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♦ Friday, March 28, 2008
Chapter 87... Exhausted

Did not attend school this morning. Was not exactly sick but my body was basically, exhausted! She didn't answer according to my brain this morning.

Alarm Clock did not ring due to I sleeping straight when i reached home from Temasek Poly yesterday( After blogging awhile ) . Didn't even changed my shirt and pants. Was too tired to do that. Okay, anyway. daddy's alarm rang and woke us up, I heard it but somehow my body didn't answer which mean she refused to move. I opened my mouth and told mommy and daddy that I can't move. They claimed that this morning i was murmuring something but wasn't sure what I was talking about.

And so... I slept after "telling" mom and dad something in the morning and all the way till Rebecca messaged me. It was around 9am I think. Read the message but not enough energy to reply. I replied her around 11plus am I think.

And slept till 1pm. ^^

Was "recharged" by then. So got up and walked about at home and went to buy my lunch. At around 2.30pm, Jac called. She asked whether I could accompany her to Tampines Mall. She wanted to buy a present for Steffi and thought maybe she could share with me. Agreed to her and went to Tampines Mall at 7pm.

Bought a book for her. Hope she likes it especially that I had chose it. ^^

That's about it I guess... Heeheehee... Nothing much... :P

-- End of Chapter 87 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:03 PM ]

♦ Thursday, March 27, 2008
Chapter 86... TPCO Practice

Went for practice just now. I didn't go for many practices already plus concert is coming. Quite excited, nervous and I am so exhausted...

So exhausted that when my parents and sister reached TP pick up point, I was sleeping while waiting, they had to honk three times just to alert me. -_-'''

Have been sleeping very very late and have not been having enough rest... So, i am going sleep now... -_-zzZZZz

-- End Of chapter 86 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:54 PM ]

♦ Sunday, March 23, 2008
Chapter 85... 当我们宅一块

羅志祥 - 当我们宅一块


心跳撞擊 壓過所有聲音



Did You Ever


Did You Ever


Did You Ever

求天天不應 只剩下自己

是否逼到絕境 是否使出全力

你要百無禁忌 放膽一擊

努力睜開眼睛 衝刺到底

暗藏的必殺技 會再甦醒

Bet On It Bet On It

Bet On It 拼到底

你要相信自己 沒有奇蹟

就會一鼓作氣 絕不放棄

暗藏的必殺技 會再甦醒

Bet On It Bet On It

Bet On It 拼到底

我不會怪你 偷偷舉過白旗




Did You Ever


Did You Ever


Did You Ever


是否迫上絕路 你是否全力以赴

你要百無禁忌 放膽一擊

努力睜開眼睛 衝刺到底

暗藏的必殺技 會再甦醒

Bet On It Bet On It

Bet On It 拼到底

你要相信自己 沒有奇蹟
就會一鼓作氣 絕不放棄
暗藏的必殺技 會再甦醒
Bet On It Bet On It
Bet On It 拼到底

你要相信自己 沒有奇蹟
就會一鼓作氣 絕不放棄
暗藏的必殺技 會再甦醒
Bet On It Bet On It
Bet On It 拼到底

-- End of Chapter 85 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:51 PM ]

♦ Saturday, March 22, 2008
Chapter 84... Another Sat...

Just like other Saturdays, did not go out, did some updating and Homework. Thought it is boring, I do not want it to end. Ending Of Saturday means Sunday is coming and that also means that Monday will be here soon. What a mundane life...

Now, a bit more about yesterday.
Meet up with Rebecca and Karen at around 12.55pm then went to meet Jia Pei at Kembemgan. For Isabelle, she thought that she will not make it on time to catch the train we were all on, asked us to get off at Kallang. Due to we being inside of the train and the train was filled with lots of people, we didn't get off. Instead, we told her we will meet her at CityHall.

