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♦ Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Another new week..

Before i start, Hoho! i've just broke my record! I wrote a freaking long Reflection Journal.. Hmm it is the longest I've write so far! haha... And oh man.... Took bloody long to write too... =_= I keep dozing off to Lala~ land... >.<

Anyway, today's Enterprise was quite fun. My group was kind of the nosiest during the 2nd break. All the other teams were all busy preparing and was really quiet. My team and I did so too but with lots of nonsense and silly acts like this Monkey below... haha Our team 2nd leader... Problem statement for you people reading..... " What leadership is Izwan using? " heehehee... ^^

Okay... Moving on, there was a shock in the class yesterday morning. Someone walked in with her hair............. Short.... heeheeheehehee =P

Ohh!! Chloe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<
She reminded me of what happened when i did the same thing during secondary 4. Mine was even shocking as that time, I had long hair on the Monday, and it became incredibily short the next day. =P
Other people was like asking... " OMG!! Wendy!!!! Did you suffer from heartbreak or something?!" Lol... My reply was same as Chloe's..... Its hot to have long hair.... Haha...

Bring back memories... haha....

Anyway, We had Picture taking after UT today!!! weeeee~
More memories made.... and SAVED! heeheehehee.... >_<

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:29 PM ]

♦ Saturday, May 23, 2009
The happening..

And so... Many things happened... Many great wonderful things... ^^
First Stop, yesterday! ^^

Had school as usual. Was really tired yesterday. -.-

I was practically falling asleep throughout the day.... And ohh man... Embarrassing thing happened during yesterday's presentation!! O_O

It was Science module. Marvellous Molecules.... Was quite fun and for the first time, my group had 30minutes to ourselves. Meaning, we completed 30minutes earlier! Yay~! =)

Nothing much till our turn. Everything was fine till my turn to speak.... Talk talk talk.......... And here comes the stupid WORD..... " States".....
Don't know what happened to my tongue, i just couldn't pronounce it... "Sttt..............Sttt....Ssss........."
All the way for 3minutes at least! O_O... *cover face*
Even after school, i still couldn't pronounce it... -_-'''


Hmmm now for the night..... Rushed down to East Coast Park with Christopher to meet the others. Had a Barbecue yesterday night.

Invited many but.. In the end, only 9 turned up... Amelia, Syiqin, Jia Pei, Max, Christopher, Wei Qiang, Chua, Bryan Alvin and I ... Haiz... Sad....
Small gathering.... However, It was quite fun. =)

Took lots of pictures!! Haha...

To really count all the pictures, we took about 90 photos... Waahahahaa.... Fun fun....


[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:30 PM ]

The Happening

Happy happy birthday~!

This cake was from my younger sister's Teacher to my sister and I.. So nice of her... =)

Well, anyway, Had my birthday celebrated in a period of 3days.
First one was 20th May.

Karen planned a supprise. Didn't expect the supprise was a big one. That morning, i was thinking she will only be calling my secondary school friends that are in RP. It turn out to be even more. haha...

I was asked to stay in class after my UT and not move. Lol... Stayed there for like 30minutes then Kingston came in... After awhile, all the usual ones came in....

A minute later, The door opened and two familar yet unfamilar faces came in, holding a Cake. O_O

It was Rebecca and Isabelle!!! OH man.... My mouth was wide open and couldn't close... Hahaha... and according to Christopher, my expression was priceless! Ha... too bad no photo! Now its really priceless~! haha...

Well, Familar course they are my friends... Unfamilar $course they are not from RP! Ohh man...

They came all the way here just to give me a supprise and a cake... =')
Love them all.... >.<

Then after we ate all the cake, we all went home. I rushed home and meet my parents and Younger sister. Mom and dad were going to bring us both for dinner... ^^
It was my sister's birthday the next day plus my parents having off too. So, went to eat steamboat! wee~ Filling! haha...

