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♦ Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Chapter 114... " I wish, I wish"

Another story! ^^

Now now Children... Welcome to another session of Wuya's story.
Today's story is called, "I wish.. I wish".

Wuya was all alone at home one day. She was so bored that she decided to ask some of her closest friends, XiaoDino, Ah Bear, Orh Nui, African pork and many others out.
Wuya and friends favourite past time was to go k-ing and so they all went to Mariny Circle's K-'Xiang'.

There they felt more like themselves. They did funny things that they won't do outside. They shout and scream and ofcouse they sang many songs. Wuya sang 'Rainbow', Xiao Dino sang ' the dino song', Ah bear sang ' The cat song' and many many more. They sang and sang till their heart's content. Hoping for this to continue forever, but good and happy moments never last forever. The staff came in the room and chased Wuya and friends out.
Though that period of time didn't last but Wuya will always remember those happy moment.

So, after they were all chased out of K-'Xiang', they wondered around Mariny Circle like homeless kids.
Finally they decided to go to the top floor of "The Durian" which was located near Mariny Circle. By then it was night already.
There they were all able to see the sky. A sky filled with glittery little stars.
Ah Bear found a nice spot for them all to sit. It was indeed a wonderful spot. They were able to see the beautiful sky very clearly.
They stared and enjoyed looking at the stars. At that very moment, a shooting star went across the sky.

"Wow! A shooting star!!" Orh nui shouted.
" Quick! Make a wish everyone! " Ah bear replied hurriedly.

Everyone closed their eyes and made their wishes.

" I wish, I wish......"

All of them did not say out their wishes.
But what Wuya had wished was that they, 'The Eights' can be and will be best of friends for as long as they live!

It was getting late and so Wuya and her friends made their way home. That was another memory for Wuya to treasure in her heart forever and ever.

The End~

Just a random story. heehee... See if you can get what I am saying inside, and the actual names of those place mentioned above. Heehee... ^^

Now now... This was from Xiao Dino... -_-'''
The name is " bully wany gummy"...

I shall keep it for supper!!! hahahahaha.....

-- End Of Chapter 114 --

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♦ Monday, April 28, 2008
Chapter 113... Miss SIX senses...

Maybe I should just talk lesser...

Or talk to myself...

9.18pm : never mind... forget that... :P

Okay... don't mind the top...

" Now children.... today's lesson will be about... 'Miss Dino Six senses.'... "


Once upon a time,
There was a not very black Wuya with white hair, always loves flying around in the sky. Main reason was that, the wind feels great and she was free to do what ever she likes.

One day, three fat wolfs came to the town. They claim to be the most powerful living creature in the world.
They become the government of the town and began setting rules.
there was three golden rules to follow or else no future for you!
1. Pass the 'Normal' level.
2. Get to 'Ordinary' level.
3. Pass and get the paper of the 'Ordinary' Level.

The third one was the most important part of the town's people life. Animals can be jobless or get a golden job in the society.

Upon hearing that, Wuya started to feel something she didn't feel before in the pass...
She begin to run around instead of fly. Make weird noises instead of normal crow talking.

Her fate changes when she stubbed a upon Miss Dino Six senses...
Miss Dino told Wuya many wise and caring things which made her feel important.
She also solved Wuya's problem!
Things that Wuya was feeling:

1st the siao ding dong stress

2nd the "i don't feel like doing anything" stress

3rd, study stress

4th drawing stress

5th wuya stress

6th cannot fly stress

And that's was the six stress that Miss Dino felt Wuya was stress of.

Upon hearing that, Wuya " Xiang tong le".
Knowing her problems, she begin to think of ways to solve it.

And so, after that time, Wuya will always pay Miss Dino a visit whenever she felt something was wrong with herself.
Thanks to Miss Six Senses, Wuya became happier! :D

The End~

Story created by Wuya herself... Half true okay!! hahaha... By the way, Thanks Xiao Dino!! =D

-- End of Chapter 113 --

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Chapter 112...................................




I just feel like screaming!





