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♦ Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Ahh ma lu... =_=

Couldn't pronouns P-O-S-I-T-I-O-N-A-L bargaing during presentation which had just passed... O_O...

Ma lu again.... >.<

Integrative Bargaining too... Ahh....

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♦ Sunday, June 21, 2009
Fathers' Day

Happy fathers' day to all!! :D

Anyway, had pot luck at grandma's house just now. Hehee here are some photos~!

Had helped out at the kitchen to fry the food. Some were playing while others resting.
Had a big rectangle cake to celebrate and have Grandfather to be the representative of all the fathers present at grandma's house! :D
Was really nice... =)

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♦ Saturday, June 20, 2009
Hi, I'm Dexter!

Alright... By the title of this post, those yesterday should know what I am going to say...>.<

Anyway, yesterday there was the EDP workshop session 1, and was from 5pm-6.30pm. The session yesterday had us doing a personality test, DISC. After that, we are all split into different classes.

When in class, there was a facilitator telling us about whats going on and a introduction to our personalities. Found out that I am a High I (Influencing) person. Haha... Quite true... Those in that have plenty of ideas and are talkative... Haha... After more explaination made by the facilitator about "I", those in my group, Eville, Fong Yan and Dennis, start laughing at me.. Lol..

What the facilitator said was that "I" people are very talkative, very influencing, have full of ideas but could not get things done because I will just keep talking and talking... Hahaa... Fong Yan just kept nodding her head and laughing away. Lol... One more point that made them laugh ever more was the point about one cannot tell the "I" people to shut up or ignore the "I" people. They will get really upset. Hahaha...

Then after the faci explained to us all about the different personalities, she split us into groups again. This time is by our personalities.

Now, she said that the "D"(Dominant) group is the smallest group among all and only 3% of the population are in this group. Well, in that class, it's not true!!!


Because, among the groups in W15B, the group I am in was the smallest instead. There were only........... 2 person including me in the "I" group... O_o.... hahaha Even the faci was shocked... Waahahaa...

Well, two person can still do big things okay?!!

Now, here comes the interesting part....

Heehee.... The other person in the "I" group is a guy... >.< His name is Dexter.... ^^
Well, anyway, we started by introducing ourself...

" Hi, I'm Dexter."

" err sorry?"

".. Dexter...My name is Dexter.." =)

" Ohh... ahh... I'm Wendy!" =D

Heheeheee... >.<
Ahh anyway, we were all assigned to build tower with paper... See which group build the tallest... All the materials were located at the middle table and we were suppose to snatch those.

At first, Dexter and I thought of getting it 3by3 as what the rules have stated. But in the end, he went up to the table and took all the paper... hahahah... And it's all ours!!! :P

Skip to the end result,

Ours was the tallest!!!!!
However, it could not stand on it's own... Heh.... =P
The faci ended off the game with how each group with those personalities come up with this kind of tower... She start with our group, the "I"...

".. No hard feelings but.... People with "I" personalities always do not get things done... errr as you all can look at their tower.." and then.... ".... Why?.... Because they will just keep coming up with ideas and talking and talking and talking....."

And that set everyone laughing away......

Haha...After she explains the other groups, we went back to the original group....... Sad.. departing...
Dexter and I end off with shaking hands and saying Good Job! =P He even ask if we could like stick our tower on the wall... It will be standing on it's own if we does that...

See?! "I" people are soo creative!!! hahahahahahaa....

Okay okay... And soo, after that everyone were back to their original place. We did RJ before going off and in my group, there was slience so I tried talking.. There was no reply for awhile then dennis say," Cannot ask a "I" person to shut up... They will emo de..."

Lol..... Damn dotz la Dennis....

But that cause eville to laugh non-stop again... hahahahaha....

Thats about it... heeheehee... =D

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Whatever Happens..

Went to eat Crystal Jade resturant with Eville and Dennis yesterday after EDP workshop. Was really nice... Sad that the others didn't join us.... lalala~


A week has passed since the start of school after the 2 weeks break.

Nothing much except that I can't really remember my team members for each modules throughout the week. Maybe it was because of the continuous change of teams whether it is due to overall change of group, or splitting of groups... Like bunnies hopping around for shuttle but do not have a home... Haha...

Hopping around does good for me in some ways... Well, I have already worked with everyone one in the class now.. ^^
Got to know each and everyone ways of working. Which is good right? Hmmm... actually, it's bad too...

Many of my impression was DESTROYED!! O_o!! Okay too much..... how about changed....

Anyway, yup my impression of some were changed. Most of them to the negative side. Now, this does not mean he or she is a terrible person to be with... This is purely for teamwork wise... =)

Whatever it is, it will not change anything between he/she and I. Just have to use a different method in getting things done.... Lalala.... ^^

Okay enough with my class... Now.......

Something that is annoying me now...
Getting cut off when talking...
Getting to know the conflict that is going on between two friends... Due to Childish reason...

What to do now?

I wonder...................

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♦ Wednesday, June 17, 2009
It just gets better!

School started....Guess what?