The Actual Day, 21st May. I had to wear one of the three dresses that Yan Ling and Jasmine lent me. Was having a hard time mixing and matching that fits me most the night before. Haha... All the dress were really pretty. Everyone were pretty that day too! ^^

Anyway, I was feeling really excited and embarrass the whole day. Hahaha... Had many supprises that day.
First one was from Jasmine.... She got me a tiara and a errr... the one where people wear across their body eg "Miss universe" that one... And "requested" me to wear those two the whole day...

The second supprise was during the second break.
The girls were all asking me to buy lunch. Lol.... Didn't expect anything and was okay with that. They asked Fong Yan to follow. Now here comes a funny thing...... They asked me to buy food for them but they ended running off and not tell me their orders... =_='''

Ahh..... I have really cute classmates... hahaha...

Anyway, when down to buy food with Gillian, Fong Yan, Chloe, Ming Hong and ChuQiang. Ahhh had to wear both the errr pink thing and the tiara around... >.<

We went back after that. And went in the class.... Okay... Here comes....

I was the last to enter....

When I enter, I realised all of E37F was at the door... Classroom was dark and the started... " Happy birr......." At that moment, I got scared and didn't know where to hide, I closed the door... Hahahaha.... Hilarous man! I could hear them all shouting... " Aaaaaaaa!!!" Heheeheeheee.... Couldn't leave them like this so i took a deep breath and went in... Ohh man....

Sooo sweet of them!!! >.<

Got a big cake and a huge baby pooh from the whole class!! ^^

And after school, some of us went to Ajisan to eat! wee~ It was Dennis hmm virgin experience.. hahaha

Anyway, It was really fun....

Present time! ^^

Picture 1 : Got the cloud shirt and hat from my secondary friends.. ^^ The Milo Polo tee from Fong Yan. The Book from My Jie jie! The angel HP charm from " Mama" Yun Peng! Tiara on pooh's head and the pink thing from Jasmine! Finally, the Big Baby Pooh from E37f!! >.<

Picture 2: The Big Birth Day Card from E37f! Pink strips Polo tee from Wei Qiang and Bryan Alvin! Knitting Stuff and the blue bag from Amelia!!! >.<

I'd enjoy the whole thing and this could just be the most wonderful birthday ever! =D

Thank you everyone for making it happen! ^^

[ WUYA Signing off @ 6:03 PM ]

♦ Thursday, May 21, 2009
Happy happy!

Thank you people!!! :D

Mommy daddy jiejie for the treat and present.

Thanks Karen for planning yesterday's surprise and also those that came yesterday!! :D Love ya!

Thanks people, those who messaged and wished me!! :D

Thank you Yue Han Jie for bring a Chocolate cake for me today!


Thank you E37F!!! :D You people rocks!!! XD Especially those who planned it... Ohoh!! Izwan!!!! Haha.....
Thanks for everything today!!
Thank you everybody!! XD
Today is indeed special, other than my sister's and my birthday, you guys made me feel great and important. I've enjoyed myself and hope you people did too!!! :D
Thank god for letting me to get to know all this funky, wonderful and thoughtful people!!!
Love you all lots lots!!! :D

Will be updating with all the pictures and video.... weee~ >.<

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:14 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stupid Just got pranked by IZWAN!!!

Starring :
IZWAN as "Chloe" (Frozenwatermelons)
Wendy as Velma

Frozenwatermelons. { hello velma.. happy bday

WenDy, SenDy, BenDy, FrienDly ! { You can call me... " Velma"!!! Lol { eh? havent la heehehee anyway, hihi! waaahahahahaahhaaha

Frozenwatermelons. { u crazy izit? ahaha

WenDy, SenDy, BenDy, FrienDly ! { You can call me... " Velma"!!! Lol { no la... haha

Frozenwatermelons. { eh where's my bubble gum?

WenDy, SenDy, BenDy, FrienDly ! { You can call me... " Velma"!!! Lol { in my month

Frozenwatermelons.{ month?