Just a summary of events... nothing to do with top... -_-'''

What happened today:
- English paper.... Die~
- Embarrassed myself during Paper 2...
- Went to parent's stall. Ate and waited for them.
- Went to The optician
- Will be getting new Spectacle in days...

-- End of Chapter 112 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:17 PM ]

♦ Saturday, April 26, 2008
Chapter 111... Another moment to Treasure.

Yesterday we had PE as usual and had played Captain's Ball again!! Hahaha... Also, was very wet after that. But I was smarter than last Friday. I wore PE shirt to school and had the new learning fiesta shirt and a TOWEL~ in my bag! heehee... Towel for washing up! :P

This time round, I smell great after changing with the help of Steffi's powder! Heehee... =D

Now... Skip skip skip....

After Chinese Mock Test, we celebrated Hui Qi's birthday. Here are some photos and a video clip. ^^

Haha what an amazing effect. Lol...
Now this photo.... Notice that I am behind? hahaha Just playing around...

And here is a little video clip... ^^

And so after that, rushed home to get ready for night class...

Friday night...
Went to meet Belle for dinner then meet Dino. Bought Famous Amos like the previous week and off to school. On the way to school, Belle was like mad woman on the bus... Lol... Kept doing weird actions. Didn't expect those from here. Hahaha. But it was fun.
Other than that, nothing much except got to know more about Miss Tan... Heeheehee...
Was really windy yesterday night. we were all worried that It might rain before we could even step out of school. Thank goodness it didn't! :P

Now... As for today, was supposed to meet Dino and go to her house to study.
This study plan had been going on for quite awhile but never happened yet... Lol... =P
Oh well... everyone are very busy this days with mid-year and other stuff like weddings blah blah blah... Haha...
Hai... and so today, didn't make full use of today. Played with my dear dear PSP almost the whole day. Useless me... -_-''' But I don't play it during weekdays! :P

That's about it... Nothing much. ^^

-- End of Chapter 111 --

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[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:44 PM ]

Chapter 110... Laughter

I shall start with Thursday. Morning was nothing evening was something. Heheehee...

Had Art on Thursday as usual and got new task to do. Or should I just say extra task for me... Well, my final layout was approved many weeks ago. Now, Both teachers just asked me why am I choosing such a boring layout?!

Seriously, they said good and now, noooo.... Haiz... Oh well, this mean I got to do a new one... Hmmm I must thank them actually. Doing a new layout, I will be able to add in my abstractions without destroying my paper. The previous one had non of my abstractions in and the paper was about to tear anytime if I were to add my abstractions in. Also, by doing another new layout, the new one will definitely be better than the old one. Therefore, I must be thankful and shall not complain about it any more. ^_^

Next, After Art which was about 4pm, we Jia Pei, Sarah, Karen ,Steffi and I bummed into some F&N people. Some includes Charlene, Amanda, Sofian and Wei Qiang. They asked us whether we would like to join them for dinner. All said yes, but there was one problem. Many wanted to go Long John Silver and some wanted to go KFC. In the end, Amanda and Charlene who wanted KFC went separate route with us.

The rest of us went to Simei's LJS by taking bus 9.

Now that was the start of our "Laughing gas".

Steffi made up so many hilarious stories that made us or rather me, almost died of laughter! Lol... There was Jack and Jill, Three blind mice and some others.

Anyway, that was the beginning. After that come the "Mdm Koh" Which means me, Joke. Seriously, after last Saturday's Concert, "Love on stage", that Wei Qiang just kept calling me "Mdm Koh"! Lol... Not just that, he had convinced many guys to call me that too! -_-''' Oh well... Quite fun actually. Haha

Okay back to the story.

For the whole time, we were all laughing as though we are from 'Wood Bridge' and had just broke out from that place. LOL...

Though it was madness, but it was really relaxing. I mean, I found out, we haven't not being laughing like nobody's business for quite a long time now. Mainly because of O'level. Hope to have more of this. I have been thinking. This is the last year that we will all be together. After this year, everyone will go their own way and will definitely have no time to get together. I really want to cherish every single moment with all my friends especially 'the 8s'.

Okay this is abit out of point already.