I could not get enough sleep... On Sunday, I was not able to sleep. Ended up sleeping at 3am!! Gee..... My poor mind and body got only 2 and a half hours of rest.. And so.... Headaches!! >.<

Then on Monday, was thinking of sleeping early. However, I ended up sleeping at 12.30am... =_=

Still not enough sleep!!!
Headaches!!! >>.<<

Then next day which was yesterday, finally, slept at 10.30pm! Wee~
But..... =_=.... Still, Headache! Having headache.... +_+

Going to be sick if I don't sleep NOW!!! O_O

Other than those,

Alright! Have been getting pretty good grades for the past few lessons... ^^ Waahahaha...

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♦ Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Dinner at PizzaHut

Well, It was Karen's 18th Birthday on 9th June, that was yesterday.
We went to Bishan, Junction 8 to celebrate. Hmm... Seriously speaking, yesterday was my first time there. Funny arr? hahaha...

Anyway, initially, we thought of going Thai Express for dinner. However, it was changed to Swensen's then Pizza Hut. Swensen was full of people plus a long queue. Pizza Hut has alot of people too but not as much.

The Food and the atmostphere was good. Almost everything was good except the SERVICE! Bad bad!! Very bad!

The service staffs were all playing while serving our food! Making a fool of themselves.... Dump people... =_=

Alright... forget about that, here are some pictures we took! =D heeheehee....

It's been sooo long since I last see them though some are still " MIA"!! haha.......

Hmm.. Soo sad.... One( jac) will be having a month holiday, RP people(Karen, Hui Qi and I) will be ending holiday... The rest, ohh man... Starting their holiday!! Damn it.... =_= All different holidays... Haiz sad sad...

Whats Best about Karen's birthday was to have us celebrating with her and the WHOLE RESTUARANT too!! hahaha.... Pizza Hut Played the Birthday song aloud and so everyone look towards our direction... Hahaha...

[ WUYA Signing off @ 1:23 PM ]

♦ Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Another year older!

Its non other than,

Karen Koh my Bao mama!!! heehee...

Happy happy 18th Birthday! :D

Heehee... will be meeting the girls to celebrate her Birthday later... ^^

[ WUYA Signing off @ 5:14 PM ]


Before I start, Gillian Sorry la! Sorry that I forgotten about you... =P

Yesterday was the first outing E37F had together~! Wee~ Barbecue at ECP! Had lots of fun together.

First of stop... Shopping~! Lol... At the beginning, I was abit annoyed by those who didn't turn up on time for Aunty Shopping... -_-.. But then, the "fire" was extinguished by their help and smile after that... =)

After Shopping, We all went to the pit, Area C, pit 16! Heehee... It was about 4.30pm then. We all start unpacking and started the fire...
Look at the photos... That's Team work alright! Heehee
It was really nice having everyone starting it together... ^^

The fire was up and we started COOKING!! And of course, fool around... hahaha

Then, when we were enjoying the food, Salim came. It was around 5plus 6pm i think. He suggested a daring game Call, The hogdog game! Lol... Look at the photos and you will understand.. Haha...

We played afew rounds, I didn't got it at all... Hohoho...

After a while, Chloe came! heehee.. went to meet her at NTUC and brought her to the pit.

Eat, play, drink... Eat play drink.....

A few wanted to leave around 8pm and so, we took group photos! ^^

Many stayed till 10plus and left Leroy and Izwan to overnight at the pit. Oops... Was supposed to stay too.. haha.... =P

And that was the end of E37F's FANTASTIC Night Together! =)
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves like i did! =)

All my complains and unhappiness were all gone after looking at all my class mates laughing and enjoying themselves... =)

[ WUYA Signing off @ 4:40 PM ]

♦ Sunday, June 7, 2009
The missing fishcakes and meat!

I didn't!!!
Okay, basically, I was accused of eating away my grandmother's fishcakes and meat in her Prawn noodle yesterday. Haha... She was joking actually.

Alright, the story goes like this....
Yesterday, my grandmother wanted prawn noodle soup for lunch. My younger sister went to buy all our lunch including my grandmother’s. When she got back, I helped by pouring out the noodle into a bowl for my grandmother.
Well, I can’t say I didn’t touch at all. I took a few sip of the soup. That was all!!! Lol… When I pour out everything, I remember seeing the fishcakes and meat! Everything was there!!
Well, nothing happened until dinner time.

We went down to the coffee shop that was beside our block for dinner. We ordered our food and sit down to eat. When we were all busy eating, my grandmother suddenly asked if we bought Hokkien prawn noodle for her this afternoon. My sister and I were both puzzled. Mommy and daddy just started arguing about Hokkien prawn noodle are only sold in the night for that stall. My grandmother continued by asking why was there not a single fishcake or meat in the noodle this afternoon?

I argued back by saying I saw those fishcakes and meat in the soup. Furthermore, I was the one who poured out the noodle so I should know it best.

We all just argued for like 5minutes and grandma just ended it by saying………………………….”
Ahh… It should be Ah Shi Hui (me) who ate all away without saying...”

And that set everyone including me laughing away.

So… Where did all the fishcakes and meat went to??

Who knows… hahaha

[ WUYA Signing off @ 12:44 PM ]

♦ Thursday, June 4, 2009
Where are you people?


Velma's feeling down... really down....

Where are you people?

[ WUYA Signing off @ 11:43 PM ]

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