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♦ Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waaahahaa.... Went to CHC zone appreciation dinner yesterday. Retrofillia~~~ wee~
Got a bit of shock cause it's like sooo many people there... I wasn't expecting sooo much... =S

Anyway, was a really wonderful and inspiring event for me... =)
Here are some photos~! =D


I really did enjoy myself yesterday. ^^

Lastly... It was Melvin's birthday yesterday!!!

[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:21 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Knock Out!!!

Sleep sleep sleep........................................................

Okay so i had 2 chalet continuously from Saturday till this morning. =_= Tired.... Who wouldn't be?? LOL

Among all the chalets i had, this is the first time we had soooo much left over food!!! Haizzzz... weird. Some of us had to bring home and I brought home tidbits...5 packets of Ruffles, Scoops, Green peas and Nacho crackers... BIG bag alright.. LOL
Also, for the very first time, I had ton over night till 8.30am straight.. No sleep... haha was really nice. Had lots of talking, recalling of secondary school stories, sharing of current school stuff and many more.

I shall upload the photos ASAP provided Jia Pei and karen send me asap la!!! hahaha =P

By the way people.......I went to cut my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe.... =P

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:32 PM ]

♦ Sunday, December 27, 2009
New experience!

Okay lets see.... Atiqah and I wanted to book a lesson online a few days ago but realized that our balance in our card was left with $2.92... =_= Cannot book arrr............. and so, we went to BBDC(Bukit Batok Driving Center) with Atiqah to top up our balance.
Forgetting the operation time of BBDC, we went at 3.50pm-4.10pm... Guess what??!.......

It was closed.... =_= Why why???? To make things worst, it was raining!!!! Then we check our cards... Saw that on Saturday and Sundays, it closes at 1545pm which is, 3.45pm!!!!!!!!! Sooo close man!
Even so.... =_= our trip was wasted... But we learned something new.. That BBDC closes at 3.45pm on Saturday and Sunday AND, Check the timing before going!!!! =_=
Hahaa... okay and soo we stood at the entrance till about 4.30pm. Then decided to go back to woodlands to grab something to eat since Atiqah has nothing to do and I am still early for my Chalet.

We went McDonald's.. hehehe Had HAPPY MEAL! waaahahaha!!!

After that, I went back to Bukit batok to meet Esther and her friends!! I went to Bukit Gombak at first.. Thanks to Miss blur sotong Esther telling me to meet there and never update me the latest news... ahahahaha... Ohh well...
Okay so went to Bukit Batok to meet them. Got a bit of shock cause quite a lot of people were waiting for me...
It is kinda weird for me at first. It feels like i am going chalet with strangers, but when I saw them and the way they talk to me, they made me feel like we are all one big big family! ^^ Many of them kept talking to me and never once was I being left alone. heheee... Soo nice of them!! ^^

We took bus to the place. First impression of the place = JUNGLE! hahaha... lots of trees~~ heheehe... Jungle but oh man... the girl's chalet was like Hotel hor!! hahaha! Got pretty furnitures. Heh~ As for the guys, hmm really like a camping place.. Nothing except a fridge.. haha..

Events... We had appreciation, writing of good things for everyone ^^ and gifts exchanged! =) Was really entertaining and lovely. I've gotten a pink mushroom! heheee... Those were done till 8 plus 9pm. We then officially start BBQ at 9pm... heh... Sooooooooooooo fun!

Below are some photos =D :

Our wire mesh caught FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soo this Chalet lasted for 2 days 1 night. Ended this morning at 10.30am! Heheee... Went to play Lan with the guys after lunching at west mall! heheehee.... And ya.. I'm the only girl again when comes to Lan gaming... With Max and the others also the same... hahahah! I got owned by the guys for L4D 2... Expected? STOP BEING STEREOTYPE arrr!!!
Hahaha... i owned them in Counter strike!!! Woooohhooooooooooo!

Honestly speaking.. This was the most extraordinary Chalet I have even been to! It is also a brand new experience for me as like I've said before, it is like going chalet with strangers. The majority that were there, i just got to know them! And funny thing, most of the time when i attend events that I am not close to the majority, I will get left out and it was alway awkward for me. For this, I felt nothing similar of those events! I felt nothing but closeness, love and care from everyone there! ^^ It is really warmth and pleasant...

Thank you Esther, Elizabeth and Jing mama for inviting me!

Thank you Cindy, Melvin and all the others in W319 for making me feel a part of w319 and never letting me be alone!!!

I really appreciate it!!! ^^

Arrr I am having another chalet with my darlings tomorrow! Also for Christmas!! =D
This is the most happening holiday ever! LOL!!

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:21 PM ]

♦ Saturday, December 26, 2009
Merry Christmas!!!

Expo Event, A Christmas love story was great!!!! =D A mixture of Touching and hilarious feeling! =D

Got to see Jing mama, Esther and got to know a lot of new friends, like Melvin( very entertaining man!!), Yen Yen, Sarah........ ^^

Party at 2nd Aunt's house was wonderful too! =)

This part is where we open all our last Christmas wishes and see if they came true or not... =)

Here, All the kids and Cousins!! Missing one currently due to Him being too small and a new born... =)

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:40 AM ]

♦ Thursday, December 24, 2009
Christmas Eve...

Had steamboat at home!!! hehehee....
Soooo many food!! Salmon, tuna, Mushrooms, Bacon, Meat...................... alalalal... hehehehe
Honey Baked ham...

And not forgetting, LOG CAKE! :D Coffee flavored! =)

Can't wait for tomorrow!! Going for City Harvest Church's " A Christmas Love Story" in the afternoon!!! Then after that, Christmas party at 2nd Aunt's house!!! =D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:01 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~~
Happy BIRTHDAY to yoouuuu~~~ MOGU!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Jacqueline The jie ling!! =D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:45 PM ]


Had BBQ yesterday... Heheee Ivan organized it for Jac's birthday!!! =D Was really fun! Hmm tiring at the same time... Super tiring!!! This is the first time we have walked sooo much.

Before that, from our side, those who had attend were Simon didi, Isabelle, Huiqi, Karen and I... =)
We broke our own record yesterday. We practically walked from the beginning of East Coast Park to almost the END!!!!! Ohh man.... =_=
It was due to a misunderstanding that we walked from Big splash which is are B, to the actual place, Lagoon which is area E!!! O_O Tired man!!!

When we meet up, the sky was kinda bright... When we reached, Ohh man, it was very dark... LOL
Anyway, here are some photos!!!

We ended the BBQ with massive photo taking... With all weird and funny post! haha But I can only show one... Jac haven't send the photos from her camera.... =P

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:52 AM ]

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