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♦ Friday, July 31, 2009
Happy Birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday Simon Didi!!! =)

Lets go Kao Licence!!! Heheheehee.... ^^

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♦ Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Butterfly Dreams

Went for Dance concert on the 25 July! Hoho....

Butterfly Dreams!

It was awsome alright!!! >.<

Here are some pictures! ^^

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♦ Wednesday, July 22, 2009
BLACK day!


We E37F are 'MEN' in blacks! =D

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♦ Tuesday, July 21, 2009
They called me Scholar!

Waaahahaahaha..... Formal day today!!! ^^

It was really nice. Having everyone in formal makes all look good! =D
And..... Because what I wore, they called me a Scholar! LOL.... " I have just won the Noble prize!!" Heeheeheeeheeehe........

Well, anyway, today we had to wear formal for G105 Enterprise Skills module. It's all about Job INTERVIEW! Hoho....

Okay here are some photos we took ::

And so.... Here are the photos of the Solo presenter of each team for today!!! =)
Starting off with............." The Scholar!!!"

Basically, today's enterprise was very different from the usual. First of all, we were to wear formal. Second, only one person from each team was to present everything the team has learnt for today. That was scary man!! O_o... Hahaha....
Okay, lastly, we had interview sessions! =D

Guilty............ I was the last "interviewer" and I killed my interviewee, Fadhil! LOL... XP

Well, today was really fun indeed!! ^^
*looking forward to tomorrow*


It's all-black-Day, aka "MAFIA DAY" tomorrow!!! =)

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♦ Monday, July 20, 2009

Here goes again, i stepped on the switch 3minutes ago and everyone's laptop go *DIIIUUUU* LOL...

The previous time was on 14th July. It was Chloeee. With Chloeee kicking the switch, the whole team 4's laptops go *diiiuuuu*...

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♦ Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lets be random people!! hahaha..

This is what I have come up to describe Chloeee In one sentence!!
" Super blurr shortest attention span random to the max typing maniac freezing frozenwatermelon!!!! "

Random picutres:

Lalala..... I am bored!

Waiting for the time to pass....... Going to watch Harry Potter and maybe playing Pool in the evening with JP, Karen, Max, Chris, BryanAlvin, Chua and Kingston Mok I think... LOL....
Will be having dinner after that! I wonder what to eat......................................................................

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♦ Friday, July 17, 2009

Okay... Currently, my creative juice in creating title is dried up! LOL...

Anyway, happenings for today!!
First stop, addiction in games such as Crazy Taxi!
Two, Class was unusually noisy!
And last, YANLING came Tampines! Hahahahaha... Lol...

Okay and so, class was really noisy, ever since the morning! Haha... There was non-stop of playing, laughing and shouting.

The noise start off with many were either starting to play with "Crazy Taxi" or "Guitar Geek" in facebook from the start till school ends. Okay, I was one of the many!! =P Practically, majority of the class were addicted! Hahaha... By the end of the lesson, people were stopping each other to play. Reason is that they either do not want to get their high score beaten or get beaten FURTHER. Hahaha........

Next, the class were unusually filled with shouting and laughter! The jokes made today were mainly by IZWAN! hehehehehe....... Ming Hong and ChuQiang were the ones getting laugh at most of the time. Sooo bad but it was really Hilarous alright!! LOL...

Last one will be Yanling going TP to find her friend. LOL... Thanks to her I couldn't sleep on bus!! YanLing ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!! Hahahaha..... Joking joking... Anyway, had a long chat with her on the bus. Was really nice acturally... Haha...

I was thinking of going to sleep straight away when i reached home till dinner time. In the end, I didn't had any. I won't be sleeping till I finish, number one, consoelling others, two, do RJ and last, do proposal!! >.<

I want my sleep! THANK GOODNESS TOMORROW IS SATURDAY! Hooooohohoho.....

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We were bored

We were bored in class........................

Drawing done by Wendy(green) and Karen (black).... On MSN!

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♦ Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picture of the day~!!!

<----------------- Chloeee was sleeping in class! CAUGHT RED HANDED! Finally! hahahaha Joking joking.... =P

Anyway, it was taken by Izwan! Haha... damn funny, he posted it in Facebook and OMG everyone just start commenting non-stop! hahahaha...

Enough for that... Okay, today, just before the UT started, the class was very energetic man! Many were making fun of each other, others were playing CRAZY TAXI! Seriously, almost all the girls in the class got addicted to either, typing maniac, Guitar geek or Crazy Taxi... Hahaha... Seeing everyone enjoying themselves and competing with each other was a really nice sight actually... =)

Continue, had Communication UT today. Lol... was really noisy even when the test has started. Our faci almost started to throw people out of the class for laughing Out Loud. Most of us were laughing at either the reactions of people or the question one's Picture A itself. I too was laughing after hearing Eville's comment. Hahaha....

Other than that, man I am soo darn tired after UT! I think I am falling ill..... -_- feeling soooo restless for the whole week. Last week too!

*imitate YANLING*
" I want to sleep to DEATH! "


[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:46 PM ]

Guys.... Tsk Tsk...

