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♦ Tuesday, December 30, 2008
K again! ^^

Haha... went K-box today with the girls... Was really fun... heehee 
However, we broke a record today...
That is, the most expensive K-session ever!! " Hoorrayy.... Give a round of applause people!!! " ^^


Damn EX! Lol we all ended up with practically ZERO dollar... lol...

Ohh well...

Okay off topic now...

I would like to declare that, I am in love with ' 南拳妈妈 '!!! O_O!!

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:20 PM ]

Work stuff...

Man... really unlucky day at work for me today(yesterday)...-_-'''
Whatever i hold, I drop it... O_O...

I was holding the container with tissue and I dropped it... All the tissue scattered all over the floor plus a loud *Kiang*

Then while i was doing closing, i hold two glass shoyu container with shoyu inside... And guess what happened?
I dropped one of it... -_-'' It became two and all the shoyu was poured all over me and the floor... 

Other than dropping things, I got knocked by people... Damn painful...-_-

That was when i was about to go down the escalator... -_- Thank goodness the impact wasn't very very strong or else people will find me on the bottom of the escalator laying down flat... O_O...

HAI HAI... -_-

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:21 AM ]

♦ Monday, December 29, 2008
Many stuff...

Lol... haven't been updating again... Haha...

Okay where to start.... Hmm....

22 December 2008...
Went out to celebrate Jac's Birthday.. Heehee we girls ( Karen, Isabelle, Steffi, Jia pei and of course Jac herself Plus me... ^^) went to catch a movie... " Yes man!!" Alright man... haha that was a really nice and inspiring movie... Was really funny too... ^^
Okay things wasn't so smooth that day... two reasons... One, I had an mind-grain... -_- and two, Jac's father had an accident... But no worries... Everything is fine... Thank god! Jac's father is a good daddy alright!

23 December....
Was out with another group of girls, (Karen, Belle, Rebecca, Steffi, Jia Pei)... Went to $10 club for a K-session... That was awesome man! ^^ Lol and one more thing... The world is damn small... haha Why? 
Well, when walking up the stairs to the place, I saw..... My 2nd Aunt! Haha she was going there with her colleague too...^^
K till 7pm then we took bus down to pizza Hut for dinner which was at Marina Square... After dinner was dessert... haha... Dessert at Geláre. After that, we went to tanah merah to meet Simon didi and Shawn didi...
Karen passed present then we, without Shawn, went to Simon's house to stay for the night.. Haha... was really fun there man! haha Play twister and exchanged gifts... haha i got mine from JP.. Mooooooooo.... heeheeheehee

Next... 24 december, 
All of us left Simon house around 10am i think... We went for breakfast while Simon Didi went for work... After Breakfast was home sweet home... Oh yay... I got a necklace from Baobao and JP... ^^ heehee was really touched...

Okay... then went home to rest and re-packed my stuff to go 2nd aunt house for Christmas! :D
Fun fun... weee....
Before going to my aunt's house, my family and i went to fetch my older sister from the airport! 3rd aunt, her daughter and my sister went to Japan for holiday.. ^^
Haha Jie jie bought a lot of stuff man.. haha... Lol she bought me Stamps, as i wanted and also something I never expect her to buy plus it cannot be found in Singapore at all!! That is.... Winnie the pooh's ears....Haha okay its a kind of hair clip whereby you clip and it will look like you have the ears of pooh bear.. hahaha... CUTE!!!!!  Ahhhhh... ^^

Anyway, Stayed at 2nd aunt's house till Christmas!
Had a party at her house around 2pm till 10pm... hohoho... So much food and wine! hahaha... Got kind of high when drinking...Lol... 
Hmmm went swimming with my siblings and cousin in the late afternoon... Man.. Its been really long since i last swim... Lol...

Now for Christmas gifts... Jie jie bought Piggy banks for all the cousins while my kor kor, mei mei and I bought a cat wallet for all... ^^ Not forgetting, a small teddy for the youngest cousin, Pei En... ^^ Heehee...