Reached City Hall and thought that Isabelle was on the way so we took a sit. After awhile came her message. She was already outside the MRT station waiting for us. Haha, in the end she got there earlier than we, or maybe, we were all on the same train but different sides. ^^

Okay went to Marina Square and had lunch at Long John Silver. Damn! The chickens were all so puny!!! Not fulling to my stomach at all... Hai hai... Price are getting higher and higher! Damn It! Talking about having a high quality or quantity food! Stupid... Ahhhhh... Lol... Overreacting... hahaha.

Alright alright... After eating, Kbox here we go!
Reached there and saw an incredible long queue. What do you expect? It was a Public holiday yesterday. ^^

Okay was our turn then went in. Room 28... ^^

A lot of things happened in the room. Of course, good and memorable things. Tested my strength too... Hahahahaha... Well, Jia Pei was sitting on my lap once and then I said what happens if i carry her? Lol... And I did... Hahaha should see Karen's and Jia Pei's Faces alright! It was priceless!!!

Karen's face was like.... " Waa! Strong arrr!"
Jia Pei's Face was like..." Ahhhhhhhhh!!! "

Hahahaha... The other two were singing at that time.

After a while, I carried Isabelle too... Hahaa her face was really funny too!
She described the experience as, felt like she have grown shorter and it is like almost falling. Lol...

At some part of that period of time, I was called a man... -_-'''
Due to some actions of mine, and the recent haircut, I became more "Man-ly"

Okay okay skip!!!
And so........ We sang and sang our hearts out. Sang till our heart's contend! ^^
Our time was until 6pm.
So we left Kbox at 6pm. Went home after that. We were restless then.

Didn't wait to leave Kbox as we know, when will be the next time we are going back there? Who knows? Might be Jia Pei's Birthday, Not mine and not the others. Schedules are all not stable. O'levels are nearer everyday.... Hai hai...

Well, I am really pleased and thankful for yesterday! I'm really am... :)
I really hope there will be countless times of yesterday! :D

-- End Of Chapter 84 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:31 PM ]

♦ Friday, March 21, 2008
Chapter 83... Another... "Horror" show

Lol not really horror movie... Just, JiaPei's Wu Ya Drawings... lol...

Okay here's karen's........

Hahahahaha not really horror... Quite cute... very unique!! :D

And now, this is for Jia Pei and Karen.... heeheehee

For Jia Pei... heehee...

And for Karen!!! heeheehee

-- End Of Chapter 83 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:10 PM ]

Chapter 82... Kbox!!!


Good Friday, a good day for relaxation... ^^
And so......... KBOX!!! Haha

Went to Kbox in the afternoon with Jia Pei(Xiao dino XD), Isabelle, Karen and Rebecca.
Was really fun alright!! Haha was so damn high especially with the song, 罗志祥 - 当我们宅一块! Haha that song, we practically get so high that the whole Kbox was shaking!!! hahaha........................................................... Errmmm ok fine, not the whole Kbox, the whole room ba... ^^

Okay.... here are some photos... ^^

Hoho Rebecca's feet!!! heehee...

Today, a day to relax. When will be th next one?? Maybe after O'level.

-- End Of Chapter 82 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:31 PM ]

♦ Thursday, March 20, 2008
Chapter 81... Hoho horr~or Movie!!

Watched ' Rule #1 ' with Isabelle, Jia Pei and Jac at Century Square.
Was a great movie but a little bloody........... Errr on the other hand, very bloody! Lol... But overall, "Hao!" hahahaha...

Lol Jia pei who was sitting on my right in the cinema was covering her face almost throughout the show. Hahaha soo cute la! Then For Isabelle and Jac, I was expecting Jac to be the one who will keep pulling other's sleeve. But for today, I was wrong. It was Isabelle who did that instead. hahaha...
So fun and interesting to watch horror movie with them! Hahaha... Must go for other horror movie with them!!! Muuuwwaaahahahahaha!!!

Okay before all of that, Isabelle did something really clumsy. She.... Forgotten to bring her Ezlink card out and IC too!
Not knowing the show was NC16, she didn't went back home to get her Ezlink card. Hai hai....