And so, we concluded that evening and all went home. I accompanied Dino to Kembangan MRT and then went home.

Shall continue from another post. ^^

-- End Of Chapter 110 --

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[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:25 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Chapter 109... Heavy

I am lost. Especially in Chemistry.
I am losing confidence. Especially in Art.

I am in deep shit. -_-'''
Mid-year around the corner. Chinese O'level coming soon.

Having a 'heavy' head now... Another words, headache.... >_<

Possible " doom's day " tomorrow.

School was as usual. Assembly and so on. Watched many act today put up by many fellow school mates. Organized by the English department. Quite entertaining.

Next comes Chemistry. Did the Pre-Mid-year exam paper and found out that I am completely lost. I had no idea what was the paper trying to ask. O_O
Neither do I know how to answer.
I am so dead. x_x

Next, POA, this, I am on track. Thank goodness! ^_^
New topic today and was a piece of cake.

Nothing much in English and Chinese.

As for Maths, Miss Tan went through the O'level year 2006 and 2007 paper 1 with us. Ofcouse not every single questions. She also highlighted to us what might come out for Mid-year.

By then I was extremely giddy. The same goes for Charlene. She was feeling worst than I do. =_=

There are no more CCA for me and so after Maths it was home for me but for some others, more Maths for them.

-- End Of Chapter 109 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:28 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Chapter 108...Blank

Jac didn't come to school again. Other than that... I can't seems to remember what I want to write... O_O
So blank now...... *Blink blink*

There was Chinese Oral and didn't nail it at all. Was bad, really bad.

Jie jie is still kind of sick but was better than yesterday.

Thats about it... I can't recall other stuff... -_-'''

Lost my leafs... How to draw?? O_O

-- End Of Chapter 108 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:51 PM ]

♦ Monday, April 21, 2008
Chapter 107... Monday again

Okay know what I feel like doing now???

.... I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Feel like telling the whole world that I loveeeee my family! ^^


Also, feel like saying this to all my Friends... :)
Thanks for making my day!

Anyway, back to what I want to blog about. Haiz... Saturday and Sunday just passed in a blink of an eye.
There wasn't any T&A today so we all had to assemble in the hall.
Okay then today Jac didn't come. Quite weird because today's recess there was no " Hooo ITS RECESS!!" hahaha... That is what Jac always says. Heehee...

Anyway, I got a great new to share! :D
Finally..... I have been waiting for this moment for a long time already. I love writing compo and hope that one day My English teacher will show my compo to the class even if only once. Haha It is happening! My embarrasment essay was being printed and gave out to the class. Though it is not as good as Adam's or some others but I am really happy! :)
Must thank Charlene for helping me with the spelling part... :P

Okay other than that, nothing else was good. Not too bad also.
The rest I shall shhhh~

Lastly I just want to Thank all my art class buddy!

Steffi, Priya...
And also...........
Xiao Dino, Karen orh nui, Sarah and Amelia!!!!

Thank you all for cheering my up! =D

I love you gals!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

MT Internal Oral tomorrow... Jia you jia you!! ^^
-- End Of Chapter 107 --

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♦ Sunday, April 20, 2008
Chapter 106... Love on stage~

Before that..... I LOST 3 STRAND OF MY PRECIOUS WHITE HAIR!!!!!!!! -_-''' My "wonderful" elder sister put out 3 strand just to bully me... -_-'''

Lol... never mind... Okay back to LOVE ON STAGE!!! ^^

Heehee... Went home straight and got ready. Meet Xiao dino and belle at Tanah Merah at 3.30pm. Yesterday I wore kind of differently and they look like they do not know me when I reached there. Lol... Anyway, both of them wanted to style their hair so went to belle's errr mother's friend salon. They do their hair while I play my PSP... haha... Belle straighten her hair and Xiao Dino cut her frinch( wrong spelling). Haha she got this really funny and cute look when cutting. It was like the hair dresser was bullying her.

