asked her to choose everything, surprisingly she didn't suspect anything. Told her was for my baby cousin. haha... Yay fooled her alright! Should see her look yesterday. She was so shocked and really happy... ^^ Glad she love it... Hehee...

Now back to Tuesday...

After shopping, it was still early and we were kind of tired so we went to Century Square basement and sit.

There we spent a really long quality time... ^^

We talked a lot. It has been a really long time that we sit down and talked. We shared many nice and embarrassing memories, secrets and thoughts... After that quality time, I understand both better and feel closer to them. =D

We talked about 2hours man... hoho... by then it was dinner time! Heehee... Went for dinner and rushed home. Mainly because they want to watch some show... heehee

Yup that's about it... =P Had a really great time! :p

-- End Of Chapter 125 --

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