We were thinking how as we were all worried that she might not get pass without an IC or EZlink card.
But in the end, we asked her to enter at different timing from us. And It worked!!! Yay!! Hooray!!

Hahaha... To sum up this post, it was another unforgetable day!!! First NC16 horror show with the three of them!!! :D

-- End Of Chapter 81 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:43 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Chapter 80!! Yay! 80!! ^^

Haha the 80th post!! ^^

Hmmm nothing much but it is my Granny's birthday today!!! :D Heehee...
Everyone had rushed home and went down to the coffee shop "opposite" our block for a big big feast! :D

Was really delicious! :D

Okay, before dinner, was at school till 4.30pm like that. Had POA remedial. Then walked Jia Pei and Isabelle to Tanah merah MRT. Again, i waited for my parents at the pick up point after that.

Went down to my Grandparents shop. Mom and dad did some business which I'm not sure and should mind my own business about, while I eat cupcakes!!! hahahaha... -_-''' lol food again... haha...
And so, eat drink talk and laugh...

Eat drink talk and laugh....

Until about 6plus and relised, " Oh my! So late le! " hahaha...

Rushed home and then celebrated my Granny's birthday!! :D

-- End Of Chapter 80 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:10 PM ]

♦ Monday, March 17, 2008
Chapter 79...

Heehee... Went out with my parents just now... Went to Tampines Giant with both of them. Were there just to window shopping with them. ^^

Was really fun though it is just with them. I am not able to spent much time with them due to school. Really missed them even when I'm in school and had saw them afew hours ago... Heehee...

Before that, was in school until around 4pm for Art. Then walked Jia Pei to Tanah Merah MRT and waited for my parents at the pick up point before the Tanah Merah Bus stop. Heehee... :D

-- End Of Chapter 79 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 7:29 PM ]

♦ Saturday, March 15, 2008
Chapter 78... Remix...

Yes! Completed the video! ^^

Wanted to make this a very long time ago.... Wanted to show the world my wonderful family and that I am really fortunate to have them as my family!!!

I love you all!!! :D

Hmm... Was also thinking of doing it for my friends especially " The 8 ".

Ohh and........ Happy happy Birthday Sarah!!!

And Jia Pei and Isabelle, Get well soon... ^^
Completely well Okay! :D

-- End of Chapter 78 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:44 PM ]

♦ Friday, March 14, 2008
Chapter 77... Celebration!! ^^

Photos photos first!!! ^^

Okok... here comes questions.....

1. I had alot alot of fishes last night... Where did we had our dinner?

2. Looking at the picture, What kind of day did we had?

Hahaha... I'm bored so yay... Answers....
1. Fish & Co.
2. Wonderful, beautiful and indescribably great Day!

Okay... Met Jia Pei, Jac and Belle around 4plus at Plaza Sing.
Then went to Cathay to watch Water Horse!!! ^^
Was a really great movie but err.... Out of 8 of us, more then 50% was crying which is like 5 people crying... Man see them cry i also felt like crying...

Okay then went to Fish & Co. for dinner. There was this two guys singing and playing the guitar and so we dedicated a song for Sarah but sadly, that guy cannot play that song... But still, sang a really nice song for us to Sarah... ^^

Then we took lots of photos... On top is just some of it.

Overall, It was hell lot of fun!! :D An unforgettable day! ^^ Hope Sarah feels that way too!!! :D

-- End Of Chapter 77 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:19 PM ]

♦ Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Chapter 76.. Steamboat!

Waaaaa Heehee went to Vivo to celebrate Sarah's Pre-Birthday! ^^
Went to Mdm Tan's sister's restaurant for dinner. Was really great except, Hai hai... Jia Pei still sick and Isabelle became sick... Hai hai so many people getting sick this days...

Okay photo time!! ^^

See... Belle looked so sick and yup she was feeling terrible... Hai hai...