WenDy, SenDy, BenDy, FrienDly ! { You can call me... " Velma"!!! Lol { *open mouth* ahhh heehee pai say..... mouth not month hahahah

Frozenwatermelons. { haha

WenDy, SenDy, BenDy, FrienDly ! { You can call me... " Velma"!!! Lol { n oi its not my bday la ..haha

Frozenwatermelons{ haha.....u bodoh.... fun onot ur grp?

WenDy, SenDy, BenDy, FrienDly ! { You can call me... " Velma"!!! Lol {ok la... see mood ahaha

Frozenwatermelons. { haha.

WenDy, SenDy, BenDy, FrienDly ! { You can call me... " Velma"!!! Lol { heehee

Frozenwatermelons. { look at my email..

WenDy, SenDy, BenDy, FrienDly ! { You can call me... " Velma"!!! Lol { eh?

[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:35 AM ]

Ohh.... well...

Oh man... 2weeks of update to do... -_-

Starting off with yesterday... Newest to oldest... ^^

Wanted to update everything in school while waiting for Karen Mama heheee... But, if i were to stay in the school library, i will not be able to blast my muuu~sic!!! Haha So go home la... Wee~

In the end, i still didn't update. Reached home and mom asked me to come along with them to Kinokuniya at Ngee ann City.
Lalala~ Off we go!

Anyway, Nothing much yesterday. In school, as usual... The only different is many didn't came and also, many wanted to leave. Soo mad.....

Then I finally helped a friend announce something to E37F and that made me cry again.... ='(
Its not because i'm a crybaby that i cried yesterday. It is because, she is my friend. She is suffering and I feel that I cannot help her at all. =(
You might say, I just got to know her. So what if i just got to know her? She is still my friend! =) Everyone I met, regardless of how long i know him/her, they are all my friends!!! =D

The thought of this secret reminds me of what we had gone through in G105(Enterprise Skills... " What will you do if you know that you can only live up to 20years old?" ). Also, how lucky we all are... We as in those living healthily.
Well, that made me cry even more.

Enough with crying.........
hmm.... nothing much except, Ahhhh i don't like my Maths Facilitator!!!! =S

[ WUYA Signing off @ 9:35 AM ]

♦ Friday, May 1, 2009
2 weeks


Two weeks of presentation. I am getting used to it! =)
The last recent one was yesterday and that was the best! Thanks to my team mates, our team, team 3, was the best according to our facilitator for yesterday's Science class!! =) Other groups did good too i would say! =)

Somehow, yesterday's Science was totally opposite of last week's. Last week's presentation was terrible! It was kind of my fault. I didn't do my part properly causing my team to be the worst. Oh man... =S Went blank when came to my slide and Dennis had to cover for me. Appreciate that Dennis! =)

Anyway, after two weeks of school, i would like to say, I love my class!! =D E37F is just full of wonderful, funky and outgoing people!! haha.... Hmm except for some minorities. =X
Also, i would like to say, I have officially changed my name! Hahaa Wendy to Velma!! Name given by Izwan. Lol... and everyone just started calling me that! Funny people! XD
I am not the only one that has a name change. There's Shaggy, Strawberry, Green tea, Monkey, Kimberly, FrostenWatermelon............. A lot a lot... haha...
Simply full of laughter and fun in class E37F!! Do visit us!! hahaha

Lol.... like advertising some vacation spot... Heeheeheee.... ^^

I'm looking forward to Monday!! Hmm well, don't get me wrong.... I'm looking forward to seeing my class, not looking forward to PRESENTATION!! heeheeheeeheehee... ^^

Okay... Enough with my class.. Now, what did i do the whole day today??
Ehh..... Facebook........... then facebook........ and more facebook..... haha.... Was planning on going out for lunch with my secondary friends....... But sad.... Many are not free. All of them have different schedule and plans. Non of them matches at all. =( Soo sad..... Tomorrow too... Plan cancelled! ='(

I miss you people!! ='(

Arrhh...........got to find something to do tomorrow... =_=


[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:16 PM ]

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