First stop, guys in school.........

Samsung being soooo bossy!

Yesterday was bad enough. Today he gotten worst! Terrible man! Scolding and criticising his team members. He should be ashamed of himself for doing and saying such harmful things to his team members, girls somemore! Totally not a gentleman! AT ALL!! *humph*

Another issue......
Stupid sia.... =_=

Daddy became mad as soon as my brother got home from Navy! Why?

Well, because, my brother was nagging and throwing temper about how his room is sooo untidy and the house is still messy! He was blaming us for his room being untidy.. Wonderful! =_=

Daddy was mad and started clearing the newspaper. Err wait... Is my mommy doing it. Dad was just nagging............

Ahhh... annoying!

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♦ Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Happy happy!



Birthday to

REBECCA!! heehee...

We went to celebrate at Citylink," NEW YORK NEW YORK".
Here are some pictures~~!! OHH By the way, I wore Dress to school! ^^

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:56 AM ]

♦ Sunday, July 12, 2009
I am still awake!

I can't believe this....

Its 3.27AM.....

Yet, I am still fully awake! Lol.......................

I wonder what time will i be sleeping?! LOL...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 3:26 AM ]

♦ Saturday, July 11, 2009

Went to Karen's house in the afternoon to help she and Hui Qi with Maths. Then when I was about to go her house, Max called and ask if I want to catch a movie plus dinner after that later in the evening....

Think think think and in the end, I went...

We(Isabelle, Jia Pei, Max and chris) went to watch "The Haunting In Connecticut" at Tampines Mall.

This is the first time I've watched a HORROR/Thriller movie and not drink, eat and also, scream! Lol.... It's not that the show is not scary enough or something... Everyone else screamed at certain parts. However, I am calm throughout... Funny... Lol...
Then when it was towards the end, I've cried... Ohh man... The story was really touching!! >.<
Was really really nice~! It is based on true story people!!! :)

Anyway, after that, we went to meet Karen and hui qi and bought Rebecca's Birthday present! wee~ After that, we have decided to have subway for dinner, but just as we were going there, Karen persuaded us girls to follow her to buy a dress....

Funny thing is that, we all went in with a mindset of Karen wanting to buy a dress, then came out with everyone having one, including myself! OMG! Lol...
Quite nice one hor! Just that i feel abit... err..... Not very used to owning dresses... This is my 2nd or 3rd piece I own...Hahaha weird arr? :P

Anyway, we still had subway even when it was about to close... We bought and went to a near by HDB Flat and set on the floor and eat. Eat and chat till 11pm then it was HOME SWEET HOME! =)

Next event coming up, REBECCA's BIRTHDAY! ^^

And..... UTs............................ =_=

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:58 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, July 8, 2009
And so....

We all had Subway today~! ^^
And so... It is Virgin Experience for Yanling and FongYan! Haha... ^^

Hmm but then, they all didn't add much vegetable in their sandwiches..... Ohh and I had subway cookies! Macadamia! lalalala~~

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:58 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Yanling, YANling and YANLING

Seriously....... Three YANLING talking to me at 11.55pm! Lol...

A part of the conversation :

YANLING says: welcome to land YANLING land

WenDy " Cheap cheap watermelon!! A dollar for one n frozenwatermelon for $1.90 only!! " says: O_O


YANLING says: damn blur lor her

WenDy " Cheap cheap watermelon!! A dollar for one n frozenwatermelon for $1.90 only!! " says: WOW!

YANLING says: damn blur lor

YANLING says: seriously

WenDy " Cheap cheap watermelon!! A dollar for one n frozenwatermelon for $1.90 only!! " says: soo many YANLING

Hahaha Sooo funny!!! >_<

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:59 PM ]


OMG... I am like a snail.... Snail in blogging...=_=''' It is like 3weeks since i last blog. Haha..

Anyway, there were soo many things and event to tell! Let’s start off with today.
Hmm... Nothing much except that today's enterprise isn't very pleasant. I guess Mr Leslie isn't happy with all our work either...

Other than that, I am being very bad yesterday and today. I have been flaring up at my dear team mates. I do not know why but I just feel really irritated and it is always after lunch, around 12noon -1.30pm!

I wonder why… -_-

Tired, lost and confuse maybe… Haven’t been able to rest well this few days. I have been waking up throughout the night. Haiz… Ohh well… I swear I will try to control! I won’t one the Sec3 me again neither do my friends wants that! Haha… Ohh well, moving on…

I was alone at home with my younger sister and grandma. I went to do my RJ at the living room with my sister beside me after dinner. Just then, my younger sister started talking to me about a lot of things. School, SNSD, her friends else and then she said to me that she miss talking to me… >.< Come to think of it, I miss talking to her too! Well, what to do? Her N’level is coming soon while I am having school and totally different timing to hers. Hence The amount of time i talk to her decrease rapidly.

Well, for now, hope she does her best for her N'Level!!! =)

Anyway, Hmm... I think I will update everything else tomorrow... PROMISED! Heeheeheheehee... ^^

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:22 PM ]

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