Anyway, after that, we went to meet the rest of them ( Sarah, Karen, Steffi, Jean, Shu Yi, Christopher, Chua and Max) also at Tanah Merah. We were kind of late.. haha

When we reached there, I think many of them don't even think it was us cause of their facial expression. Very weird looking. Then I got a comment from the guys saying, " Waaa another 'mother'! ".

Lol... Well Steffi dressed liked she was going to work.

Got another comment from Sarah. She just kept laughing and saying "Cute cute!" -_-'''
And so, we went on by taking alot alot of photos while waiting for the train. When the train comes, we didn't went up due to wanting to take more pictures. haha... Until the third or fourth train we then board it.

Now... Picture time!! ^^

Now this is what I wore yesterday. =P

First stop, I called it " The Mothers" hahahaha.... ^^

Some random actions. Heehee... ^^

Group photos... ^^

Now, on the train... heehee...

And so... we took the train to City Hall. Went to eat at Food Junction and also meet Wei Chiang. When we were all almost done, we saw Mdm Tan. She was also going Love on stage.

When we were all done, we went on to 'rescue ' Xiao dino's Junior! haha... That means back to the MRT station. We also waited for another junior, Charlene and Amanda there.

When all of them had reached, we were almost late for the concert.

But still, we reached Victoria Concert Hall on time.

The whole concert was really amazing! All the singing and dancing. Wonderful! Two thumbs up! :D Maybe toe up too! hahahahaha...

Anyway, there was a sad part in the story that made many cried. One of them was Dino. Hai and at first I thought she was having running nose. Then another time I thought she was laughing due to her showing her teeth when I see her. -_-'''

Figure out that there is no way anyone would laugh at a situation like that so I looked at her again. Yup she wasn't laughing. o_O

After the concert, the girls went back stage to congratulate on their teachers while the guys went outside and waited for us. Shu Yi and I just sit on the front sits and wait. And ofcouse I was playing my PSP again! haha...

Continue, we all went out after that and took pictures again!!! hahaha... Just loved it... :P

Snap snap snap.
Then comes walk walk walk... haha..
We went on by walking to City Link. We were all thinking of going Ben and Jerry to have ice-cream. But first, we walked to MRT station. Shu Yi went home first.
We went to Raffles Shopping centre and looked for Ben&Jerry. In the end, It was already closed. Lol... By then many of us were super exhausted. We decided to go home.
Was so exhausted that some of us sit on the floor and waited for the train.

Took the second train instead because the first were filled with people.

This concludes the end of another Saturday. Like no other Saturday, a very special and enjoyable day! :)
I always hope and wished that a day like this will never end.

Next to look forward to ------ 17 May! Before that, Intensive studies!

-- End Of Chapter 106 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:20 PM ]

Chapter 105... Learning Fiesta

About yesterday events, too many to write about so going to separate into two Chapters. Weee~

Okay starting with School, Learning Fiesta! This will be our very last year learning Fiesta... Kind of sad thinking about it.

The beginning of Learning Fiesta! Which was after Speech Day in the earlier morning! ^^

This is our spot! ^^
5A I mean... heehee

And this is my group's game! FlueNdo!

Now this is Jac, Jia Pei, Rebecca, Karen and belle ...

Haha next to us was 5B... ^^

Many Ex-students came and this was one of them...heeheehee

Some other pictures with all my dear friends! ^^

This is all the 3 groups from my class! heehee... :D

A random photo of Xiao Dino... heehee shy shy ohhh! :P

During learning Fiesta, and while we were all waiting for the VIP to come up, there was a fashion show. Here are some pictures of it... ^^

After that, we all waited till about 12noon then we heard someone saying that the VIP was coming so get ready.

Finally... haha... Well, nothing much actually. When he came over to ours, he just said that they were running out of time so just tell him a very brief information about our games. 1-2minutes and his gone. Ohh well...

So that was all. We played for a while by then it was 1pm already.

That concludes the end Of Learning Fiesta!

We all cleared our place and went to Ms Foong table to put all the projects. Outside the staff room were many tables of food. hahaha we were all asked to finish it and so.....


This one my face been cut... Lol...

After all that... haha go home!!! "Love On stage" next!!!

-- End Of Chapter 105 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 3:48 PM ]

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