Ok I got a comment with that hand covering me and below my chin... Know who's hand is that?
Scroll down to see the answer... hahahahahhaha.... ^^

Simon lor.... ahahahahaaha... :P

Heehee tomorrow going out to celebrate Sarah's Birthday again!!! This time is " The 8 "... :P

-- End Of Chapter 76 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:43 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Chapter 75... TPCO

Went for CO practice..... Hmmm nothing much... Only, weee~ hahaha Not telling why... ^^

Had school in the morning... also nothing much... :P

-- End Of Chapter 75 --

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:41 PM ]

♦ Monday, March 10, 2008
Chapter 74... Shirts

See all this newbie shirts and jacket?

They are all bought by my younger sister yesterday. She bought all this for me knowing that I simply loooovvveee Newbie shirts.
I was or rather, everyone were angry at her yesterday.
Firstly, it costed more than 80 dollars.
Secondly, she bought the size blindly. What do I mean by that was, She called me yesterday asking what size I wear. So I told her, "Medium lor..." Not knowing she was buying Newbie Shirts for me. The sizes for Newbie Shirt are abnormally weird. Anyway, so in the end, she never take the shirts and see whether is it okay for me and just bought the medium size of those three.
Lastly, she, didn't bother to take the receipt. -_-'''

But then, thank goodness, she found the receipt in her bag. Her friend had put it in.

And so, my sister and I went to Bugis to change the shirts. But didn't change the Jacket as the smaller size was also weird. It was too small...-_-'''

Ohh well....

Some random Photos...

Then again, Thank you Susan mei mei for buying all this shirts for me!!! :D

-- End Of Chapter 74 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 8:38 PM ]

♦ Sunday, March 9, 2008
Chpater 73...

There was Parent teacher meet yesterday night. Result was really bad.... I got nothing to say.....
Yesterday's meeting was long, had left the school at 9pm like that. Then went dinner at Sengpang Bedok... ( Don't know how to spell...)...

Hmmmm thats all... -_-'''

Ohh.... Didn't go out with Jia Pei they all... Had CO practice at Temasek... Yay my first concert coming up... Weeee~

CO practice ended at 5.30pm... Went to Chomp Chomp Food Center with Sharon and TPCO people... Got to know more about them... John, Jordan, Jonathan, Madeline... Yup...They are all wonderful people including Sharon!! ^^
Was there till hmmm 10.30pm. Due to waiting for Jordan. He was helping his parents at their stall.
Took bus and got lost...-_-'''
Went down at the wrong stop and walk and walk and walk......... Then Jordan to the rescue!!! Hahahaha... Thanks to him, we managed to get home... ^^ Then by the time, It is........ 12am le...

Lol... Now, look at the time, I better go sleep... Bye~

-- End Of Chapter 73 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 1:57 AM ]

♦ Friday, March 7, 2008
Chpater 72... Results...

Arrr.... Don't talk about it..........

It is bad..... Very bad..... -_-'''

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh The gap is sooooo big!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- End Of Chapter 72 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 10:56 PM ]

♦ Saturday, March 1, 2008
Chapter 71... Wings Of wonders

Hoho!! Was late meeting them again... -_-'''

Okay so anyway, went to watch dance performance just now... Man, it was wow!

Met Jia Pei at Kembagan and then the rest at Kallang. Lol only jia pei knows how to go that place. It is somewhere in China Town.
Here are some photos of it... ^^ Thanks Jean for the photos! ^^

Here is when all of us were waiting for it to start. Isabelle was helping me to draw eyeliner. Lol...

This is after the performance le. All the dancers and teachers taking photos.

And our turn!!! ^^

This is outside the temple.

And now off to find things to eat. Waaa was damn hungry at that time... :P

See? I am busy eating my corn that i didn't realised Jean just took our Picture. -_-'''

And so.......... This is the end... ^^

-- End Of Chapter 71 --


[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:58 PM ]

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