Alright... thats about all for Christmas... By the way, i got a piggy bank from my jiejie too... lol...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:45 AM ]

♦ Friday, December 26, 2008
Bedtime Stories...

Went to catch bedtime stories today with, Isabelle,Charlene, Jia pei, Christopher, BryanAlvin, Max, Renee and sofian...

Was really nice...^^

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:33 PM ]

♦ Sunday, December 21, 2008
Recent stuff...

Have work later... 12 to closing.

20 dec...
Went to JP house to do Jac's birthday... Lol... It was like doing excise man... haha....

Had work from 12 to closing.... Tiring and fun!

18 Dec
Daddy's Birthday!!! :D

Went to the Airport in the morning to send my sister off. Work was after that around 11-12noon.
Then at night,
Went to watch Just Dance Competition. Was a really beautiful and exciting show however, a very very long one... Lol...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:35 AM ]

♦ Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tomorrow is my Father's birthday and my Older sister going off to Japan with my 3rd aunt, so we celebrated today. Which was just now. Went out for Dinner... Heehee

Hmm and today, in the afternoon, went to watch Twilight!! Haha with my younger sister and Older brother.

Ahh was really nice... ^^

And our sit was taken by other people... Humph!

However, the sit we then took was better than what we were supposed to sit... haha...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:32 PM ]


On the 16th morning... Lol... The four of us girl woke up by surprise.

What surprise?

Well, we thought that we woke up late around 11.30am and that all the other boys are gone except Mok and Chua. We were all rushing and getting ready until Amanda said something that we all just stop.

I was the last to use the toilet. I was in the toilet when Amanda said that her watch got problem and that it was 8.30am instead of 11.30am. Lol....

Oh and we found the boys all sleeping in the other room... Lol... Some went off though. haha...

Okay so JP kind of went back to sleep while the three of us just talked. We kind of talked too loud that woke up Sofian... heehee oops...

talked for quite awhile then we went off for lunch around 11.30am.

Ater lunch, Jia Pei and I went to Suntec to meet Bao Ma, Bao Lin, Bao yi and bao bao. haha...

We all went Chrismas Shopping! Heehee... Was really fun.. but burn in the pocket.. haha...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:20 PM ]

The day before...

Had a Class Chalet on the 15-16... I would say it was alright but not as fun as I thought it would be.

Firstly, many said that they would come and in the end, less than 30 turn up? No teachers too...

Secondly, the TV.. There was this show on Channel 8 that made marjority sit infront of the Television and watch. Yeah the show was great and no one wants to miss it but, whats a chalet when everyone practically just stare at the TV?

Thirdly, hmmm can't think of any... hahaha... Ohh well...

I was hoping that we could all do some bonding before the year end but.... Not much happened that day. * Sob sob *..

Hmm... Many of them went home at around 10pm after the show... Sad...

Left a hand full of us stayed.

Wanted to talk with JP but kept getting interupted so in the end, I talked to the boys and Amanda. We all, Amanda, Chris, Max, Jason, Jin Seng, Sofian and I, squeeze in the girl's room and talked... Had many different discussions that made me think really hard about what really is going on in my head... Lol... Killed lots of Brain cells i would say... hahahah....

we all talked till about 2-3am.. lol... Went out to have some air at the playground then i turned in at 3-4am...

Hmmm and yay so thats about it...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:12 PM ]

♦ Monday, December 15, 2008

Yay... I am done with my Christmas theme... ^^

Everything by me... Done with Adobe illustrator! :D
Okay okay... Maybe with some help from my older sister.... ^^

Hmmm talking about Change...
I have change my mindset about the previous Issue... I shall be fair to everyone. I mean, i have been but then, i realized I haven't been fair to a friend of mine. 
Will be talking out.. ^^ 

Talking about talking out, I feel i am a reasonable person, and I really really hope people will discuss with me matters more. I can handle things, don't worry! =D

By the way, Am i really that fierce? Lol... Had been asking this question and until now, many still think I am and are afraid to discuss many things with me. I hope that those who have this thinking can try changing it. I really can handle stuff... ^^

Lalalalala....... :D

Ohhh and errr Simon! Today's(Yesterday) concert was brilliant!! :D Love it! :D

[ WUYA Signing off @ 1:43 AM ]

♦ Sunday, December 14, 2008
Think think and Things...

Many things happened...

Been really Busy, happy yet hurt and miserable...

Had talked to some people to help me out... But in the end only two knocked some sense into me...
One is my sister another my friend...
Still, really hurt and not sure what I really want to do soooo.....................

Had off-ed my phone for more then 28 hours ever since yesterday...
A day to myself to think....

Wendy, Its time to let go... Why take this so hard when you know this is not the end of your life. Its just the beginning.
Don't let this freaking Basted son of a bitch hurt you and destroy your friendship with two of your dearest friends.
You have put so much into this friendship, to help her to grow and know the world, she too had helped you. Continue to help, Wendy...
Lets not blame anyone but if needed to blame, it will not be your dearest friend that will bare the blame...

Am i thinking correctly now? Somehow I still feel really painful..

Someone.... Help me please.................

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:50 AM ]

♦ Thursday, December 11, 2008
Called back...

Lol... I am yet again, back home from work...
Got called back due to shortage of people... Was my off day but glad that i got called back. Haha wanted to work more... weee~

Fun fun very fun!! =D

Hoho I am officially Kuku already... Hhahahaha

Okay! Tomorrow(today) I am having Off and I will have my off day... Heeheeeheee.... Going out... lalalala... ~ =P

[ WUYA Signing off @ 1:14 AM ]

♦ Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Second day

Just got home again... ^^

Today(yesterday) I had work from 12noon till closing which was 11pm. Meet up with Charlene, Isabelle and Jia pei for breakfast. Belle and JP wanted to look for job. Charlene had work at Pasta de Waraku the same timing as I do.. Same company by the way.

Second day was even better! It was fun!! Haha... Tiring but still great! :D
Hmmm an accident happened today but no one was hurt. Furthermore, I am not involved directly of course... ^^
A new Part-timer broke a ramen bowl and had many of us stuck outside the Dishwasher area. The people in the Dishwasher had to clear before anyone can put the dirty dishes in.
Hai hai...

Moving on..............
Man I am addicted to working at Waraku!! O_O... Lol... Siao liao... Haha....

Anyway, no work tomorrow(today)... Oh well...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:14 AM ]

♦ Tuesday, December 9, 2008
1st day

Oh man... I just got home from working...

Haha first day at Waraku was Marvelous! :D Love it man...

I am quite proud and happy with myself today.
I got used to the environment really fast and learned many new things... Got to know many friends there. Many great people...
All the senior staff are all very encouraging and never fail to smile.. =D

Great people alright!! =D

Hoho... I can't wait for tomorrow! Hmm which is today already.. haha... ^^

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:08 AM ]

♦ Sunday, December 7, 2008
Many many...

More than two?

Anyway, Its been ages since i last updated my story.. ^^

Start with the latest...

Happy 17th birthday Laopo Amanda!! :D May all your wishes come true and All the best in everything you do! :D

Went out with Isabelle and Charlene to Hougang Mall . Hmm.. Why Hougang Mall anyway? Haha Isabelle wanted to go there suddenly and yesterday's aim of going out is purely to "waste" off our time... haha... ^^
Was really fun.. Took many photos on the open space that's on the 5th storey outside the Mall. Did many window shopping and found many things that we are all looking for there... Weee~ Did lots of Talking too. Oh and ICE-CREAM at Geláre!! ^^

Errr............... Now... what other stuff happened... I cannot really remember much but had some K-box session this week...

Oh and a sentosa trip on the 1st of December... was fun.. Nothing much cause everything is almost the same except that the sand was extremely hot and the sky was very clear... Lol...

I am starting work tomorrow!!! Weee~ ^^

[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:07 PM ]

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